Wanna live in a body you actually like?

Your most delicious + juicy life starts here with my guide: Food, Sex, and Dirty Little Secrets. Interested?

I’m opening up my kimono on my 2+decade career helping over 7,000 clients heal their bodies, experience deeper love, and stop being crazy around food.

Food, Sex, & Dirty Little Secrets is:

  • A guide to stop the bull sh*z and get real with yourself.
  • Live in a body you proud of + experience a more meaningful life filled with deep love and connection.
  • 13 actionable down-n-dirty practices to uncover secrets and get what you want out of life and your body.

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You deserve

You deserve to live a life free of obsessive cravings, in a body that’s healthy and fit. When your body is functioning at it’s best, you can shine your light in the world brighter than ever before… you can show up in a more authentic, fuller, and vibrant way to your life.

Your life

And when you are able to feel your feelings instead of trying to escape them by using food (or alcohol, or relationships, or shopping, or overspending, or…), you will be better equipped to show up and thrive in other areas of your life; from being a mom, to being a better partner, to serving the world with your gifts in a bigger, more AWAKE, more authentic way.

This is about getting healthy and experiencing happiness from the inside out.

Work with me

Testimonials.SanJoseCA.StaceyPuma copyAudra is one of the most motivating people I have been in contact with. I actually read her Monday motivational emails and videos (which is out of my character). She motivates me to make big changes in my life and I love that she's very transparent and "real" in sharing her stories.

-- Stacie Puma, San Jose CA


Testimonials.AmandaMayonium copyI never thought about how eating in a stressed state could affect the way my body processed and digested. Working with you proves weight isn't a singular problem, therefore it needs a holistic solution; including emotional awareness and presence (my biggest challenge). I'm nervous but hopeful, excited, and ready to learn.

--Amanda Mayonium,  Fresno CA


Testimonials.HeatherFlynn copyI am that emotional eater. I so desire to change that because I DO NOT want to hand that down to my daughter. I also realized that I too needed to deal with working on my emotions and hurt that I have been hiding with food all my life. My husband and baby deserve my best, so thank you for helping me get rid of all of this baggage I carry and surrender it.

--Heather Flynn  Monterey, CA

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