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In this Powerful Masterclass You’ll Discover: 

1. The Single Biggest Reason Why Only 5% of Women Succeed 

Learn why 95% of women fail to get and keep the transformation they desire with their bodies and the simple neuroscience that will forever change the way you approach creating new habits

2. Essential Daily Rituals That Change Your Brain and Your Body 

What you do on a daily basis, especially the small stuff, has a profound impact on your ability to transform your body. I’ll teach you my favorite daily practices I’ve been using with clients with stunning results.

3. How to Rewire Your Brain Using Pleasure to Lose Weight

We are hard-wired to seek out pleasure and aviod pain, yet modern life has us living in a stressed out state more than ever. Learn a simple practice that rewires your brain so that reaching your goals become easy.

4. The Game Changing Secret Sexy Ninja Bonus


I’ll be sharing with you my secret weapon that has worked not only to create life-long transormaion for me, but also for countless clients who have struggled losing weight, liking their body, and loving the skin they’re in!
I’ve been working on my emotional eating with Audra since struggling with moving from England to California a year ago. Her approach is so completely different to anything I’ve experienced before and I have totally changed the way I treat myself, both food wise and compassion wise. I couldn’t recommend Audra highly enough, she’s changed my life. Andrea Hedley

Los Gatos CA

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Audra Baker

Audra Baker is a Sex and Relationship Coach specializing in Body Confidence and Weight Loss.  She helps women who have spent a lifetime trying to diet and exercise their way into feeling good about themselves finally experience massive amounts of happiness, pleasure, and confidence in the sexiest body they’ve ever had.

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