I know lately I’ve been talking a lot about releasing weight, changing old destructive habits, improving your health, getting fit, eating healthier, etc. 

The reason is because….


I’ve been doing this work for almost 25 years and I see the vast difference in the quality of life both men and women live when they’ve got this “base-level self-care” thing down.  

I know how well life just seems to flow when we take care of ourselves at this level.  

You can keep your kids, you’re happier with your partner, everything fits!  

The problem is that old negative behaviors and habits get in the way.

And when this happens…we get pissed!  

We just want that stupid awful, disgusting part of us to just fall off the face of the planet!  Right?!?

We know deep down in our bones… that if we could JUST GET RID of these damn parts of us… 

THEN we’d love our body…
THEN we’d love ourselves more…
THEN we’d be willing to have sex with our partner more…
THEN we’d be willing to show up more fully to life…

But herein lies the deeper problem:

If you can’t love the parts of you that hold you back, what makes you think you’ll be able to love deeper once these things are gone? 

If you can’t figure out how to love now…you won’t love more once you’re thin, hot, or fit.  

This is the KEY REASON 99% of all people who finally reach their ideal weight gain the weight back. 

This is the KEY REASON even once your husband starts taking the garbage out and helping around the house more… you still don’t want to have more sex.  

You’ve gotta start with this “Superpower Weapon”.

If this rings true to you, you won’t want to miss this week’s video!  

Sending you so much love, light, and my special superpower weapon! 🙂 

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