Motivation Monday:  Chill Out!

Motivation Monday: Chill Out!

Bike Rides and F Bombs

Hey Hot Stuff.

I think I’m learning how to relax and add a bit of balance into my life, and this weekend was a prime example of chilling out, from a much needed mountain bike ride with a great friend, to dinner and a pedi with my BFF.

Learning how to balance and more importantly, de-stress before it gets outta control is top on my list, and I think it should be top on your list, too… especially if you’re in the process of creating a healthier you:  more exercise, mindful food choices, and losing weight.

In the video training below I’ll teach you the #1 reason why you might not be seeing progress even if you’re doing everything “right”.

You’ll learn what I did this weekend, and what you can do THIS WEEK to start seeing faster results without so much effort!

Sorry to drop an “F” bomb there, but sometimes they’re necessary. (and sometimes it just feels good to say… You should try it)  Most of the our clients who “are doing everything right” tend to be so stressed out about how well they’re doing it right… if there’s something more they could be doing better…. and then beat themselves to hell when they “mess up”…  You MUST understand that all that internal turmoil and drama creates the perfect storm for your body to NOT LOSE WEIGHT.  The stress response sets off a slew of hormonal responses to prepare your body to fight.  Digestion and metabolism shut down, because the only thing your body cares about is survival at all cost.  And survival equates to storing every extra ounce of fat that it might need at a later date.

Weight loss has more to do with creating a hormonal environment that naturally cascades to send your body into an almost effortless weight loss response.  Bottom line?  Your body DOES NOT WANT to carry excess weight.  And if you gave it the opportunity (most people are so caught up in counting calories and freaking out), it would easily release the weight.

How you ask?

  • Decreasing unnecessary stress in your life
  • Being nice to yourself.. stop with the crazy drama, mama!  If you’re going to go out and enjoy a big ol’ p.h.a.t. dinner with your friends, you’re better off enjoying every second of it, not beating yourself up, and then getting back on track the next day.
  • Move your body in a way that you love.  Although I do believe not all exercise programs are created equal… sometimes just moving your body AND enjoying what you’re doing is most important.  I L.O.V.E. mountain biking.  It’s tough, but I love it.  Do I love lifting weights?  NO!!!  BUT… I love mountain biking, surfing, and snowboarding SO MUCH… that I know my strength training regime is a necessary component to keep me strong, injury free, and on my game.  (and truth be told… even though I don’t love strength training… I always feel like a million bucks when it’s over, so I guess I like it too!)
  • And if you want to know how to set your body up for the perfect hormonal balance to easily release unnecessary weight, make sure you check out the 30-day Clean and Lean Challenge.

In the comment section below, share with me  2 ACTIONABLE things you are going to do this week:  #1 Something FUN and invigorating!   #2 Something that will calm you down..

What It Takes To Make New Years Resolutions Stick

What It Takes To Make New Years Resolutions Stick

Whatcha gonna do: Hit that snooze button or GIT UP & GIT GOIN’???

I spent the weekend hunkered down getting some work done, and mixed it all up with a few yoga sessions and an awesome rainy hike with our South Bay “Best Body Challengers”. (You can check out our pics on Facebook)

But… I did notice over the past few days how my New Years Resolutions kind of started to go by the way side.

Not that it’s all lost, but it’s amazing how fast old habits start easily creaking back in if you let your consciousness go back to auto-pilot.

Anyone else going through that?

Do you find yourself easily starting to slip back into old habits?

Changing old behaviors, instilling new ones, and trying to keep up with your already hectic life it a lot of work!

In the video below, I talk about the #1 reason why New Years Resolutions fail, and give you 3 strong things that *MUST* happen if you want your new habits to stick.

Wanna see exactly what I do to instil new habits?  Check out this cool trick I figured out while in Kauai!

In the comments section, I want to know if you’ve already started implementing the 3 *musts*, and examples of what you’re doing to stay on track for those New Years Resolutions!  What’s your “Big Why?”

Are You Addicted To Sugar?

Are You Addicted To Sugar?

Hey there sweet thang…

I think of sugar as the last legal drug.

Sugar is as addictive as drugs or alcohol.  For some people they can enjoy an occasional drink and they’re fine, but for others it’s a problem… that’s exactly the way sugar works, too.

In the video below, you’ll be able to take my quiz to determine if sugar is creating more harm than happiness in your life.


Get this right and all of the sudden, mood swings and cravings are gone, energy levels are stable, and like magic… the weight just falls off.

Plus, you’ll get to see me almost get kicked out of the g-store because I was doing a short video!  (notice the lady behind the counter yelling, “Miss!  Miss!…”  It was funny : )


If you want to know exactly how I (and now hundreds of my clients) have killed sugar cravings, I’ll be coaching 100 clients through my 30-Day Clean & Lean Challenge after Labor Day!

If you’re interested in exactly what it takes to stop sugar cravings dead in their tracks, plus there are a ton of other added benefits, like decreased risk of diseases, weight loss, hormonal regulation, energy, freedom from compulsive eating, stable moods, and a sharper, clearer mind.

Not Bad, huh?


In the comments section below, tell me how you did on the quiz and, if you are a sugar addict, share with me your favorite, dirty little sweet treat. If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine. : )

What the hell IS Motivation?

What the hell IS Motivation?

What the hell is Motivation anyways?

It’s the New Year.  You are fired up and ready to rock.

But what happens in a few weeks  when that “fired up” feeling fizzles out?

Or…. what if you think you should feel motivated, but it’s just not happening for you?  The feeling’s not even there?

What the hell does it even mean to be motivated in the first place?

In the video below, I’ll teach you what motivation really is (and especially… what it IS NOT).


Here’s what I’d like to know from you over at the blog:  What do you think it means to be motivated, and what are you committed to changing in your life?

Okay Party People!  Head on over to the blog party and I’ll catch you over there!

Thank you, as always for watching.

xoxo  Audra : )

IN THE COMMENTS BELOW:  Tell me What do you think it means to be motivated, and what are you committed to changing in your life?

Changing Habits For Good!

Changing Habits For Good!

Create Those Healthy Habits, Baby!


My time here on the island is coming to a close, and although most people get sad at the end of a tropical island vacation, I’m pretty stoked to get back home.  Island fever, I guess. : )

But mostly I’m excited to keep instilling these strong habits I’ve created for myself since I’ve been out here.

In the video training below, you’ll see exactly what I did to add important, life-changing habits into my every day routine.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s profound… and it’s exactly what it takes to make new habits stick for good.

In the comments below the video, tell me the habits you are ready to instill and when you will be implementing my strategy.

Okay… It’s Jan 2nd… Who’s ready to rock?  (I know I am!)

Now, jump into the comment party over on the blog and I’ll see you there!

xoxo, Audra : )

Lessons Learned and Reflections for 2011

Lessons Learned and Reflections for 2011

Hanging in Kauai, December 2011

I am writing this between Christmas and New Years, while I am traveling alone in Kauai.  Not sure if its because of our society or just this time of the year, but I always get very reflective and always crave alone time to reflect on my life over the course of the year past, look at my accomplishments, successes, and struggles.

I don’t know what kind of a year 2011 was for you, but this has been a year of dramatic change in my life, both good and bad.  Watching Be Fit Boot Camps keep exploding in popularity, and growing our team with the coolest people I’ve ever met has been mind boggling.  Watching my online nutrition company have it’s first year of expansive growth was amazing, too.  Traveling extensively this year for the sole purpose of networking and learning from other amazing entrepreneurs who also own fitness businesses has been a game changer for my businesses.

I also had a 7-year relationship to an amazing man end.  This was both profound and heart breaking.  While I am taking the necessary time to heal and am finally seeing a “light at the end of the tunnel”, this year felt like I’d taken 5 steps forward, then got knocked down and pushed 10 steps back… over… and over… and over again. : )

Which is why I decided to spend this holiday season on a tropical island alone.  There is nothing more healing than daily outdoor yoga sessions, followed by a “Be Fit Boot Camp style workout”, then paddling around the ocean attempting to catch waves (one day I might call myself a surfer!).

From my travels, to the 20+books I’ve read this year, to countless hours of audio-programs, to my own personal journey, I will share with you some of the biggest takeaways I’ve gotten from this year.  I do this for a few reasons:  one, it gives me profound clarity and reflection for my own life, and two, maybe you can learn something for your own life, and I challenge you to do so.

1.  Overcoming fear:  Your biggest obstabcle to living a fulfilled life.

It absolutely breaks my heart when I see people who want to change their life, health, or weight, but they are too embarrassed to come out to our Be Fit Boot Camps.  Or they won’t even tell their friends what they are doing because of fear of failure.  So many people make so many excuses so they don’t have to be responsible for their health and life, and the big driver behind it is always fear.  My question to you is this:  Would you rather feel a little out of place in an exercise class or deal with the inevitable devastation of corroded health, prescription drugs, medical bills, and the burden that puts on your entire family?  Look, part of life is fear itself.  Everyone has it and feels it.  The only difference between the person who perseveres and finds success is that they felt just as scared as you… but they went ahead and did it anyway.  (and oh.. BTW… there is NO way you could EVER feel embarrassed at our Be Fit Boot Camps or other Training Programs.  That is one of the SAFEST and most encouraging places you’ll ever find to take control of your health.

2.  Your relationships are everything.  Friends, family, and community are your lifeblood.

This also made my list from last year, and it gets truer and truer with each passing year.  After spending 7 years in a relationship, obviously our lives were completely intertwined.  So reconnecting with my family in Texas and building good friendships into great one’s has been a huge priority for me this year.  The growth I’ve experienced just from nurturing and spending time on meaningful relationships, from my mentors to my close friends, to my clients, has taught me what matters most in life.

3.  Success breeds success:  You become like those you hang around with most.

I figured this was a great lead in from number two, and because I’ve talked about this so much in the past, I know you’ve heard it before.  If you want to change your life, surround yourself with people who can help you get there.  This might mean hanging out with supportive friends, or hiring a coach to help you get to the next level.  And it most definitely also means steering clear of those people who will sabotage your success.  I have overcome more fear and progressed farther than I ever though possible because I surround myself with people who are doing it better than me.  Everytime.  If you want to make more money, surround yourself with people who do it better than you.  If you feel spiritually empty, surround yourself with people who are filled up.

4.  You have more control in your life than you think.

The mind is powerful. It can keep you stuck right where you are, or it can free you from the tyranny of your situation.  While there are many things you have no control over (we’ll get to that in #5), your health, fitness, and waistline are totally and completely within your control.  And it is a powerful feeling when you decide to take the bull by the horns, commit, and follow through knowing that you have a choice, and you have control.  I like to use my own health and fitness goals as a catalyst for all my other endeavors.  Once you realize you are in the drivers seat, it’s like providence moves and your paradigm shifts.  Taking control equals freedom from the inside out.

5.  Except for when you have no control…

This blog post was supposed to get out to you, Thursday.  But that was before someone broke into my apartment and stole my computer!  It was surreal.  I’ve traveled to 3rd world countries in sketchy situations and never had anything stolen from me.  But it happened here, in Kauai, in my apartment, with many people around, in broad daylight, while I was home!  After being a little shaken up, I called the front desk, security, and 911.  When security and the cops got here (I swear to God, they are all on island time… it took them forever to get here), I was in a weird space of feeling violated, but also not really knowing how to function without my computer!  (While yes, I came here to heal and relax…I also came to get some work done!)  The cops were very helpful, but the security guard annoyed me and I could feel myself snapping at him.  At that moment I had a stark realization:  He doesn’t know what emotions I’m feeling right now, and there’s no need to bring him into my internal drama.  So I immediately changed my demeanor, and instead of focusing on what had already happened (now in the past… can’t change it…), I focused on what needed to be done now, and how I would be able to accomplish it.

It was a profound shift.  In fact, when I was on the phone an hour later with my best friend Kristen, she couldn’t believe how calm I was and how well I was taking it.  I took that as a huge compliment to the way I purposefully and concsiously choose to live my life.  I can always choose reactions, thoughts, and feelings to any given situation that I may not have control over.  So from that perspective, you technically always have control.

6.  And this brings me to my final profound realization:

The only thing that really ever matters is what’s happening right now.  Taking your life moment my moment, not getting so caught up in the regrets of the past, or the anxiety of the future.  So when you are taking care of your health, exercising your body, or choosing life-giving foods… you are doing it NOW.  Pay attention.  When you are spending your time with the ones you care the most about… you are doing it NOW.  Pay attention.  And when you are in the throws of a situation that feels as if you have no control… you are doing it NOW.  pay attention.  You’ll never ever again have that experience, so the best gift you could ever give yourself (and those around you) is your presence.

I hope you have enjoyed a little slice of my life.  I hope you are also reflecting back upon your 2011 and making strong choices for yourself that will further you toward living a more fulfilled life.

And oh yeah… in case you were wondering, as if by fate, the cops recovered my computer in less than 24 hours.  I took that as a lesson from the Universe… to unplug!  And that’s exactly what I was “forced” to do, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing as a New Years Gift to myself!

I would love to hear from you below:  What lessons have you learned in 2011?  Share them below!

Cheers to an amazing 2012!!!