Giving Back

D35A4304Here’s the deal… I’m no saint.

I’m the master of saying I’ll be ready in 5 minutes when I know full and well it’ll take me an extra 15. (Oh who am I kidding… It’ll take an hour!)

And yes… I’ve been known to cheat on an exercise when the coach turned her back (dude… push ups are H.A.R.D.)

aaannnnd… if you’ve ever run into me after a week of sleeping only 6 hours a night, I might bite your head off (sorry in advance!).

All joking aside, this is the math I use to run my company:

My work (must) = Serving Others X Conscious Giving

When I don’t follow the equation above, things get really icky in my world.  So from this point of view… I’m STILL no saint because ultimately, I do it because I have to. 

Like… really truly have to.

(Anyone out there work a 12-step program?  You can probably relate…service has to be baked into your life…or else SH$*T goes downtown-julie-brown!)

Or to put it nicely, I find that I’m required to constantly serve others in a meaningful way in order to realize how interconnected we all truly are + not fall apart.

And this is where giving back in a meaningful way started for me:

When I owned my fitness company, my first event I ever put on was called “Pushups for Charity”.  I had no idea what I was doing. I’m not the biggest fan of pushups, but with the help of NPE, I was able to raise over $8,500 for the Wounded Warriors Project and the Boot Campaign, both amazing organizations who help veterans coming back from war to reintegrate into life.


Damn that felt good.

Then, gaining confidence, I put a few more events on through my fitness company Be Fit and raised another $2,000 for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley.

After the success of these events and selling my fitness biz, I decided to start fresh with my new online coaching company. I’m taking it to the next level by committing to give 10% of my revenue to the most effective non-profits.

And so a new chapter begins… with YOU.

When you invest in bettering and changing your health, your body, and your life through our work here, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world.  Because with every purchase you make here, you support tackling extreme poverty and the inequality of women and children world wide.

After experiencing my own challenges with what it means to be a woman here on planet earth, and after giving my power away to a few undeserving men for way too long (no more of that shiz, mistah!), and after witnessing domestic violence in my childhood, it is my pleasure to support evidence-based organizations that put an end to domestic violence and help women out of these painful situations, regaining their power, self-esteem, and self-worth.

And on a global scale, I support organizations that are (1) tacking extreme poverty and inequality devastating women and children, and (2) giving women (and girls!) human dignity by bringing awareness to, and ending sex trafficking.

10% of our revenue goes here.

Stay tuned as this is my first year running my new company, and I will be reporting all the juicy stories here!