I gave a nutrition crash course lecture last week up in Vallejo, and I brought up a toxic belief that almost ALL of my clients have:


Once I weigh (insert your dream weight here), then I’ll start (insert how you think you’ll be different here).

Once I lose 20 pounds, then I’ll:

  • Go shopping for cute clothes
  • Start dating
  • Feel comfortable in my own skin
  • Be more social and go out with friends
  • Feel sexy enough to have sex
  • Go to the beach
  • Be more active
  • Go to a pool party
  • Feel worthy of someone’s love

During the talk, I showed them that by waiting to live their life until they lost the weight, they were essentially choosing to stay stuck in the same life, no matte what their size.

The thing is… I’ve been in the fitness and nutrition industries for my entire adult life (that would be 20 years in case you were wondering : )

….. and I have watched countless people get super motivated, grin and bear it through a ridiculous diet and torturous exercise regime… and yes, I watched them lose the weight.

Congrats to them.  (and congrats to you if you’ve done this, too.)

BUT….  (and I’m talking about  BIG BUT here…heh…heh 😉

At some point, maybe a month later or a year later, if they hadn’t done the real inner work—the emotional and psychological work— the weight just crept right back on.

And the quicker they lost it, the quicker it came back on with a few extra pounds to boot)

They didn’t realize that a true shift in size required a shift in their mind.

How do you do this?

It starts in the present moment.

You have to do this work right now DESPITE your size, or how happy or unhappy you are with your body.

You must begin now.

Question:  What do you think you’ll do or have once you weigh a certain number?  (See list above)

Answer:  Start doing those things NOW!

Go shopping for clothes that fit you perfectly and make you feel beautiful… RIGHT NOW.

Invited to a party?  Go!  The excitement and connection in community will fill you up.

Holding back with your partner?  Hold back no more.  

Think you’ll be more active once the weight’s off?  Not true.

Start today to do the things you think you’ll do once you have your perfect body.

The irony is the more you live the life you dream of, the more metabolic power you give your body.

It’s an upward spiraling circle that will first give you the life you want, and from this the body you dream of emerges.

Now, I really want to hear from you.  What are you going to do THIS WEEK that you’ve been putting off because you’re not happy with your size or body?  Make sure to share below in the comments section!

I already wrote down what I’m going to do this week (in case you were curious), so head over and join in the community… let your voice be heard.

Love and light,


PS… This is how to BE the change, yo.   Every. Single. Day. Let me know how you’re going to BE the change here. : )