Have you ever felt so beat down by a situation that it makes you want to hide from the world and disconnect?
This exact scenario happened at the end of last year and that’s exactly what I wanted to do:  fall off the face of the planet and ask God for “re-do”.
Now I’m not playing the victim here.  One of the beautiful benefits I’ve received from a solid meditation and yoga practice is that I see clearly my part in any situation.  But at the end of last year, my stress level was at an all-time high and I started to doubt in my ability to do just about anything.

Why do I share this with you?

Because two weeks ago I gave my first Nutrition Lecture in over a year.
In other words, despite wanting to disconnect, I chose to put myself out there and do what I do.  
And you’ll never guess what happened. : )  Here’s the short list:
  • In the audience I saw clients I’ve known for over a decade come out to support me and hear me speak about nutrition and eating psychology.
  • When I asked the audience why they came, the first woman to raise her hand told me she’s here because she’s been an email subscriber for a few years and thinks I’m inspirational (she didn’t even have a nutrition question!)
  • Another encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing in the world because she thinks I’m good at it and I help a lot of people.
  • A professor of Biology at Stanford(!) was in the audience, and at the end of my talk, he told me my science was sound (phew!), and congratulated me on getting this message out to the world.  He even said he teaches some of these concepts in his classes.
So why do I tell you all of this?  It’s certainly not to brag.
But after being “under a rock” for a few months, it was a great experience for me to have.  And it all started by me being willing to put myself “out there” despite wanting to retract.
It’s also a great reminder that life will always kick us in the pants at some point… one way or another. 
Life handed me an opportunity “pull up my big-girl panties”, grow up, deal with what needs to be dealt with, all while keeping my heart open and the channels of forgiveness open.  (Not just forgiving other people for their harm, but forgiving myself for my part, too.)
Life gives us kicks sometimes… we get to choose how we respond to it.  Life gives us tickles sometimes, too. (Sometimes, like in my case, it gives you BOTH at the same time!  Ooohh how I love the bitter and the sweet!  )
The question is, can we keep our hearts open and learn the lessons presented to us with equanimity to the kicks AND the tickles.

I’ve decided to keep my keep my heart open.

That’s why I’m offering another lecture at the Sports Basement this Monday night from 7:00-8:15pm.  Last week I talked mostly about Basic Nutrition 101.  This week I’m digging deeper into eating psychology, emotional eating, and how our stress response is keeping us locked into a body (and often life) we’re unsatisfied with.  
In addition to having some real conversation around topics in eating psychology, I’m also going to talk about nasty things you need to avoid (like the artificial stuff) and 8 really simple daily habits that if you begin to incorporate into your day, can have a profound effect on your health, energy, and waistline!
This lecture will be super casual (I’ll be coming straight from taking a Be Fit Boot Camp class!) and it’s NOT to be missed.