Emotional eating, carb addiction, bullsh*t diets,
and the painful cycle of being trapped in a body (and life) you don’t love.

hello body freedom

The evidence that diets don’t work is undeniable. Hello Body Freedom heals the reasons we reach for food to cope by rewiring deeply engrained emotional eating neuro-pathways.

This ain't yo' mama's diet!

I’ve helped hundreds of courageous women show up for themselves, heal their self-sabotaging patterns and traumas while building confidence, worthiness, and self-esteem so they easily stop emotional eating, lose weight for the last time, and experience more aliveness, connection, and love in their lives!

I’m a triple Certified Trauma Informed Master Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Breathworker specializing in Eating Psychology and Trauma Informed Holistic Weight Loss.

My superpower is to GET YOU TAKING ACTION so that you can easily release physical weight right alongside with the mental & emotional weight that has kept you stuck (until now!!!!).

Stop stress eating.

Ditch the diet-and-binge-eating cycle.

End the pain of emotional eating.

Break the shackles of dieting.

Finally, experience peace with food and feel freedom in your body!

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