Happy Monday folks!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend and that it was filled with friends, family, play, and pleasure.

Usually accompanying the fun weekend are fun foods that can turn into cravings.  Before you know it, it’s been 4th of July weekend the entire month of July!

Here are three quick tips to get you back on track if you’re experiencing cravings.

1.  eat more protein.  
Usually cravings happen because of blood sugar dysregulation after a weekend of eating sweet, sugary things.  If you notice a craving pop up for something sweet, curb it with some protein.

2.  eat actual meals.
Cravings tend to have us snacking all day instead of eating an actual meal.  Try to regulate your system using this tried and true mind-body nutrition strategy:  eat with your natural rhythm.  This means simply, eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner.  Make sure your meals have protein, fat, and carbs (in that order) to stabilize blood sugar and help you feel satiated.

3.  If you really need something sweet, go for an apple.
Apples are not only sweet, they’re packed with fiber and pectin, which can keep you full for a few hours.  Also, this is a great way to wean off of any processed food you’ve been eating and calm that craving with a whole food.  The more often you do this, the softer your cravings will come and the easier they’ll be satisfied with an apple (instead of a box of Oreos!) : )

You probably know I’m a huge proponent of ditching diets and living your life, which is one of the beautiful parts of holidays and celebrations.  So don’t get caught up in the self-berating because you had some fun this weekend.

But also don’t get caught up in month-long food-fest because you partied hard this weekend.  It’s that exact “black and white… all or nothing” mentality that keep us stuck losing the same 20 pounds 20 times.

Finding middle ground through compassion toward yourself and your situation is the way not only to sustainable weight loss, but also to living in a body you love.

This is how to BE the change.  Every. Single. Day.

Love and Light,


In the comments section below… share with all of us:

What works for YOU to help stop cravings?