Before I get into my story (because…yikes! Vulnerable!)…

I want you to know that I’ve been getting LOTS of private messages and emails with women sharing super tender and private stories of their own journey with their bodies and sexuality.  

Women who are seeing the links to past sexual wounding, disconnection from their body, and holding onto excess weight to feel safe.  

If you are considering participating with me in Jade Unleashed Woman Empowered… but you’re feeling nervous or scared, or excited, or whatever… 

Just reply to this email with any questions or concerns or ANYTHING.  It will land straight into my personal inbox and I will respond in 24 hours.  

Today, I want you to know how I personally have had massive awakenings since beginning my Jade egg practice almost 2 years ago.  

In this weeks video I dive into 5 powerful results that I’ve experienced since finally saying YES to my jade egg practice. 

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But while I was preparing for this video… I broke down crying.  

As I was brainstorming the most powerful ways in which this practice has effected my life… 

…the first thing that came to me was this almost intangible deeper connection I now have with myself.  

I thought back to when I first started this practice, and I started crying.  The levels of numbness that I had back then were palpable.  

It didn’t particularly bother me back then… I just thought… “well this is a weird practice…I can’t feel anything”.  😉

But since this was part of my curriculum in my 20-months of professional training to become a Love, Sex, and Relationship Coach… I kept up with it, because well… I wanted to graduate! 😉 

But standing where I’m at today and reflecting on this journey… I was so sad for the “old me” who had no idea that this level of connection even existed.  

The best way I can describe it is…. 

It’s as if I’ve come home to reconnect to a long-lost love…to my body…to the longest relationship I’ll ever have.  

An awakening to myself… to the gift of my body… to the power she holds.

This connection has created more trust and respect, and that has flooded into all aspects of my life:  from creating healthy boundaries and better self-care habits, to learning how to say NO… and also how to know when it’s a FUCK YES! 

I wiped my eyes, and held my body, and just kept saying “thank you….thank you…thank you”  

There are a freaking zillion reasons to start a jade egg practice… 

But you don’t know what you don’t know.  

So make sure to head over here and learn all about my personal experience… 

And if you’re ready to say FUCK YES… then join me inside of Jade Unleashed Woman Empowered.  I can’t wait to find out all the ways this practice changes your life, too!  

xoxo Audra 🙂 

P.S. If you’re also wondering how adding a Jade Egg Practice into my life equated to effortlessly releasing the last 20 pounds I was holding onto Make sure you watch this video too!