You know when the planets and stars seem to align and everything falls into place? 

That’s what it’s been like to put this 6-Week FREE Challenge together for you.  EFFORTLESS. 

In the 2:37 min video above, I explain more about my Love it 2 Lose Methodology and why it’s the missing link to getting where you want to go!!!

I’ve participated in a few janky online challenges, but this is the #realdeal.

You can check out all the details here:

Here’s the scoop…

I’m running a challenge… a contest if you will.  

It’s called the “Love it 2 Lose it” Best Body Challenge.”  

It’s 6-weeks straight….and…it’s FREE for women to participate. 

This is a great way to challenge yourself while really embodying my “Love it 2 Lose it” method in order to make huge changes in your life. 

I’m doing this to get more women not only in better shape, eating healthier, and making healthier choices… 

But also (and this is super important and what makes my challenge so different than any other out there), I’m doing this to help women actually like their body… to come into a deeper, more loving relationship where self confidence, self worth, and self respect become the default.  

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Also… when you join, you’ll immediately be able to download my 40+ page “Love it 2 Lose it” Best Body Transformation Guide for free. 

 The Guide contains all the info about the Challenge…AND…a complete 8-week exercise and nutrition program for you to follow with or without my help.