Audra Baker is a somatically trained trauma resolution coach and breathwork facilitator who specializes in helping women come into their right sized body, stop dieting, and end disordered eating patterns like over eating, mindless eating, stress eating, and binge eating. 

Her work focuses on healing disconnections from your body while deepening trust, health, joy, peace, and pleasure in your body. 

Her approach to body acceptance and weight loss is trauma informed, radically inclusive, and pleasure positive.

She’s on a fierce mission to help as many women as possible to facilitate resolving their deeper wounds that caused them to feel weighted down in the first place, and come into their right sized body by losing the physical, mental, and emotional weight that keeps them  stuck and disconnected from their life and body. 

Audra offers live breathwork workshops and one-on-one private coaching using her Love it 2 Lose it Method. 

She is a 500-hour trained yoga teacher, a certified Love, Sex, and Relationship Coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, a certified Eating Psychology Coach through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a Holistic Nutrition Educator through Bauman College, and holds a degree in Kinesiology from San Jose State University.  If you’re new to Audra, the best way to experience her work first hand is to sign up for her free course here or experience her live Love it 2 Lose it Breath-Work-Shops.  

Discover what it’s like to live in a body that brings you true happiness and ecstatic pleasure… a body and life you love deep-down to your bones.

I’’m a Woman on a Mission.  

Sweet love, if you’re struggling with your body, feeling disconnected or numbed out, wishing it was different, skinnier, healthier, or sexier, there’s often some healing needed with your own relationship to yourself.  And I’m sorry to say, there’s not a fitness plan, or diet on the planet that can help with that.  

Your “excess weight” (physical, emotional, and mental) is the accumulation of your unresolved stuff. Instead of processing your wounds and hurts, you push them down, numb them out, store them away on your body, or they manifest as illness.  And this is where they’re going to stay until you heal, integrate, and love them away.  

If you actually want lasting transformation with your body, you have to bravely go where few have gone: Heal and integrate old wounds and trauma trapped in the body so your nervous system can access safety as you increase your capacity to feel your feelings more.  From this new normal, it becomes easier create a more loving relationship with yourself and others, and come into right relationship with food.

My work in transformation focuses on changing your body by using powerful tools that heal your relationship to yourself through your body.  This means that instead of just talking about it or trying to change your mind-set, we use the wisdom of the body to process old stuck emotional wounds and trauma.  Since these wounds and traumas live in the tissues of our body, we can breathe, move, integrate, and clear them through the body.  The best part is that we don’t have to go into the story in order to heal and clear the old stuck stuff.

This process ultimately changes the way you think and feel about yourself making loving your body, losing weight, gaining vibrant health, and letting go of self-sabotaging behavior a foregone conclusion! 

I combine my extensive backgrounds and experience in yoga, eating psychology, integrated sexuality, and holistic nutrition to create life-long-soul-fulfilling changes for my clients.

Discover what it’s like to live in a body that brings you true happiness and ecstatic pleasure… a body and life you love deep-down to your bones.


  • My past traumas created self-sabotaging behaviors that ran my life for a long time.  I shit on my health, my happiness, and many relationships with people who loved me.  Resolving past wounds and trauma isn’t just about losing weight (the weight’s just a place holder for the healing that’s waiting to happen.), it’s about experiencing a deeper more profound connection and consciousness to your own self and to Life-Force Energy Itself! Healing that old shit take courage and work…but it’s so worth it! The pain of these past heartbreaks has given me the life-long commitment to do and learn whatever it takes to resolve my own trauma and help as many people on the planet to do the same. 
  • I’m a yogini and meditator, practicing almost daily.
  • I sucked at sports growing up, but as soon as I moved near mountains and ocean, I became an avid rock climber, snowboarder, surfer, and even raced downhill mountain biking. 
  • I danced salsa at the semi-pro level starting at the ripe age of 29.
  • I sold everything I owned and moved from San Francisco to Barcelona on a year-long visa with this plan:  “I’ll figure out how to stay longer once I get there”.  Famous last words.


  • I’m a professional love, sex, and relationship coach, eating psychology coach, and 500-hour trained yoga teacher with an extensive background in fitness and nutrition.  My background working with and through the body makes my coaching methodology very unique in that we go way deeper than simply “changing your mindset”.  I use a mind-body-connected approach to create deep and lasting transformation for my clients.  
  • I created Love it 2 Lose itmy exclusive coaching methodology where I coach women just like you to remove blocks, come into your right sized body for good…all while learning how to deeply appreciate and love your body. Learn more and apply here. 
  • I grew my Silicon Valley fitness + nutrition company, to a multiple 6-figure company in only 2 short years, helping literally 1,000’s and 1,000’s women and men learn to love moving their bodies and improve their relationship with food.  I loved helping in this way, but struggled watching so many clients lose weight, but then end up right back where they started.  I sold it knowing true and lasting transformation requires a deeper healing that will never come from an exercise or eating plan.  The best way to begin your own healing journey is to take my free course

I’m currently focused on 4 things:

  1. Spending time with my family while in Dallas.
  2. The pure joy of working with my private coaching clients and watching their lives improve and change in ways they never thought possible.  
  3. Supporting my Love it 2 Lose it Lifestyle Tribe.  Apply here.  
  4. Teaching my Love it 2 Lose it Live Breathwork Workshops anywhere I land.  

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