Have you ever had a totally sh*t ballz year? For me… 2018 BLEW.

And I’m done. I’m claiming out loud what can and will and needs to change. And guess what…I’m doing it all here. So join along and lets rock 2019 together.

WARNING: it’s H.A.R.D. breaking the habits that hold you back…because, well…. you’ve been practicing them for a llllooooonng time.

But guess what?

I know how and I’m going to be showing you every step of the way.

Wanna lose weight, stop emotionally eating (ie: stop sabotaging yourself)? Stick with me. Wanna actually like your body? Feel light, happy, and free? Healthy, happy, and H.O.T.? Connected to yourself and your people? Connected to something greater than you?

Then lets do this.

HERE’S WHAT I’M CLAIMING THIS YEAR: (spoken in present tense so I can start to feel it as truth NOW)

* I am in the best shape of my life
* I am the QUEEN of self-care
* I am the QUEEN of my money
* I serve 5,000 brilliant women THIS YEAR to (1)Lose the weight, never gain it back, and love themselves all the way through. (2) To connect to their happiest, pleasure-filled, playful self. (3) Ultimately to GET WHAT THEY WANT… WHAT THEY DESERVE….WHAT THEY ARE SO VERY WORTHY OF HAVING.


Join me here each week as I walk through this journey, and I want to know in the comments section below:

What are you claiming FOR YOURSELF this year? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ROCK IT THIS YEAR?



So in this week’s “Audra Unplugged” I get real with you about how these unconscious blocks can run your life and how to end the cycle forever.