Create Those Healthy Habits, Baby!


My time here on the island is coming to a close, and although most people get sad at the end of a tropical island vacation, I’m pretty stoked to get back home.  Island fever, I guess. : )

But mostly I’m excited to keep instilling these strong habits I’ve created for myself since I’ve been out here.

In the video training below, you’ll see exactly what I did to add important, life-changing habits into my every day routine.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s profound… and it’s exactly what it takes to make new habits stick for good.

In the comments below the video, tell me the habits you are ready to instill and when you will be implementing my strategy.

Okay… It’s Jan 2nd… Who’s ready to rock?  (I know I am!)

Now, jump into the comment party over on the blog and I’ll see you there!

xoxo, Audra : )