My Core Coaching Philosophy: 

If you’re struggling with your body, wishing it was different, skinnier, healthier, fitter, sexier…and if you’re overeating, emotionally eating, stress eating, or binge eating, there’s often a deep distortion and disconnect with your own relationship to yourself. And I’m sorry to say, there’s not a fitness regime or diet on the planet that can help with that.

Our “excess weight” and “over eating patterns” are the accumulation of our unresolved stuff. Instead of processing our wounds and hurts, we store them away on our belly and thighs and butt. And this is where they’re going to stay until we heal and love them away.

If you want lasting transformation with your body, you have to bravely go where few have gone:  Heal and create a loving relationship with yourself. Heal your disconnections around your body, sex, and sexuality. Heal your relationship with food. 

My process ultimately changes the way you think and feel about food, your body, and your Whole Self, making the processes of loving your body, losing excess weight, finding peace with food, and gaining vibrant health a foregone conclusion!

MY Core Coaching Philosophy: The Brain-Body Connection 

  • True transformation happens at a mind-body-emotional level.  The degree at which we integrate at all these levels is the degree at which we’ll transform.  
  • Many coaches spend most of their time using talking, goal setting, and accountability structures which can help while you’re “motivated”, but when motivation no longer works, we eventually get here:  “I KNOW what to do, WHY CAN’T I JUST DO IT?”  
  • GREAT COACHES know if we want to make true and lasting changes that have positive life-altering consequences, we have to go deeper than conscious rational front-of-the-brain thinking:  We must to tap into our limbic (emotional) and primal (unconscious) parts of our brain, and then integrate at the body level.  

Discover what it’s like to live in a body that brings you true happiness and ecstatic pleasure… a body and life you love deep-down to your bones.

Imagine a focused and supported period of your life that not only can completely transform your body, but also rewire your brain and emotions so that you experience a more integrated, loving, and life-affirming integration that make it easier to choose healthier habits over and over again.

I get it. I know what it’s like to really not like my body.

Wishing she was skinnier, healthier, prettier, sexier. Wishing she wasn’t so fat.

Wishing I could just control my eating forever, and hoping whatever latest paleo-vegan health craze would be the answer.

 And just when I would finally muster up enough will power, and lose a few pounds, and maybe even reach my “goal weight”, there was still this underlying unhappiness, unsettledness, sorrow, emptiness that didn’t go away…

…And before I knew it, the weight’s back on (plus a little extra to make matters worse)

It’s the most shameful, vicious cycle. It hurts. It makes me feel like a failure…

A Few Tangible Love it 2 Lose it Benefits:

  • Discover practical ways to rewire your brain to create new neuronal pathways that foster better self care habits.
  • Learn powerful strategies to integrate the unconscious parts that hold you back.
  • Master your emotions. Learn how to respond, rather than react to emotional challenges that can derail our best efforts.
  • Look and feel younger, sexier, happier, more vibrant.
  • Learn key insights and step-by-step practical tools and strategies that teach exactly how to embody “self love” and “body positive”.
  • Eat delicious foods without guilt, bloating, weight gain, or digestive issues.

We think controlling our food and body is the answer, but it only ever seems to work for a short while.

Here’s the truth: Our “excess weight” is the accumulation of our unresolved stuff.  Instead of processing our wounds and hurts, we store them away on our belly and thighs and butt.  And this is where they’re going to stay until we heal and love them away.

And this is what makes Love it 2 Lose it different because we work to heal at the core.  Book a discovery call today.

Imagine you have peace around food, you actually like your body, and you easily release excess weight?