The photo you see below is my giant suit case strapped to the back of a giant tow truck.

Two weeks ago I was heading from my event in San Diego CA to Phoenix AZ to speak and offer my workshop at the Awakened Woman Convergence.

I was an hour south of Phoenix when I noticed a rattling noise.

Then I noticed the water light came on.

And finally I saw the engine temperature on my dashboard all the way over to “Hot”.

My car overheated.

Scared and shaky, it was pitch black outside with no town in sight, so I pulled up my GPS and noticed the nearest gas station was 12 miles away.

I decided the safest thing to do was attempt to keep driving to get to a gas station. That was a mistake.

My car ended up dying on the side of a desert highway, smoke coming from my engine.

Once I stopped freaking out and called AAA, I began thinking of all the blessings while waiting for my tow truck to arrive.

  • I have cell phone reception!
  • It’s not cold! (This was a giant blessing especially since 1. I’m a total wimp in the cold, and 2. I was wearing a short mini, tank top, and flops… and I couldn’t get my suitcase out of the trunk since the electrical failed and you can only open the trunk with the button on the key)
  • W.O.W. I haven’t seen stars like this in a long time!
  • Wait… is that a tarantula?!?!? ohhh… just a shadow… phew!

My tow truck driver, Dustin, is one of the nicest souls on the planet, although I could tell his work had hardened him.

Since that moment when I melted my engine (yes… that’s what happens when you keep driving your car once it has overheated….) I have experienced one blessing right after the other, despite the fact that my car STILL ISN’T FIXED and it’s been 2 weeks.

As you can see from my photos below… life is filled with such sweetness, even amidst the sour.

Finding the blessings and gratitude in every situation, especially the less-than-ideal ones, changes your biochemistry and changes your brain. Not to get all woo-woo, but I think it aligns you with Universal Energy. And when you can flow your life in alignment with that energy, magic and miracles transpire.



PS. Make sure to keep reading below as I give you practical ways to come into this alignment inside this week’s Love Bomb Episode!

PPS. One of the best parts of this whole Phoenix escapade has been finding quiet Airbnb’s with killer wifi… so I’ve been working a TON…. of which I can’t wait to reveal this work to you next week. It includes so many gifts for you… so be on the lookout for next week’s Love Bomb Newsletter!