This morning at 6am, it was a crisp 43 degrees outside, according to my car.  Beth’s car said it was 39.  Yikes!!!

If you’ve never exercised outdoors in the cold, it can be a little nerve racking.

But here’s the truth: you don’t have to be a “hard-core crazy athlete” to workout in these colder conditions.  (of course I think you are all super hard-core athletes…I’m just saying that you don’t have to shy away from the cold).

Once you learn that it’s all about proper gear and layering that gear, it can be so exhilarating.

Here’s all that matters:

  3. Numbers 1 & 2 happen when you layer moisture-wicking clothes.
Don't wear this to bootcamp

Don’t wear this to bootcamp

You can easily stay warm by wearing a huge down coat and layers of cotton shirts, but when you start sweating, you’ll have a hard time wicking the moisture from your body.

So start with a moisture wicking base layer, like a thin, long sleeved shirt (no cotton!).  Then add maybe a vest, and then  maybe a  light, wind-proof jacket or pull-over over that.   Fleece is also another option.  Try different layers this week and see how it goes.

But the most important pieces of staying warm might be your gloves (I wear mittens), your hat, and maybe even a scarf.  You almost could wear shorts and a t-shirt if you have your head and hands protected (…almost).

OOOO....I can't WAIT for 6am Bootcamp!!!

OOOO….I can’t WAIT for 6am Bootcamp!!!

I also think it takes practice.  The more you get out there and try different types of layers, the better you’ll get at staying warm, staying dry, and getting an awesome workout!

It’s a little chilly out there especially at the beginning, but 5 minutes in you’ll start to feel warmed-up and ready to kick some bootcamp booty!  Oh yeah…I forgot to tell you maybe the most important reason why you want to keep kickin’ booty at bootcamp:


It’s true. While your body is already working hard to get you through a vigorous workout, it’s doing double-duty to keep your temperature regulated!  I guarantee you that if you did the same workout indoors, you would be burning less calories than you do when you workout outside.  Keep that in mind tomorrow morning!

Here’s a link to a blog I found about layering your clothes, and below are a few more pics I found to help you decipher your outdoor workout wardrobe!

Wind-stopper vests

Wind-stopper vests

This is a great outer layer.

This is a great outer layer.

Another moisture-wicking option to layer with

Another moisture-wicking option to layer with