Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to focus on feeling good in your body! ?‍♀️?‍♀️?

If you’re ready to shed those winter blues and start feeling more confident and energized, then you don’t want to miss this video: “5 ways to feel better in your body this Spring”. 

Watch to learn:

  • Five easy and practical tips to help you feel more positive and confident in your body this season.
  • How to prioritize self-care.
  • How to set achievable goals.
  • How to build a healthy and positive relationship with your body!

Whether you’re struggling with body image issues or just looking for some extra motivation to get active, watch this video for this helpful and empowering sesh!


Full Episode Transcript:

We are live.

Hello, hello Welcome to Hello Body Freedom My name is Audra Baker and I am
your host. This is our Tuesday live We go live every Tuesday at 4 pm CST.
I’m so glad you guys are here If you are new into my world, welcome.

We help women heal the deeper reasons why they’re struggling with food and
their body in the first place. We can reach for diets all we want. We can reach for
all of these other answers.

But at the end of the day, if we are looking at why we are eating when we’re not
physically hungry and untangling and unhealthy relationship with food and
untangling unhealthy behaviors like overeating, stress eating, anxious eating,
board eating, sad eating, all the ways we use food besides for physical hunger, it
can be a real giant uphill battle. So that’s what we do here. And I’m really glad to
see you here. Welcome Come on in and say hi If you are here, if you’re catching
the replay, hashtag replay inside of the Facebook group.

And I’m really excited today because it is spring. And I love spring. I love warmth. I
am a warm weather person. My birthday is in the summer. That might be part of it,
I’m not 100% sure. But I get very, very energized.

I don’t know about you, but I feel cyclical in how I function on the planet in a big
way. So winter time is just such hibernation for me. And not just hibernation, like
just overall bad mood a lot. And doom and gloom. And then as soon as the days
get a little longer and the sun is out and I can be outside and it makes me want to
move more It makes me want to take better care of myself It makes me want to, I
crave healthier foods, right?

So I don’t know if you feel the same way, but this time of the year really is a big
launching pad for me to just get excited and to use that energy, to use that
motivation to be moving forward.

So if that is you, if you are in that place and you’re looking for five ways to feel
better in your body this spring, then I invite you to listen in because that’s what
we’re going to be talking about today.

Because isn’t it true at the end of all of this, isn’t it about feeling good? Isn’t this
about, you know, walking through the planet and moving through your life feeling
good. So it’s not just about feeling good in the body, but it’s having thoughts that
serve you that aren’t like this inner bitch beat down all day long, right?

It’s a sense of like healthy, you know, just like a high level of mental health, right?
And then also emotional health, like feeling emotionally regulated, knowing what
to do whenever you’re feeling feelings, how you can process those through.

If you find yourself always reaching for food as the answer that’s usually a sign
that something’s not quite right. Unless you don’t mind, and it’s no big deal for
you, and it doesn’t bother you at all, and it works for your life, then I say go for it
But I know for me, it definitely wasn’t working for a very long time. And it was
driving me back shit crazy, actually.

And at some points, it just felt like absolute out of control with food. A sense of
like food is in control and I am not, and I don’t know if anybody here has felt that
before. But that also really sucks to feel that way. So let’s go ahead and dive in and
we’ll address all of these little tidbits that I’m putting together here.

But if you are here live, come on in and say hi I’d love to know that you’re here.
And we will go ahead and go right into these five ways of feeling better in your
body. You can tell I’m like a little hopped up like in spring energy because I start to
sing my sentences.

All right. So very first thing I want to talk about are a couple of like basics, right?
And these first two feel very, very important.

And the very first one is to get out in nature. So if you are in the Northern
Hemisphere and it is spring moving into summer and if you’ve been cooped up in a
house and stuck in the snow or just in the cold, nasty weather, like getting out and
getting some sunshine on your body, getting in any level of the outdoors, any, any,
any level of outdoors.

You know, for the last six years, I’ve lived in a high rise in downtown Dallas and it
was this giant high rise on the 24th floor and really the only like access to enjoy
outside was on the rooftop pool.

So that’s like a different kind of nature, but at least I was outside. At least I was in
the sun, at least I could jump in the pool and that or forget jumping in the pool just
to be able to sit in the warm air. And feel the warm sun on my body. That felt really

But maybe that means going for a walk in the neighborhood. Like right now, you
know, we just moved into a house. We’re out of downtown Dallas now. And I mean,
I’m spending insane amounts of time in our backyard and, you know, sitting in the
grass and doing some yoga out in the, in the yard and or just sitting.

We have a couch in our backyard I just like to sit there and read, you know, it’s not about having to be active. It’s just about getting you into nature.

It’s, it just has an incredible impact on your livelihood and health. We are not
meant to be indoors all the time. We are meant to be connected to this earth and
being out of nature as best that you can is going to help even if it is simply like
what I love to do, which is sit on my couch outside in my backyard.

And even like there’s a lot of research, even if you get just 10 minutes of sunshine,
even if it’s just on your forearm, right? Just a little bit of exposure to the sun every
day, even as little as 10 minutes is going to drastically increase your, your vitamin
D and inside of your body.

You know, we take vitamin D supplements and whatnot, but actually your, your
body makes it and it makes it whenever we have the presence of the sun and it’s
the best bang that we can get for our buck there. So making sure to get out in
nature, get some sunshine. This is going to boost your mood It is going to boost
your energy. You are going to just feel better.

Now, the second little tip here for feeling better in your body is definitely get
moving. Now, if you don’t move, if you’ve been feeling really lethargic, it might be
hard to get moving.

I’m definitely, I want to like really honor that that can be challenging for a lot of
people, but any way that you can make it happen can be utterly life changing. So if
that means that you make a pact with a friend, if that means you get a group of
people together and even if it just means going for a walk, maybe it means
gardening or doing yard work.

It doesn’t have to look like anything in particular, but our bodies are meant to
move. And if we want to feel better in our bodies, we want to be able to use our
bodies in a meaningful way. Most of us sit, you know, at a desk all day long, we sit
here and we spin up in our head and we’re very analytical and we’re very thought
producing. But our whole body is stuck in this, you know, prison of a chair for
often eight hours at a time, not taking breaks, not getting up and stretching, not
going outside and getting into nature, not moving at all.

And so moving your body is one of the most powerful and fastest ways to feel
better in your body. Just make sure you are choosing ways to move that feel good
for you, right? So if you are holding on to a lot of extra weight, if you’ve got
swollen joints, if you’re dealing with autoimmune or things like that, I totally get it.
The knees can ache, like all the achy stuff can happen.

But like, can you get in water? Can you go take a water aerobics class? Can you go
for a swim? Like, what are the things, could you get on a bike so it’s low impact,
right? What are the ways that you can move your body in a way that you actually
like to do and in a way that your body really appreciates? Maybe it’s just
stretching, maybe it’s some yoga, maybe it’s some, who knows? Maybe it’s
kayaking, you know, maybe it’s hiking, maybe it’s, you know, anything like that.

And just for like the extra bonus, if you can move your body in nature, boom, huge,
huge, huge bonus right there. Let’s get moving. If you struggle moving your body,
if you struggle, let me, let me go ahead and put some stuff up here. Oh, Sheila, I
miss you. Good to see you, girlfriend.

Sheila is my friend who works for my favorite bike company, which is called
Specialized Bikes, which was the bike that I had. And so if you love to bike ride, it’s
one of my most favorite ways to move my body.

I feel like I truly feel like I’m in my happy place when I’m on a bike. It is weird how
as soon as like the air, you know, and I don’t even have to be going fast. I don’t
have to make it, it doesn’t have to feel like a workout. The moment I start pedaling
and you feel the breeze, I do not know why not everybody is like this. I totally get it
It might just be me.

But I love being on a bike It just is like one of my happy places. So if you struggle
with moving your body, if this is something that is not part of your, your, your MO
and you know that you need to start doing something like this, then definitely
HelloBodyFreedom.com chat with Audra. This is how we can do a one-on-one
discovery call and see if what we offer here at Hello Bod yFreedom is something
for you.

So we can talk about where you’re getting stuck and all that other good stuff. All
right. So now we know getting out in nature. Now we know getting out in nature,
moving your body, comparing those two. That’s the bonus one right there for you.
So let’s go ahead and keep moving through this.

Number three. Okay My friends, in terms of feeling better in your body, what we
have to start doing is connecting to your actual body cues.

Now, this is not the easiest thing in the world if you haven’t done this for a long
time, but we are looking to connect to eating because of physical hunger and stop
eating at satisfaction. And this is a, it seems so simple. It seems like, well, duh, of
course I’m going to eat when I’m hungry.

And of course I’m going to stop when I’m not hungry, but this is not how most
people eat. Most people eat when they’re happy, when they’re sad, when they’re
bored, when they’re stressed, when they’re anxious, when I just feel like it. When
I’ve got the munchies, when I feel like snacking, when, I mean, there’s like, because
I want it, because it tastes good.

There’s like a million reasons why we’re, we’re eating that have no connection to
our actual bodies. And if you want to start to feel better in your body, then you
want to start connecting to what your body is telling you. These are body cues, all

And so for instance, if you are ignoring your thirst cue and you’re ignoring it,
ignoring it, and you’re not going to freaking feel good. Eventually you’re going to
be so damn thirsty and that’s not going to feel good, right.

We’re learning how to listen to our body and especially around food. One of the
most powerful things that you can do is actually tune into what hunger feels like,
not be scared of it. This is what hunger is. And then when you feel it, that is the
best reason to eat.

That is the best reason to eat. And if you slow it down enough, if you pay attention
enough, you will notice that there will come a moment when your body is just fine.
You did not overeat, You do not feel overstuffed, It feels like an absolute enough
in the body, It feels like satisfied. And when you can eat in that way, that is a
behavior around food that is connected to the body.

My friends, you are going to feel better in your body. Your food will taste better
because you are actually waiting until you’re hungry and your body will feel better
because you are not overdoing it and just stuffing food in your mouth. And so this
is, I think, one of the biggest, most powerful practices that all of us should start
working on right now.

And the more and the more and more we learn how to honor hunger is the main
reason I eat. And the more and more we learn how to honor enough, satisfied is
the reason I stop eating Right? Instead of letting our emotions run the show, oh,
you know, but it tastes so good. I’m going to have 10 more bites, Oh, but I don’t
want to stop. Oh, what if I never eat it again? Like we’ve got to stop that kind of
thinking. We have to know that whatever we’re eating, we can eat it again. Body
cues, hunger, eat, enough, satisfied, stop, This is a powerful way to be in the body.

Now, connected to this is number four. So connected to this is practicing. You’re learning a different practice. The practices you were learning how to say yes and
no to food while at the same time allowing all foods to be okay.

And what do I mean by that? Part of the reason why we overeat is we make certain
foods wrong, never allowed, completely off limits. I shame myself every time I eat
the cookie or this or that.

And that becomes a big problem because the more that we disconnect and we
don’t allow ourselves to eat a certain food, we call a certain food bad. The more
we really subscribe to that belief, what will end up happening is that when you
inevitably eat the cookie, when you inevitably have a piece of cake or a fucking
pastry or something, what do you think you’re going to do? You’re going to freak
out because, oh, my God, it’s so good because hello, it is good. That’s why you’re
eating it, It tastes delicious.

But because you’ve sworn it off, now what do you think you’re going to do? Well, I
better keep eating and eating and eating because I’m not supposed to eat this, I’m
not allowed to eat this, So I’m going to eat this entire bag. That way I can be
finished with it. And then I’ll be done and then I’ll never touch it again. Y’all, that is
one of the reasons you struggle with weight. It is a very messed up relationship
with food. It is not helpful for your journey, guaranteed.

Especially if you are struggling on a weight loss journey or a health journey. This
behavior does not work. And so we are learning how to say yes and no to foods
while also allowing all foods to be allowed. So when you can come to the
psychological realization of all foods are innately allowed, there is no morality
assigned to any of these foods. They are all allowed, but I, in my own sovereign
being, am learning when it makes sense to say yes to a food and when it makes
sense to say no to a food.

So right now, because it’s spring, I’m in a very, very strong state of really
recommitting to saying yes to more nutrient dense foods, I just did a five day fast
last week and I feel I mean, the level of feeling good in my body again. And why is
that? Because I did a big metabolic cleanup.

If this is something that you’re interested in, you want to know more about it, just
drop me a DM. I’m happy to share more about fasting and mimicking. It’s very,
very powerful. I brought, I took like eight clients. Miraculous because it wasn’t

Fasting is not the easiest thing, but on the other side of five days, the, the metabolic cleanup, how freaking good I’m feeling in my body. And now guess
what? I can tell when I’m hungry a lot easier. I’m stopping at enough without any
problems at all. And then I’m learning how to say yes and no to foods I’m setting
up the appropriate boundaries, right?

You know, when my daughter graduates high school in like six weeks or so, I’m
going to say yes to the cake. Of course I’m going to say yes to the cake, but do I
need cake every single night of the week? Probably not. That level of emotional
eating will help probably not let me feel good in my body.

I’m learning how to say yes and no in the right amount. And this is huge. All right.
Okay. And finally, the last piece is it is spring If you are looking to be on a
sustainable weight loss journey, a health journey where you are learning how to
untangle these reasons why you keep overeating, mindlessly eating, stress, eating,
anxious, eating, comfort, eating all of the ways that we’re using food that aren’t in
alignment with feeling good in our body.

If you are really ready to untangle all of this, what we are doing inside of Hello
Body Freedom right now is our spring into action eight week program.

This is the absolute basic foundational work where we are putting in all of the right
habits I call them sexy habits where we are learning how to say yes and no to food
where we are learning our body cues where we are creating a lifestyle based on
habits that feel good, not the kind of habits that you want to run the other
direction from the kind of habits that feel so good, like getting a good night’s
sleep, drinking enough water, right?

And then the next phase of that is we move into gentle nutrition, right? We start
working with how am I working with food? How am I learning how to increase
nutrient density so I feel better in my body, right? How do I move my body? So
we’re bringing in all of these habits and it’s the spring into action eight week
process is really, really about springing into action It is about taking action.

There’s none of this sitting on your ass, not doing anything. It is walking the path,
taking action. And so we set the stage in the first two weeks of the eight week
spring path, taking action.

And so we set the stage in the first two weeks of the eight week spring happens and tell me if you can attest to this because I bet you can is here you are, you’re
taking action, you’re taking action, you’re taking action, all of a sudden, boom, like
something comes up, right? And it’s a mindset thing.

It’s the stuff that we tell ourselves. It’s that inner bitch. It’s that inner mean girl
that starts beating us up. Forget that, right? But what’s happening is we’re trying
to take this action. We’re walking, we’re walking, we’re walking, boom, we fall on
our face and then we don’t get back up again, right? Or it’s a behavior.

We said we weren’t going to eat the chips or something and we ate the chips
where we’re doing really well. We’re taking that action and then a on our ass again.
So what we have to start doing with week three is we have to start untangling our
self-sabotaging behaviors, untangling weight loss, sabotage, untangling the way
we sabotage ourselves around food and around our healthy behaviors.

And this is what we specialize in Hello Body Freedom. We specialize in getting you
into action and then helping you untangle all the reasons why you keep stopping
all the reasons why you keep falling over to the point where what happens is that
you’re able to keep moving forward faster and more consistent, right? Better than
you ever have in the past.

And this is what we’re doing inside of the Hello Body Freedom inside of our spring
into action eight week program. So if you are interested, hellobodyfreedom.com,
all you got to do is chat with Audra. And if you want this to be the best spring you
have ever experienced, you want to get on the phone with me, we can go over
what hello body freedom programs might be right for you because at the end of
the day, if you are trying to diet yourself down, if you are trying to force yourself
into some way, what will 90 to 97% happen is you will gain the weight back.

All right. Totally unhelpful. So let’s recap. This is very exciting. So the very first one
is about getting into nature. Get your ass outside, get sit on a couch outside, do
some gardening, just lay in the sun, don’t do anything, but get in nature. It’s going
to, it’s good for you. It’s good for your hormones. It’s good for your vitamin D
production. It is so, so powerful and it’s just like, like soul food. It is soul food. Get
outside, get into nature.

Number two is to get moving. So remember, does not matter what you do. It just matters that you do something It matters that you get your booty moving and let
it feel good. Let it feel like a pool. Like you’re drawn to it. Like you’re so excited,
not a push, not like, oh, I’m sure I hate to do this. Let it feel good. Remember the
whole point of this is to feel good. Y’all, I don’t know what to tell you.

The whole point is to feel good. All right. So that is number one, number two. And
remember the bonus is to pair the two. So move your body in nature. All right.
Number three is about body cues, learning how to pay attention to hunger and
pay attention to enough over and over again and really honoring those body cues.

And number four is around learning how to say yes and no to food in just the right
balance. Right? We’re not sitting here trying to say no to everything and only yes
to this. No,we’re learning what situations make the sense. You are learning how to
trust yourself here.

All right. That is number four. And then finally, number five is if you are looking to
really feel better in your body, that sustainable weight loss journey, I think getting
support, getting the help that you need in order to do this in a meaningful way.
And that is what we are doing inside of days ago. So it is not too late to jump in. If
you want in, all you have to do is go to hellobodyfreedom.com forward slash chat
with Audra. And I am looking forward to connecting with you.

And that is what we have for today’s Tuesday Live. Very excited to be here. And
thank you guys for coming. Yeah, Sheila the house with the bike ride. That’s what
I’m talking about. All right, my friends, reach out DM me if you’re interested in
learning a little bit more about the five day fasting and reach out because I mean,
the whole point is feeling good. You know what I mean?

How long do we just keep living in a body that just feels like crap that feels tired,
that feels lethargic, that feels, you know, achy all the time where you feel, you
know, brain fogged out, sugar addicted, like food has contro.l How long do we do
that for? If you are ready this spring to take the energy of spring to move forward,
then I invite you to hop on the phone with me and let’s make this happen.

All right, my friends, have a beautiful week and I will see you next week for a real
juicy one. Next week, we are diving very deep into what it really takes to look at,
you know, emotional eating patterns, stress, eating, anxious, eating, board eating,
comfort, eating, sad eating It’ll be a good one. All right, see y’all until next time.
See you later. Bye everybody.