It’s my birthday today.

Does anyone else sit around for a while on your birthday pondering the year that just past and possibly the year ahead?

I know I do.

This has been a tremendous year of growth for me. It was almost a year ago that I decided to go all out, stop working for a gym, and create my own business.  Little did I know how that one decision would affect virtually every aspect of my life.  It has forced me to “show up for my life” in a manner I always knew I wanted to (and needed to), but just never did it.

It’s like all of my good qualities magnified and grew.  Qualities like my un-ending energy, passion for what I do, and willingness to never give up.  But it’s funny…because all of my “not so hot” qualities (some might call them character flaws…) also became magnified.

Where’s my coffee?

Great examples of this might be my struggle with organization (can you say: A.D.D.?) and getting phone calls returned in a timely manner.

No more of this for me!

But the great thing about all the changes that I’ve endured this year is that I no longer have the option of “sweeping things under the rug”.  If I don’t return a phone call, then why am I even in business?  If my business isn’t organized, then why even bother because without organization it’s going to fall apart eventually!  And that’s the genius behind following your chosen path and being true to yourself.  Not that it’s going to be easy, but that it’s going to grow you into the person you are destined to become.

So as I put the mirror in front of my face on this 34th birthday, I have a big apology for you.

In the midst of creating all this “busyness” I have let you down.   I have a lot of values, but the one that reigns over all in my business is to over deliver to you.

Yes, indeed I have a big apology to give you.  You see, I have been a busy girl lately and I keep using that as an excuse.

An excuse to NOT give you the best service, motivation, and up-to-date content possible that keeps you in-the-know and inspired to keep your body moving and to keep reaching toward your goals.

So from here on out, you’re going to see a huge SHIFT (sorry…couldn’t help it) in what we have to offer you, starting with a fun and motivating workout and talking about what it means to “fall off the wagon, and then get back on”!  (Are you wondering what happened with My very own Best Body Challenge?  Juicy details are to follow…so stay tuned!)

I just want to say THANK YOU…

for being in my life in whatever capacity you are.  I realize fulfillment for myself means giving back and helping YOU reach your goals, strive for more in your life, and to live your life filled with health and wellness (and a hot body never hurts, too!).

So in a way, it’s selfish.  In order for me to feel alive and fulfilled, I need to give to you.  And right now, I’m not feeling as good as I want to, which leads me to the conclusion that I am not giving you all that I have to offer.

I know….Some people go out and party and drink on their birthday’s…I sit around analyzing “what’s not working”, and then I come up with a plan to fix it!

So to that end, I would like to wrap up by saying THANK YOU for letting me help and serve you while you work on the very important values of health, fitness, and nutrition (because after all, if you don’t have that…. You can fill in the blanks), and be on the lookout for us to take this fun and fabulous fitness and nutrition company to the next level!!!

And now after going to Bootcamp at 6 this morning (thank you Kat for the intense workout!), and working a full day, I think it’s time to have a little fun.  I’m off to Los Gatos’ Jazz in the Plazz for a little music and wine!  Happy Birthday to me!


Audra : )