If you want to break free from the diet mentality and start a sustainable weight loss journey, don’t miss this powerful session!

Get ready to learn how to heal your relationship with food and your body while on a path toward non-diety weight loss. For this video, I thought it would be fun to teach how powerful the Hello Body Freedom System is to:

1. Heal your relationship with food at the nervous system level so overeating is easy to end.
2. Create a sustainable non-diety weight loss journey on your terms that fits with your life.
3. Re-orient your Nervous System toward Thriving (instead of surviving) so you actually LOVE your weight loss journey.
4. Create a life you love in a body you’re proud of that feels energetic and comfortable.

I hope this is helpful!


Full Episode Transcript:

Hello hello everybody.

Audra here with Hello Body Freedom. 

We do this every Tuesday at 4 P.M Central. 

We go live and we have some fun and I’m really excited to be here today. I’m excited to share this with you. So, if you are catching this live go ahead and come on in and say hi. I’d love to see it when you are here, leave me a comment I will be able to see it. You can just say hello and tell me where you’re, uh, tuning in from. That would be great. 

So, today is a special Tuesday live because we, what is today? Today’s Tuesday we just wrapped up our latest edition of the Path to Food and Body Freedom Challenge. And, it is a five-day challenge it’s completely free, and, uh it is, uh, my way of really helping women and serving them in ways where, there are so many women that just, you’re just reaching for the wrong solution over and over and over again. 

You keep reaching for the latest diet plan, you keep reaching for the hormonal supplements. But, in so many ways, the main reason why we would be struggling with food and our relationship with food or we’d be struggling with our body in terms of it, you know, feeling uncomfortable and uh, maybe wanting to lose weight in any way… It has so much more to do with why we’re using food and overeating, um, in the first place and how to heal those reasons more than anything. 

Hey, come on in and say hi when you get here. Super good to see everybody. All right. So, because we are moving towards the end of the challenge, uh, and, I do want to say for those of you who are watching this live, uh, make sure to reach out because even though the challenge is over, it’s still up and we’re going to keep it up for a limited time. 

So, if you are interested in learning this information, we can walk you through it. Even though you missed the live portion, you can still catch the replay so that’s really exciting to know. Uh, so, with that said, let’s go ahead and, uh, dive into today.

So, we are working with the Hello Body Freedom framework today. And, um, I, I want to walk you through the whole thing. I want to walk you through how it is. But, I also want you to know this isn’t my first time. This isn’t my first rodeo, okay? So, if you are really tired of just feeling, um, frustrated at yourself thinking that you don’t have any willpower, thinking there must be something wrong with you, going from one program to the next program to the next program and nothing is working.

Um, if you have struggled where you’ve, um, you’ve lost some weight but then you’ve gained it back. If you’re feeling like the sense of rebellion around food where you’re like “F this I’ll eat whatever I want, whenever I want.” So, I mean these are all examples. Um, I just want to invite you into my world where we take that self-sabotage, we take shame, and we take the guilt and we take all that crap and we finally remove it.

So, that way we can actually get down to the bottom of what is going on, okay? And, what my team and I do, we hold your hand and we hold you lovingly accountable to basically honoring yourself. And, when I say honoring yourself, I don’t mean following a food plan exactly. And, if you don’t eat it exactly the way you’re supposed to, then you’re not honoring yourself. That is so not what I’m talking about. So, we’ll get into that today.

Um, but really it is about learning how to get out of these loops where we are using food to fix our feelings. Getting out of loops where we keep getting our nervous system really overwhelmed and frazzled because that’s usually a reason why a lot of us reach for food to cope anyways. 

And really helping you move forward and get you to a place where you, you know, I already know you do a great job when you’re having a good day. But, it’s moving you forward even when you’re not in the mood. Even when you’re having a really bad day. Even when you’re really stressed out, right? 

And, really coming to a place of, even in those moments, without any willpower needed, to actually not use food. Like, you get to the other side of a day and it was a crappy day and you were like “Whoa, I didn’t even think about food as an answer. I didn’t even think about eating away my anxiety or my fears or my stress or my anger or whatever it might have been or my boredom.” 

Like, there are all these reasons we eat, right? That has nothing to do with physical hunger, right? And that’s what we do here and we use Neuroscience based strategies. We use trauma-informed healing and I’ve got a whole bunch of tricks up my sleeve that we use. So, our ultimate goal here at Hello Body Freedom is for you to actually experience the freedom you desire. 

And, I’m specifically talking about getting out of the shackles of where food has control or you’re being dictated by whatever feeling you’re having in your body. “I’m sad, I eat. I’m happy, I eat. I’m lonely, I eat. I’m comfortable and I’m rebellious, I eat.” Right? All of these things, right? And so, when we can do that, that is where, you know, body freedom and food freedom live, right?

And so, yeah. When I talk about freedom with food, I’m talking about, you know, no more freaking out because you had a cookie. And then, no more numbing out, you know, and eating the whole box of cookies like, like where’s the middle ground party people? All right.

So experiencing that freedom with food. And truly, by doing this work, if there is weight to lose, you create a sustainable weight loss. You easily move into your ideal size as we regulate your nervous system, as we move into these healthy habits and truly experience comfort in your body, okay? 

So seriously, if you’ve struggled with food, your whole life, struggled with your weight, if you’ve done what I did and gained the same 20, 30, 40 pounds 20, 30, 40 times, or if you just don’t trust yourself around food, what I want you to know is that, what we do here in Hello Body Freedom, the process works and, uh, it is, it is what we do inside of VIP coaching, okay? 

And, um, yeah. So, we’re gonna want to dive into doing some deeper work here. So let’s go ahead and start to talk about what we are doing inside of Hello Body Freedom like, like for you to understand the path that we go through. The path that we do. 

So, right when you join Hello Body Freedom, you will immediately be in touch with Coach Jill. She is our head coach. and she will be doing your roadmap session with you. And, so ultimately this is taking everything that we’ve discovered in the chat with Audrea calls that we’ve done. And, just take the desires and figure out where your blocks are. And then, what Jill will do is, she’s going to move that into, um, taking it a step further. And, we really put a whole progress pathway together for you.

So, Hello Body Freedom is a year-long program, and, uh, we really look at where you want to go and we reverse engineer that into how you are going to get there based on where you are most stuck. See, this is the cool thing about Hello Body Freedom. Is, we do have a system. We do have a path. We do have like, an absolute plan that works for a lot of people but sometimes somebody needs a little extra someplace else. 

So, inside of Hello Body Freedom VIP coaching, it’s one-on-one coaching where you are directed right by your coach, right? So, this is not, uh, this is not just some free for all and willy-nilly and good luck, have fun, figure it out. It really is a step-by-step approach to get you to actually have it stack at a one percent level so one percent baby-step habit stacking.

Um, the kinds of habits that start to change the way you think and the way you talk to yourself. Start to change the way you, uh, relate to your feelings and sensations and emotions in your body, and start moving you in that direction of these really sustainable healthy habits. Because now, you’re, you’re not creating so much of that self-sabotage and resistance and rebellion around it, okay? 

So, right from the beginning, boom, you get everything individualized for you. But, I’m going to walk you through kind of like the basics of, um, of what like, all the pieces. So, again, depending on where you individually need to start, we might guide you in a different direction. But, uh, or we might have you focus a little bit more narrowly in one spot to really kind of get the best bang for your buck.

But, ultimately, you will be going through all of this. So, the very first thing, the very first phase in this has to do with really locking and loading the sexy seven habits and that’s not true. You lock and load the foundational five. You’re not working on all seven. You’re just locking and loading them. And, what we do is we hand you all these sexy seven habits. We hand them to you in very small bite-sized chunks. 

So, it’s not like we’re sitting here handing you these basic habits here and going “All right figure it out,” right? No no no. We get, like, down the most important ones and then we start working on, um, continuing to build the neuronal patterns to continue doing these habits.

And these are not hard habits. They are habits though that will utterly change, well some of them can be challenging, the Food Freedom formula. But that’s okay. My point is, is like, the actions you’re taking are baby steps actions with these habits, all right? And, we do start you off with the launch pad triad, the three most important habits. And then, we also then move you into the foundational five.


So, habit stacking in a real meaningful way. The types of habits that get you moving forward. Now, one of those habits that we start from day one, it’s part of the launch pad triad. We actually went over a part of it inside of day one of the, um, of the Path to Food and Body Freedom Challenge. And that is, uh, working with your body cues.

So, the idea of working with your body cues the way that we present it inside of Hello Body Freedom it is called the, uh, the food Freedom formula. And, it is a very in-depth, uh, practice and, uh, all about how you are in a relationship with food, right? 

And, we start this from like the very beginning. In the very, very beginning you are starting to come into the right relationship with food right? Really learning how to tune into body cues you’re going to get it wrong sometimes but you’re going to get it right a lot and then when you come up with roadblocks you’re working with your coaches, uh your coaches, your coaching team in order to like to get those roadblocks to come down.

It’s very, very powerful. So, again, right, when we come in we have this amazing progress pathway, this roadmap session with Coach Jill. And, then we start moving you into these sexy seven habits just focused mainly on the launch pad Triad to start with. And, inside of that is the Food Freedom Formula. And so, um, you know and this is the Food Freedom Formula is something that you do for the rest of your life, right? 

So, for the year that you’re in here, it makes sense that we want to start this one right from the get-go, right? From day one, right? Because I want you to have so much time practicing until it just becomes second nature. All right? So, this is the very first piece.

The next piece which is connected, it’s very close and connected to, uh, the food Freedom formula into body cues, is starting to work nutrition in a very gentle non-deadly way, all right? And here’s what I mean by that. So many of you have been following plans for so long.  You’ve been in Weight Watchers for your whole life. You’ve been counting points. You’ve been counting macros. You’ve been counting calories. You’ve been, you’ve been doing these things where somebody says just follow this plan and measure this food…

And here Audra comes along and goes: “Oh just listen to your body cues. Just do that you’ll be fine.” And that is actually for most people not that helpful, right? So, if you just went from a bunch of rigid rules to no rules whatsoever… Actually, what we have here are not rules at all. They’re more like guidelines, really, if you will. Um… but, still if you go from like, all the rigidity to absolutely nothing, you’re going to be like flailing about which can be a little painful right? 

And, on the other side of that, if you’ve already kind of been in rebellion mode around food for a long time where you’re just kind of willy-nilly eating whatever you want, to have a level of guidelines will actually make you feel good, right? Because they’re not rules. They’re not like hard and fast diety. Black and white, all-or-nothing rules. 

They are really guidelines that you can go “Oh well, that makes sense” because it’s based on the science of nutrition right? So, dieting and diet culture do not own nutritional science, right? There are some real basic tenets. And whenever we start to understand these tenants, and these are not just like nutrition tenants like you know, uh, you know fats and carbs and vegetables and things like that. These are you know ways to start to build a better relationship with food, right? 

Like, like systems and guidelines that are going to help you to really stabilize and make your relationship with food, um, like meaningful but not obsessive, right? Where, where we, where we have like, you know, thoughtfulness around gentle nutrition and around our behavior and relationship with food but we’re not making it our whole lives. Like as if we were having to count every freaking calorie or morsel that went in our body, right? 

And so, that is right, right from the very beginning you start to go through phase one of our gentle nutrition model, okay? It’s a very different approach to nourishing and healing your body. Way, way different than following some diet plan or food plan, all right? 

And so, right there that kind of, you know working on these, uh, launch pad Triad habits, um, that are part of the sexy seven, really focused in on that food Freedom formula, right? Walking you through the depths of that, and then getting you into a guideline around, um, around your behavior around eating and nutrition, starts to really get you in the right actions, here from the very beginning you’re taking baby step actions in those directions. Does that make sense? 

So, that’s where we start, you now, here’s what’s going to happen. guaranteed! You are going to take action and you’re going to be moving forward and you’re going to be doing your thing, you’re going to be really excited because you just joined Hello Body Freedom! It’s gonna be the best year ever! All right? 

And then, you come against a roadblock. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you’re feeling really stressed out, your kids are driving you crazy, or your boss just dropped some horrible news. Like something is going on in your world and you’re like, like full-on, like right? And then, we start to struggle and we start to feel the real world coming into play and when that, when the real world comes into play, we usually go back into these old habits.

So then, we move to our next phase. And in this phase, this is where we work with our mindset muscles. We are really working with the mindset muscle, with the brain to get your thoughts shifted and changed and get you on board. So, we have a very very specific process, um. And, I will tell you, like, when we first start this mindset work, it is simple, right?

Again, you have to have some good wins, you really learn like what is step one, step two, step three. Step one, step two, step three. So, you start working with pulling apart your self-talk, pulling apart the things you’re telling yourself, right? And then, working through, this um, this building the mindset muscle system that starts to help you immediately get out of your own way. It’s very, very powerful, okay? 

The, the reason we start with the the mindset muscle work is because it’s, it’s going to be the place where you are going to be able to access a whole lot faster. You are going to be able to get there. So, so many of us have been so disconnected from our bodies, right? We live up in our head and we don’t live in our body. 

Um, the very next phase is working with the body. But, right away, to make sure you’re taking action and getting some wins, we work that phase three with the mindset muscle, okay? Okay cool. And again, super simple techniques, super simple strategies.

And remember, you’re here for a year so right away, we’re able to kind of Lock and Load this whole process inside of the first two months. Where you’re really just like, steady working through these actions that you’re taking. And then, whenever you get like a roadblock, whenever you’re self-sabotaging, or you go back into Old patterns, you have, you’re building an incredible like tool, tool belt of tools, right? 

So then, once we learn and we start to work some of the mindset stuff, then we start to move into the Mind Body sabotage breakthrough, all right? This is where we start doing work that is truly connected to the body we want to go to, okay? What is going on and how can I start to work with my nervous system in particular, right? Why? Because old habits die hard. So, we’re teaching you, again, a simple step-by-step process here, that gives you the ultimate support to make sure you don’t stay down for long, right?

Part of this process is learning how to get back up even after a bad day. How to get back up even when you kind of did what you, uh, you, you didn’t do what you said you were going to do, right? Things like that. And, whenever we start to build this. So, right here inside of these first few phases, we’ve given you all of this action to move you forward, right? 

We’ve given you these, these, these full-on sexy seven habits. We’re habit-stacking in real gentle ways. Um, we’ve incorporated gentle nutrition in a, in a beautiful way to help give you some like, guidelines around that relationship with food, right? And so, you’re taking all of this beautiful action. You’re really incorporating the Food Freedom Formula over and over again and it’s action, it’s action, it’s action, right? 

And then, when that roadblock inevitably comes up and you end up falling on your butt, then we have all of the skill sets around building that mindset muscle so working through some strategies there and then the Mind Body sabotage breakthrough to help you make sure you don’t stay down for long. So, it’s super, super powerful stuff here, right? Are you excited yet? I’m so excited. All right, beautiful.

So, once we do that, right? This is the this is a basic, you know, basic step by step. Then we will go deeper into the actual untangling of emotional eating. So, this includes feeling your feelings. This includes emotional regulation. Now, this, there are a lot of similarities. Like, you’ll notice, that, the Mind Body Sabotage Breakthrough is about working with the body. 

Well, working on ending emotional eating and untangling that, we are working with your body here. Now, we’re just we’re, we’re kind of like, putting the lens on, “Okay, let’s really start to untangle that emotional eating part. Let’s really start to see how it feels to, um, pay attention to how I’m feeling.” And, learn how to process emotions, feel emotions first off if you can’t feel them.

We got to feel the emotions. Process the emotions. Regulate the nervous system in a beautiful way, right? And then, things start to really, really dive in. So, you can kind of see how we are stacking all of this. Now, once we are doing all of that, I want to, if I give you like the whole framework from the very beginning, everything we’ve just talked about, you are working body-based practices. 

So, that is from, it’s called bottom-up practices. So, you are working many different types of body-based practices. Now, not every tool is right for you, right? We have, we have so many tools. This is why VIP coaching is so important, because whatever that tool is, right? You, it might not work for you. This is why working with your coaches, they’re going to give you exactly the right place, they’re going to guide you exactly where you need on this, on this journey.

But, for you to see and feel what is included and how we work, it’s very, very powerful, okay. So, let’s keep moving. So now, we’ve, we’ve really honed in and focused in on emotional eating. Then, the next piece is really working even deeper with those body-based practices than so again, we’re working bottom-up practices and top-down practices from the very beginning. And, and they’re organized in a very specific way based on what we just talked about.

But, eventually, we get down and we really work nervous system regulation, nervous system regulation and go even deeper. So again, so what you were, what we’re really doing, let’s just pull all this in, let’s rain it all in, is you are taking action forward, you are continually taking action and then you are using your mind-body tool sets to regulate your nervous system, to process emotions right? 

And then, of course, your mindset muscle as a part of the whole team coming together to, to really, I mean you just start getting out of your own way a lot faster. You start moving forward in a way that feels really good for you without so much resistance. With actually liking it. You’re like “This is amazing!” Like, “Why wouldn’t I do this,” right?

So, that is, that’s how that goes. So, this is basically what we do. And then, and then, just to, like, make it even sweeter… We also have the next structure which is very important, right? And it’s called loving the journey. It’s literally like, why would you even be here? You were here because you want to thrive. You want to thrive with your body. You want to thrive with your, with your mental health, with your emotional health, with your body, with your energy.

Thriving means life feels good. And so, many of us are so oriented to survival mode, we’re so oriented to life feeling awful, right? That one of the pieces of this is, as we’re moving through this, you are just going to start to feel good. But guess what? Your nervous system just doesn’t like it. It doesn’t even trust it. It’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, right? 

So, another part of this that is so important is that we work with thriving in the body. Thriving with your mind. Thriving with your emotions. Literally, building an inner ecology, an inner world that is stronger and stronger that’s like “yes, thriving is my new normal” until the word new is gone. It’s just thriving is my normal state of being, right? And that is the win, right there, because now, you are feeling great, you are living it, and all that good stuff. 

So, this is literally what we have. This is, this is how the loop works. If we as coaches go “You know, what I think you actually need to be focused first on self-talk and, uh, working through some of this first I think that’s going to be the first place you’re going to start,” right? Um, or, or you know, we’re going to give you tools, um, to help regulate your nervous system right off the bat, right? And, we just, we just hand them to you, right? 

But then, there’s the opportunity as you move through this, to go through all of this at a phase one level, and then we move deeper and deeper and deeper based on where you need the most help, right? So, it might be nervous system regulation, it might really be that emotional eating piece, it might be the gentle nutrition piece, right? 

So, it’s not like we don’t talk about food and healthy eating and feeling good, and like, like you know, I don’t present this during the challenge. I don’t present, you know, it’s not like we don’t talk about moving your body, right? Right now inside of Hello Body Freedom, we’re doing a slay May, hashtag slay May challenge, and it’s literally like a Move Your Body Challenge. 

It’s like, let’s just get moving! And, it is, like, wildly popular right now. Like, our Facebook group is like blowing up right now. It’s like, awesome. Um, right. So, it’s not like we don’t talk about these things. But, at the end of the day, we are working to get you into a place of Freedom around your body and freedom around food over and over and over again, right? 

And so, the reason why you might be stuck is because your nervous system has been programmed based on old patterns from childhood, based on unresolved trauma back when your nervous system learned “If I eat it makes me feel better, if things are stressful I can eat,” right? You just learned it that way, right? 

And so, if you want a healthy relationship with food in your body, and you want to lose weight in a way that feels sustainable and healthy and so it doesn’t come back, you can’t just add new habits on top of an old nervous system, right? You really have to transform and upgrade your nervous system, so that the new habits you’re trying to create, actually stick, all right? 

So, when we heal at the nervous system level, it’s literally like rewiring the brain. And, and and, how the body and the nervous system experience just day-to-day life, yeah? And so, now, everybody wants to start with action. So when you come in, we move you into action. And then, we start working some of the deeper work, all right? 

And, inside of Hello Body Freedom coaching, we, we use, like, everything that we’ve talked about so far, these are all evidence-based research-backed Body Mind practices. We use all of these with our clients. And we do this to process emotions, to regulate the nervous system so it learns that it’s safe, it’s safe to thrive, and feel healthy and energetic in your body. It’s safe to be in a smaller body, right? 

And this level of transformation, it really does require some one-on-one support, okay? We are working at unconscious and subconscious levels, all right? So that is what Hello Body Freedom VIP coaching is. It’s what makes it, unlike anything you’ve done before. And, um, yeah, that’s what we have. 

So, I’m really excited to go over this with you guys. And love seeing all these beautiful faces. Uh yeah. Um, “Are these lives available after to watch?” So, um, just for you to know, I go live every Tuesday, here inside the Facebook group. And so, yes. Almost all of them we have categorized in the guide section, so you can go check out the guide section anytime. 

Um, the Challenge, on the other hand, will disappear I think May 14th. I think that is the date, I’m pretty sure. So, the challenge disappears. So, it’s kind of like now or never my friends. Now or never. Hold on, let me see what just came up here. Uh okay, yeah. Hold on let me, let me, I just love looking, hold on. Let me see another call. Good work y’all! Chat with Audra. 

So, if you are interested in this, if this is something and you have not booked your chat with me, go to hellobodyfreedom.com forward slash chat with Audra. Now is the time to just have a conversation. How does this fit in with what your goals are and where you’ve been struggling and where you’ve kind of um, um felt like you’re falling off the wagon or getting in your own way or self-sabotaging. So, I can help you. I can help put a plan of action together for you, based on healing the deeper reasons why you might struggle in the first place.

So, hellobodyfreedom.com forward slash chat with Audra and I am super excited. 

“Can I re-watch this live tomorrow?” Yes, this live, you can re-watch it, actually, as soon as I hit the end button it will be inside of the Facebook group waiting for you, okay? But, the challenge will not. The challenge disappears this weekend. So, get on it. If you have not, uh been on it then like get on those challenges. I want to make sure that you um I can hold your hand through that. If you want help with it and you haven’t registered or um, um or you’re just not even sure where to start, just drop me a DM and I will get you started in the right path, Okay?

Have a beautiful day. Happy Tuesday Live. I will see you next Tuesday same time same place. Bye, everybody.