Last week I shared 5 healthy and delicious party recipes that I made at the last party I threw.

But what if it’s not your party?

I just spent last weekend in Durango CO with all my entrepreneurial friends and while we worked hard all day, we partied hard, too! : )

I take you “behind the party scene” so you can see for yourself all the delicious foods I had to choose from, and then I take you through exactly what I chose and why.

While some I chose for health and others for pleasure, everything I chose was life giving.

While part of enjoying a party is about the food, it’s only a small piece of the whole picture.

In the video training above, I break down the best food choices that are the most nutritious, least inflammatory, and the least likely to jack my blood sugar up (thus keeping my insulin from spicking into a fat-storage lock-down).

But what I DON’T cover in the video is why we go to parties in the first place.

We go to parties for fun, for pleasure, for human connection.  We go for the  adventure of meeting new people.
Now before you start making an assumption about me, I’ll let you in on a secret:  when it comes to parties, I usually have HUGE anxiety.

I’ve never been very good in a social/party scene, so this has almost always led me to two things:

1.  Not even show up to the party and stay home where I can play it safe (me and my Pajamas on a Saturday night).


2.  Show up to the party and spend the bulk of time hanging around the food table and dessert bar focused on whatever sweet and sugary thing I could get into my body to help ease the anxiety of being there.

Now I’m not saying I still don’t get social anxiety at parties, but the deeper I go into my work, understanding WHY I eat what I eat, the answers are reflected back to me so that I can heal.

The results?

Well, I can usually enter a social situation with ease and grace these days.  In fact the party where I filmed this video training, there were about 80 folks there all of whom I’m just getting to know.

Now I go in with the relaxed intention of being fully present to each interaction and conversation.  I’m truly in the moment and intrigued as I get to know new people.

And it’s magical!  Not just because I’m getting to meet some seriously cool peeps, but also because the food and dessert tables aren’t half as interesting anymore!

In the comments below I really want to know how are you in social situations?

Do you love them or do you avoid them like the plague?
And what are your food patterns at parties?
Does going to a party mean totally blowing every good healthy habit you’ve been striving for?

Join the community and conversation below!