I have been glorifying coconut juice for over two years now and forcing every client I see, whether it’s in between sets or during a nutrition consult, to listen to the story of the coconut.

Have you ever been really thirsty during or after a workout only to find that traditional “sports drinks” are loaded with gobs of science-lab-experiment sugar?  Or have you…ahem…I mean do you know anyone who has ever been so hung-over after a fun night out with friends?  Well, then coconut juice might be just what you’re looking for (I mean…your hung-over friend)!

First off, most people don’t even know exactly what I’m talking about when I say “coconut juice”.  I hear comments about how “fattening” it is, which as soon as I hear that I realize the person speaking has absolutely no clue about the glorious coconut, and has probably only seen them swaying on palm trees during summer vacations.

If you were to crack a coconut open (which by the way, isn’t a nut at all, but a seed, and is the largest of them all), you would first notice a clear liquid emerge from the seed.  This clear liquid is the juice of a coconut, and will be the topic of conversation today.  When you drink this amazing life-giving tonic, amazing things will happen.  For one, you probably won’t be thirsty anymore (how cool is that?).  But even better…it’s a great cure for a hangover.  Here’s why:

“It’s a natural isotonic beverage, with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It’s the fluid of life, so to speak.”

  • Coconut Water is More Nutritious than whole milk – Less fat and NO cholesterol!
  • Coconut Water is Healthier than Orange Juice – Much lower calories
  • Coconut Water is Better than processed baby milk- It contains lauric acid, which is present in human mother’s milk
  • Coconut water is naturally sterile — Water permeates though the filtering husk!
  • Coconut water is a universal donor—It’s identical to human blood plasma.
  • Coconut Water is a Natural Isotonic Beverage – The same level we have in our blood.
  • Coconut water has saved lives in 3rd world countries thru Coconut IV.

“Coconut water is the very stuff of Nature, biologically Pure, full of Natural Sugars, Salts, and Vitamins to ward off fatigue…(or a hang-over) and is the next wave of energy drinks BUT natural!”, according to Mortin Satin, Chielf of the United Nation’s Food & Agriculture Organization.

  • Coconut water contains more potassium (at about 294 mg) than most sports drinks (117 mg) and most energy drinks.
  • Coconut water has less sodium (25mg) where sports drinks have around 41mg and energy drinks have about 200 mg!
  • Coconut water has 5mg of Natural Sugars where sports and energy drinks range from 10-25mg of Altered, lab-made Sugars.

It’s like the sports drink that Mother Nature intended for us to drink.  In all my studies of holistic nutrition, there’s one common thread:  don’t mess with Mother Nature.  When we start producing lab projects and consuming these sports drinks laden with fake and processed sugars, it just doesn’t compare to the perfect wonders of the real, natural thing.  So go ahead, grab a coconut, stick a straw in, and drink up!  What?  Don’t have a coconut tree close by?  Then head out to stores like Whole Foods, where you’ll find lots of great companies who have boxed the juice up in convenient take-to-your-bootcamp containers.

My favorite Brand is Amy & Brian’s.  It’s a great, responsible company where you will only find pure coconut juice in their cans.  No extra junk; only Mother Natures finest!