For this Motivation Monday episode, I’ve got three things for you, and they’re all insanely valuable, yet free. (Isn’t that a paradox?….)

While they might seem unconnected, a deeper dive in will reveal to you just how integrated hormones, cravings, sex, and freedom all have in common.

Let me explain.

First cool thing:

There’s this event I’m putting on with Dr. Kelly called Breakthrough to your Best Body: The truth about Hormones and Weight Loss Resistance.

As a subscriber, I’m sure you’ve read about it, and many of you have already registered for this free event that takes place next Wednesday, September 3rd at 6:30pm.

Dr. Kelly and I met back in January at a high level mastermind for heart-centered health entrepreneurs looking to make a big impact on the world. His work in integrative and functional nutrition was so complimentary to my work in eating psychology and mind-body nutrition that we knew we needed to work together.

Below is a pic of us at a dinner when we met again in June and started putting together The Breakthrough Seminar.

If you have any inclination to understand how hormonal imbalances impact your cravings, weight, and a slew of other more serious health concerns you might be dealing with, make sure you read all the details here and then register for the free event.

Second cool free thing:

Do you think hormonal balance, cravings, or excess weight play a part in your sex life and your sexual expression?  In my opinion:  hell yeah!

But starting the sexual conversation seems a little more difficult than talking about cravings and mind body nutrition… am I right?

That’s why I want to share with you this amazing book my friend Layla Martin wrote… S

She’s breaking out of the awkward silence around sex and pleasure and offering a very raw, vulnerable look at an area in our life we can probably all use a little levity, healing, and pleasure around.

Her book is free for you and might help you connect some dots in your life with sex and your relationship with food.

Third super cool thing:

Lets tie it all together here.

In my opinion… it’s all about freedom.  To feel fully alive and fully self-expressed without judgement or shame is freedom.

But it’s one thing to talk about it… it’s a whole other thing to DO IT!

That’s why I put together my action-based 21-day Freedom Challenge.  This is the challenge that will tie in all your new found knowledge into action!

The challenge begins September 15th.  Get on the list here!

There you have it!

Three amazing resources for you at a price you really can’t argue with.  : )

I hope you are having an amazing start to your week!

xoxoxox, Audra ; )

PS.  I feel the need to tell you something…
Dr. Kelly and I have been working around the clock to make sure the Breakthrough Event will blow your socks off.  My friend Layla slaved over this book for months and it’s even made a few ‘best sellers’ list… it’s a quality read that you won’t be able to put down.  And I personally have put 100’s of hours into the 21-day Freedom Challenge because I only want to give you the best.  Don’t let the word ‘free’ trip you up.  All three of us offer paid for programs that are well worth the money, but we ALSO realize there are folks who may never buy a program for us.  And we’re okay with that!  As heart-centered entrepreneurs our focus is always on delivering our best, no matter what the price.  So if any of this is ringing true for you, then go dig deep… you’ll probably get your socks knocked off!  : )