Sometimes I make things so complicated. 

Right now, inside my Love it 2 Lose it Coaching program, my soul-sister clients and I are diving deep into the embodied practices that create deep change.

But the deeper we dive, the more I’m reminded….

…before we even went here… 

We spent a WHOLE MONTH on the basics!  

The basic mind-body practical things that teach you the skills of paying attention to your body so you come into a better relationship with hunger, fullness, and paying closer attention to how your body responds.

In today’s video, I’m going to teach you two surefire strategies that will have you feeling satiated and satisfied without even finishing half your plate!

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Stop trying to trick your body.  It will never work in the long run.

Instead, try working WITH your body using these easy mind-body techniques to effortlessly eat less and feel great!

Watch the video above and make sure you leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve tried these techniques before and if they help!  

I’m committed to empowering you through your journey to a vibrant healthy life in a body you love all the way down to your bones!

xoxo, Audra 🙂

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