I just had to share this with you, because this very selfish act is making me feel like I’m coming back to life.

So for the past few Weekends I’ve been volunteering at a kitchen that feeds hungry and homeless people.  This is something that’s “been on my list to do”, but you know… life happens.

And considering I teach nutrition and work closely with clients in the realms of food, weight loss, and nutrition, I felt that I needed a different perspective.

Looking at food from a completely different lens, from the lens of people who truly go hungry, gives me such humbleness and grace for not only everything I have, but especially access to local, organic, real food anytime I want.

One gentleman came up to me after his meal and said, ‘Thank you so much for bringing joy into my day… you’ve made it that more bearable to be homeless one more day in the Tenderloin.”

Well, thank you sir very much, but what he doesn’t realize is he just lifted my spirits to an all time high.

The few people I’ve shared this with keep telling me how self-less it is, but I am telling you… The feelings I get are of extreme satisfaction, joy, and peace… and I will selfishly return to experience these feelings again and again.

And then I realized something…

I’m pretty sure I’ll selfishly get to the same elated state by helping you.

So lets get this ball rolling : )

You already know I teach nutrition and weight loss from a holistic and non-dogmatic perspective (no diets here), and now I want to how I can serve you?

So… is there anything I can do to help YOU?

Click here to tell me what you’re struggling with so I can “Motivate your
Monday”, as we like to say :)

I’ll be reading every response that comes in so I can continue to provide
as much value as possible in upcoming “Motivation Monday” Videos.  : )

Much Love,

Audra : )

P.S.  I’ve spent this year in a pretty deep (and quiet) contemplative place, all while spending quite literally thousands of dollars on continuing education in realms of nutrition, weight loss, and specifically how to help people lose weight from a psychological, emotional, and spiritual perspective.  Bottom line?  Whatever diet you’re on will never work.  We have to dig deeper and get to the root of matter.  If you’re ready then make sure you leave your burning questions and struggles here.

P.P.S. If you’re interested in knowing
more about where I’ve been volunteering,
check out their program here. They make
it super easy to volunteer, and you just can’t
beat the high!

(unless you’re smoking crack… but then my guess is you wouldn’t be reading my newsletters if you smoked crack…
so just go volunteer… it’s healthier anyways. : )