Your Vagina and Your Sexual Energy Are Your Power Sources.

Yet, so many women are disconnected from the very things that will liberate them as humans, and give them the creative power to shape their lives.

If you’re unhappy in your body, holding onto excess weight, or lack confidence, then you are most likely completely disconnected from the power of your vagina.

I know… I know… I might have already lost you…

But if you’re still here… See if you can see the connection for yourself…

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Here are 17 signs that you’re disconnected from your sexual energy and the power of your vagina:

  • You’re holding onto excess weight…
  • OR… you just feel energetically weighed down
  • You’re never really in the mood
  • You feel disconnected from your body… you “live up in your head”
  • You struggle with boundaries… with yourself and with other people.
  • You think you’re fat multiple times a day, or hate parts of your body
  • You’re always on a diet trying to ‘fix’ your body (usually followed by binging and numbing out so you don’t feel your body)
  • You use food, sugar, alcohol or shopping as main sources of pleasure
  • You turn away from your partner in bed and pretend to be asleep
  • When you do have sex, you use lubricant
  • You don’t feel much pleasure during sex
  • You experience general unhappiness and lethargy with your body
  • Self Pleasure is something you rarely partake in
  • You lack creativity and spontaneity
  • You experience incontinence while exercising
  • Orgasms are weak, far and few between
  • The idea that the power of your vagina could be connected to your health, happiness, and well-being is totally perplexing to you

If any of these describe you… you are most certainly not alone.

The effects of a disempowered sexuality and a turned-off vagina touches almost every woman on the planet.

Your body is a continual reflection of your state of consciousness.

It wears the years of your experiences, and in the case of unresolved woundings and traumas, your body physically holds these as stuck energy.

If they aren’t healed and released, they create energetic blockages that eventually show up as physical ailments like:

  • Low libido
  • Numbness
  • Difficulty in orgasm
  • Pain during sex
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Struggles with menstruation and menopause

And the list goes on. Your vagina doesn’t just magically get a low libido. She’s trying to tell you something. She needs love, attention, and healing.

Your reproductive organs store emotions and traumas connected to sex and relationships.

If they are full of stuck energy, women will dissociate from their vaginas, breasts, uterus and this can often result in them actually being cut off.

Are you Ready for Deep Connection and Orgasmic Bliss?

But you CAN heal Yourself

When you do, your pussy will be:

  1. Magnetic. It will draw good things to you.
  2. Your compass. It will lead you toward great things and good decisions.
  3. A life saver. Your own and your partner’s.
  4. Full of orgasms, especially vaginal ones—G-Spot, ejaculatory and cervical.
  5. A creative source. Your best ideas will come from your vagina.

The bad news is until you empower your vagina and become bff’s with her…

…you’ll likely continue living in a body you don’t love…always seeking outside of yourself for some quick fix.

The good news is you stumbled upon my Jade Egg Course:
Jade Unleashed, Woman Empowered!

This ancient stone, paired with 5000+ year old Taoist practices and the right guidance, love, and support, has the power to heal and reconnect you to your body at the deepest levels, revealing your most alive, awake, and authentically blissed-out happy self!

And in case you’re wondering… YES… three years ago when I first heard about a Jade Egg Practice and before I started immersing myself into ancient Taoist and Tantric sexual philosophy….

I thought the same thing you’re probably thinking…

“You want me to put what?… Where?!?

And that’s supposed to somehow heal my emotional eating, my unhealthy body image, and deliver happiness, self-love, and authentic confidence in my body and life?”

Yeah… I was scratching my head, too.

But after YEARS of therapy and DECADES of studying and applying kinesiology, eating psychology, and holistic nutrition in order to fix my body so that I could finally feel peace and happiness…

…my emotional eating still prevailed, and my disconnection and hatred for my body was still there.

And that kind of negative and disconnected relationship with my own body seeped into every other relationship I had.

I was angry most of the time.

I felt like a hamster stuck running on the wheel of life going nowhere.

I was bored and uncreative.

I would eat when I was really craving intimacy.

I would drink to soften the hard edges I felt in my life.

While I knew a lot about caloric nourishment, it turns out I was greatly lacking the nourishment of a balanced and flowing sexual energy.

Sexual energy IS life-force energy.

Indeed…this is the energy that birthed you, and me, and an entire Universe!

It’s the most potent energy you posses, and learning how to cultivate it and use it for your own life is where the deepest layers of your feminine power live.

The problem is if your vagina is weak and numb, it’s impossible to tap into the well-spring of your own potent sexual energy, pleasure, and vitality.

So if strengthening, connecting to, and loving my vagina means I’ll experience more strength, love, and connection for all of me…
Then how do I do it?


Jade Unleashed. Woman Empowered.

The Power of your Jade Egg Practice:

Physical Benefits

According to studies at Yale, 60% of women will experience some form of incontinence and 50% will experience some degree of prolapse.

These numbers are huge, and any woman who knows the pain of prolapse and the embarrassment of incontinence, you should know that both are easily reversed with a regular Jade Egg Practice.

This practice also physically creates more blood flow.

More blood flow = more oxygenation = more wetness = more turn-on…it’s like a never ending positive feedback loop!

With a strong pelvic floor, women report decreased numbness and pain, increased sensitivity and pleasure, and more powerful frequent orgasms…. Not to mention more balanced hormones and overall greater levels of energy. (ummm…yes please to all of that!)

Sensitivity and Pleasure

So many women can’t feel much in their vagina, or there might be a vague sense of pleasure, or even pain. And because they don’t realize there’s a holistic solution, they believe this is just the way their body’s built.


Through the Jade Unleashed! Woman Empowered course, you will sensitize your body… increasing your libido and pleasure quotient to levels you never thought possible.

Most of us struggle with actual disconnections from our bodies, where we live mostly in our head.

This course creates new neuronal connections and pathways in your nervous system that not only re-sensitize you to pleasure, but this process also creates deeper levels of connection to yourself.

So instead thinking that “self-love” is just a good idea…

…these new connections are how you actually embody and feel lavish amounts of self-love, self-respect, and self-acceptance all the way down to your bones.

Healing Old Wounds

That time your boundaries were violated.

The fight you had with your partner.

That one guy you thought was awesome, but then turned into a douchebag.

Or how about centuries upon centuries of misogynistic repression of the feminine that’s not only disconnected us from our bodies, but it makes it so we squirm in our chair, uncomfortable to even hear the words vagina or pussy or sexuality.

Sexual healing is so needed and sounds like a good idea, but how do you do it?

My course gives you tangible tools and practices to gently start to heal the wounds and release the psycho-emotional energy that can get stuck in your body.

This alone will leave you feeling lighter, happier, more awake and alive in your body.

Emotional Benefits

Healing old wounds, re-sensitizing to your pleasure, and experiencing the physical benefits all add up to a powerful up-leveling to your emotional state.

Greater self-love, self-respect, and self-esteem are fast byproducts of this practice because of its capacity to connect you deeply to your own body….

…which all lead to a sense of inner strength, confidence, and feminine power that is only accessible when you’re connected to yourself.

Are you Ready for Deep Connection and Orgasmic Bliss?

What You Can Expect …

  • Strengthen your vagina and make it your power source
  • Full breast massage routine for fuller, lifted, more turned on sensitized breasts – connecting your heart to your pleasure
  • Lifting weights with your vagina to increase pelvic floor strength, orgasms, and confidence
  • How to use your sexual energy to manifest anything
  • How to use your sexual and orgasmic energy as a power source
  • A Mood lift – When you workout your vagina, you’re reconnecting to your sexual energy – this taps into your original essence of who you are…something that for most women has been a buried and untapped source of pure energy and bliss…until now
  • Circulation! A jade egg practice creates Blood flow and oxygenation which nourishes a part of your body that is likely very malnourished. Why would you want this? How about Wetness like you’ve never experienced and Holistic hormonal balancing!
  • In touch with your sexual self = in touch with your true self.
  • Learn how to feel your feelings from your vagina – Depression comes from suppression… when you are disconnected from your sexuality, you’re disconnected from your happiness, bliss, and life-force energy.

Here’s a Peek Inside:
Jade Unleashed! Woman Empowered.

An 8-Week Virtual Course that you can do anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own bed.

6 Cutting-Edge content rich modules to soak in, study and practice at your own pace housed on a beautiful user friendly membership site where you can participate from any of your devices.

The Core of each module contains an easy-to-understand instructional video and guided audio practice.

If, however, you’re anything like me and yearn for deeper knowledge of the practices, each module also contains a longer teaching video, PDF’s, and journaling exercises if you’re so inclined. But simply just doing the guided practice is enough to reap the rewards and completely blow your mind, heart, and pussy open!

Module 1: The Power of Love

The basics for creating a mad love affair with yourself by cultivating Self-Love through Self-Pleasure.  Foundational Jade Egg Practices for deepening the connection to your entire body.

Module 2: Your Pleasure Empowered

Re-sensitize your entire body to experience pleasure as your go-to  normal state of being. Learn advanced Tantric techniques to experience exquisite sensual and sexual pleasure.

Module 3: Your Healing Empowered

Gently release old toxic sexual wounds, fears, numbness, shame, disgust, and emotional baggage using sexual reflexology points and advanced Jade Egg techniques. Restore your original sexy vibrant self!

Module 4: Your Body Empowered

Vaginal weight lifting will not only strengthen your pelvic floor, increase blood flow, and skyrocket your pleasure… it also leaves you feeling invincible and filled with feminine power and confidence!

Module 5: Your Sexuality Empowered

Sexual energy is the most potent on earth.  Stop leaking it out and learn to cultivate and harness it for yourself.  Experience increased energy, vitality, creativity, and aliveness!

Module 6: Empower Yourself!

Harness your orgasm to get anything you want in life.  Learn advanced techniques (including Sex Magic!) to use your orgasm to consciously create the life, health, and body you desire.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Do you remember when lifting weights and working out seemed “crazy”?  

Crazy as it may have seemed, the truth is exercising is a core necessity to living a healthy life, so now decades later, we don’t even blink an eye when we see someone jogging down the street or posting their latest workout on Instagram.

And how is this any different than yoga?  In the 80’s it seemed so fringe watching from the outside people twist their body’s into pretzels, but as soon as you experienced a great yoga class with a great teacher…you felt the mind-body connection…

And now there’s a yoga studio on every street corner.  

20 years from now that is how the Jade Egg Practice will unfold.  It will seem crazy that any woman would ignore her vagina or be disconnected from her sexuality.  

You are not only a part of a deep feminine awakening, you are at the forefront of a powerful movement where women are reclaiming their bodies, their pleasure, and their turn-on to life! 

And as Ghandi said:  You’ve gotta BE the change you wanna see in the world.  

It starts with YOU deciding to take back your body, your pleasure, your turn-on, your power!  

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Course Bonuses!

Live Q&A Coaching With Me Each Week

These calls are inspirational and powerful, because when you get a group of amazing women together, the synergy that’s created is contagious, and someone always shows up asking a question that blows our minds and hearts open. Ask anything about the course, the practices, sexuality in general, or anything you want to celebrate or get unstuck. All 8 calls will be live and recorded so you can return to them whenever you like.

Access to Jade Unleashed, Woman Empowered Super Secret Private Facebook Group

Imagine a super safe, super supportive environment where you can share your experiences and feel the loving support of other like-minded sisters on the path to enlightenment. While it’s not required, it’s highly encouraged to feel the loving presence of connection and community.

Support inside of the course itself

Inside each module, you’ll be able to ask questions inside the forum or via email so you can get tailored guidance directly from me throughout your journey in the course.

Lifetime Access to the Course!

Just when you thought you couldn’t go any deeper with your Jade Egg Practice, you do! You have access to the course for life plus any new course material I add, so you’ll always have someplace to go for guidance and support!

Get Started Today

I have devoted my personal and professional life and over 2-decades to helping women end the cycles of numbing out to finally feel alive, happy, and vibrant in their bodies and in their lives.  

Your turned-on body and potent sexual energy are the missing links and the healing balm you didn’t even know you were searching for.  

Jade Unleashed! Woman Empowered will get you there.

The Guarantee

It only works if you work it.

This isn’t something you can just throw a $1000 at think

it’s all fixed.

But if you do the practices, if you show up and commit to the process, even when there’s resistance, even when you feel shut down or numb…you will see and experience change.

It’s important to realize that the levels of cultural blocks we have to overcome to become free and empowered in our sexuality are really strong.

That means on this courageous journey, you’ll for sure come up against resistance. This is totally normal and can take months and even years to overcome. It’s important to be gentle with yourself…after all, it’s one of the reasons you have lifetime access to the course.

But it’s also important that you prioritize this special experience and set time aside to let this process unfold. The tools you need are here to support you in your sexual and orgasmic awakening!

I am Ready for Deep Connection

and Orgasmic Bliss!!

I understand that my enrollment today includes:

The entire Jade Unleashed! Woman Empowered Course ($2000 value)

Bonus Package
Weekly Coaching with Audra ($3000 value)
Private guidance and support via forum and email ($2000)
Private Facebook Group (priceless!)
Lifetime Access (priceless!)

Total Value $7000

Actual Price $997

Frequently Asked Questions …

When does Love it 2 Lose it begin?

It begins as soon as you say yes.  As soon as you enroll, you’ll be set up with your first private coaching session and access into the Love it 2 Lose it membership site.  We’ll start right away working with your deepest desires that you want for your life, and how to make them tangible and real in the next 4 months.  

What if I have more weight to lose than what can be done in 4 months?

There are always options to continue working together at the end but this isn’t like some “point-counting system” that makes you feel like you have to stay in their program to get results.  

If you engage in this program and do the practices, you’ll have built healthier habits and an inner landscape that can never be taken away.

What if I don’t really have much weight to lose, but I struggle with body image and liking myself. Will this program still be beneficial?

In short, whether you have weight to lose or not, Love it 2 Lose it goes to the core of creating a deeper, more connected relationship to yourself, and helps you end unwanted behaviors around food.  This improves self esteem, self worth, and self respect.  Weight loss and more vibrant health become the byproduct of doing this work, along with building confidence and truly loving your body.

Can I cancel anytime?

We take all the risk away by offering a no questions asked 7-day money back guarantee. You may cancel for any reason or no reason at all within the first 7-days.  You’ll know within the first 7 days if this powerful transformational program is for you.

This is important to understand:  We are essentially uncovering unconscious blocks, bringing them to light, and integrating these parts with love.   

This process WILL bring up resistance.  Resistance is part of the process, but this IS the path to finally feeling freedom and peace with your body and food. 

I already work with a personal trainer or some sort of fitness/yoga community… how is this different?

Keep going!  It’ll be an important part of the Love it 2 Lose it Program that you’re moving your body, and what’s most important is that you find modalities that you can be consistent with and actually like.  In addition to movement, we’ll dive into holistic mind-body nutrition, eating psychology methods, embodied practices that train emotional intelligence, integrate sexuality and use neuroscience to create true and lasting transformation from the inside out.  You won’t get this at your local gym or yoga studio. 

I already belong to a gym… how will this help?

Gyms can be a great addition to spice up your fitness/movement routine. But gyms don’t offer this level of support, accountability, and even more importantly: the actual ability to help you maneuver through the challenging times when you don’t want to show up. In fact, gyms count on you not being there so it’s not too crowded.

Is it guaranteed that I’ll lose weight?

There are A LOT of programs out there that “guarantee” dropping weight. I know… I used to say that a decade ago thinking, “it’s as easy as following this workout plan and eating the food plan I prescribed to you 100% perfectly.” I told people if they could do that then they were guaranteed to slim down. Those who followed it did, and those who didn’t …didn’t!  But was I really in service to either of them?  Both could easily gain it all back once life came back in the forms of stress, kids, work, relationships, etc… And neither learned the skills, did the inner work required,  or had a support structure like this to help through their entire journey to greater health and weight loss.

Look. There are no guarantees in life. My guarantee is that if you engage in this process, if you stay committed and are willing to stay awake even when you “fall off the wagon”, you will heal the things that hold onto weight,  grow deeper and become more whole and integrated as a person.

I've never invested in myself...what if I can't justify the cost?

I can only offer you my personal experience as a way to help you come to the right answer for yourself.

I spent years NOT moving my life forward because I was consumed with food (the healthy and unhealthy) sugar (because I was addicted), and the daily rules I attempted to enforced to control my body so I could start liking it. (Because the way I saw it, there wasn’t much to like.)

Unable to get out of my own way, trapped in my own hell of judgement, shame, and negative emotions, the craziness affected every close relationship I had, which in turn made me feel more trapped.

As I sat in my own “inner hell”, I also believed I had all the answers.

“I DON’T need help.  I KNOW the way out.  I KNOW how to eat healthy.  I KNOW that if I exercise I’ll feel better and it will all work out.

I also was unwilling to invest in help to get me out of this hell…. because I believed I could do it myself.

However, if insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results, my life was truly insane.   

Finally, sick of the insanity, I realized that my unwillingness to invest in help was really my own unwillingness to invest in myself… which stemmed from my lack of self worth and my low self esteem, all of which trashed my self confidence. (Wow…that’s hard to write.)

Instead of just thinking and wishing for my life to change (and thinking I didn’t need anyone else’s help) it was time to get real with myself.

This was the moment when I realized I don’t have all the answers, and there are others way further along the path I wanted to be on who could help me get there a whole lot faster.

“The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it’s the same problem you had last year.”

Where were you a year ago?  Are you still trying to solve the same problem?

If you’re truly struggling with your weight, your relationship with food, or your relationship with your body, then joining Love it 2 Lose it can and will change your life.

I'm not sure if this program is right for me... How can I decide?

Definitely read through this entire page.  Also, I would recommend listening to my masterclass: “How to End Self-Sabotage” on my home page (, It will teach you how the science, my philosophies, and my experience blend to create this level of depth and support.

Also, the application process gets you and I on the phone together so you can ask any questions and see if this is the right fit for you.  I’m definitely not interested in pushing you to do this… I only want women in this program who are really ready to feel what it’s like to experience this level of transformation in their bodies and life!  

What makes the Love it 2 Lose it Program different from everything else out there?

This is the only body transformation system on the planet to integrate step-by-step movement (ie: exercise) and mind-body nutrition systems, eating psychology, holistic sexuality, emotional empowerment training, and neuroscience to create life-long-lasting healthy habits and body transformation.

In addition to the focus on holistic nutrition, movement, and research-based accountability, This is the biggest difference:

  • We uncover unconscious blocks that are clearly holding you back and creating self-sabotage patterns.
  • We bring them to light.
  • We integrate these parts with love.

The modalities we use to do this are extensive and are included in each of the 4 core modules of the Love it 2 Lose it System:

  • Love & the Mind-Body Nutrition Connection
  • Pleasure
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Thriving Self-Care Habits

You can read more under “What is the Love it 2 Lose it Method” above, for a more in-depth explaination of each.

I count points, I count calories, I really like the ease of eating Jenny Craig style meals, I go to 12-step meetings to help me control my eating. Should I join Love it 2 Lose it?

I am very privy to just about every eating/weight loss program out there, and I’ve participated in ALL of them. I really believe that there is no wrong way to go on this journey. So often we have to take wrong turns (that we thought were right) in order to find out where we truly need to be. The whole point of almost every eating program out there is to teach you to control your food intake using different methodologies: counting point or calories, eating pre-boxed food, or complete abstinence. So, they basically teach you to go from zero control to absolute control.

The problem with attempting this black-and-white behavior is life just doesn’t work that way. I CAN guarantee, at some point, you’ll quit counting points, forget to count calories, eat 4 portions of the pre-packaged food all at once, or go on a binge after complete abstinence.  

Getting out of the all-or-nothing thinking black-and-white behavior, and discovering a wider more integrative way of being in relationship with your body and food isn’t easy.

But… it is possible, and this path provides that possibility. It is the way to freedom and peace with food and your body.

So I say yes… use whatever system you think you need to use, AND join Love it 2 Lose it….let the wisdom and practices seep in, and before you know it, you just might be enjoying food without restrictions while also losing weight and loving the skin you’re in.  

About Audra Baker

Featured on NBC, San Jose Mercury News, and Silicon Valley Magazine for her work in transformation, Audra Baker helps women who’ve spent a lifetime trying to diet and exercise their way into feeling good about themselves finally experience massive amounts of happiness, pleasure, and confidence in the sexiest body they’ve ever had.

She’s a professional love, sex, and relationship coach, eating psychology coach, and 500-hour trained yoga teacher with an extensive background in fitness and nutrition. She uses a mind-body-connected approach to create deep and lasting transformation for her clients.

She grew her Silicon Valley fitness + nutrition company, to a multiple 6-figure company in only 2 short years, helping literally thousands upon thousands women and men learn to love moving their bodies and improve their relationship with food. She loved helping in this way, but struggled watching so many clients taste success, but then end up right back where they started. She sold it knowing true and lasting transformation requires a deeper healing and integration that will never come from an exercise or eating plan.

 She is the creator of LOVE IT 2 LOSE IT, the ONLY body transformation system on the planet to integrate step-by-step movement + nutrition + eating psychology + pleasure + mindset training to create life-long lasting healthy habits, and body transformation.

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