End Unhealthy Behaviors with Food. 

Actually Like Your Body.

Experience Tangible Weight Releasing Results.

End Unhealthy Behaviors with Food.

Acutally Like Your Body. 

Experience Tangible Weight Releasing Results.


Hey there,

How different would your life be if you weren’t always thinking about or obsessing over food?  What if you had a stash of sweets in your house and you kept forgetting it was even there?

Or what would it feel like to actually like the way your body looks, like the way she moves, and feel her boundless energy?  

Imagine a focused 6-month period of your life where you’re fully supported to not only transform your body and health, but also rewire your brain and emotions so that you experience a more integrated, loving, and life-affirming relationship to your body.  



When I first started working in the fields of fitness and nutrition over 2-decades ago, the only answers out there were very black and white: diet and exercise will get you to where you want to be.

Yes, my clients acheived results, but despite the 1000+ physical body transformations I coached, almost every single one of them said to me–even after reaching their goals–they didn’t like their body, still thought they were fat, ands still didnt’ get what they were hoping for by losing the weight…

The thing is… Everyone wants to feel alive in their body… strong, fit, sexy, and healthy.

But hardly anyone knows how to teach the embodied experience required for deeper transformation—not only in the physical body—but also in the subconscious and psycho-emotional realms where the transformation goes so deep it lasts for life.

So after thousands of hours of schooling, certifications, and experience in holistic nutrition and fitness, and a decade of helping thousands of clients, I walked away knowing that lasting body transformation requires a deeper healing that will never come from an exercise or eating plan.

It was from this realization that my journey began.  I spent the next near-decade traveling from the US, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Spain diving deep into the mind-body studies of yoga, meditation, eating psychology, healing trauma, and integrated sexuality; developing and experiencing for myself the answers to these questions.

And even better, I’ve developed a path to truly experience peace around food, a healthy loving relationship with your body, and the kind of weight releasing results that change you from the inside out.

If you’re stuggling with your body, wishing it was different, skinnier, healthier, or sexier, there’s often a deep disconnection with your own relationship to yourself. 

And I’m sorry to say there’s not a fitness or diet plan on the planet that can help with that. 


Your “excess weight” is the accumulation of your unresolved “stuff”.

Instead of processing your wounds and hurts, you store them away on your belly and thighs and butt.  And this is where they’re going to stay until you heal and love them away.  

If you actually want lasting transformation with your body, you have to bravely go where few have gone:

1. Heal and create a loving relationship with yourself.

2. Integrate disconnections with your body, which includes your sexuality.

3. Heal your relationship with food.

And so Love it 2 Lose it was born.  The only body transformation system on the planet to integrate step-by-step movement & mind-body nutrition systems, eating psychology, holistic sexuality, emotional intellegence training, and neuroscience to create life-long-lasting healthy habits and body transformation.

At A Glance….

Six month journey of in-depth support, coaching, accountability, training and practices both live and video recordings, all housed on your own beautiful private membership site.

Embodied teachings and tools designed to bring you home to your body, rewire healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits, and create emotional depth so that as you reach your ideal weight, all this inner-work becomes the key to making it stick for life.

Step-by-Step movement and holistic nutrition systems implemented throughout the entire program so that while you’re embodying the Love it 2 Lose it tools, you’re also taking loving action!

Iron-clad love-infused weekly progress and accountability structures designed to keep you motivated, on track, and especially to teach you how to get back up when you inevitably fall down and feel resistance.

Private one-on-one coaching with Audra to individualize the program to your own unique needs. (6 total sessions)  

Live weekly group Q&A’s, coaching, virtual workshops, and teachings with Audra.

The kind of evolved, real, authentic, connected sisterhood that we not only crave, but must have as part of the process of realizing our true potential. 

Private virtual playground (via ultra-private FB group)

What You’ll Gain…


  • Dedicated 6-month container to focus on your deepest desires for your health and your body while being fully supported by Audra, her team, and the high-level sisterhood of amazing like-minded women.  

  • Through step-by-step guided practices, you’ll experience the actual, tangible healing balm of self love… all of which lead to higher levels of self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence and personal power that make it effortless to make healthier, more empowering choices over and over again.  

  • A deeper, more connected relationship to your own body, including a more alive and integrated sexuality. <— This is a huge key in finally releasing weight.

  • Finally feel at ease around food where you can relax, enjoy anything you want, and finally release old patterns of overeating, stress eating, mindless eating, binge eating, and emotional eating.

  • Come into a better relationship with your body so it becomes effortless to put your fork down and stop eating when you’ve had enough.  

  • Come into a better relationship with exercise and movement–so much so that your favorite part of each day is when you get to move your body!

  • Basque in a level of sisterhood and community that we not only crave, but is also necessary in order to make healthier habits stick so that you experience the transformations you desire with your body.

Why 6 months:


You’ll actually experience the psycho-emotional and energetic shifts very fast.  You’ll come into a better, more harmonious relationship with yourself where you’ll be empowered to make better choices for yourself on a daily basis.  This happens pretty rapidly with my Love it 2 Lose it System.


But we live on planet earth.  If you really want to experience tangible weight releasing results that set like concrete into your life, you need time.


This is NOT some quick lose 21 pounds in 21 days which basically just sets you up for more failure.  It’s predictable that the faster you lose weight, the faster you’ll gain it back, so you end up paying big bucks for nothing but heartache.


Six months is the perfect amount of time where you can really witness the process:  as you heal and continue to experience self-love and self-worth, your weight releasing results soar.

Imagine it’s now summer, and you’re not even the same person!


You had to go clothes shopping… again!


Physically your fit, strong, clear-minded, and energized.


Emotionally you feel stable and grounded.


Food just doesn’t have the same pull as it used to.


And from the inside, there’s a depth of relationship to yourself… where your self-respect and self-worth now run the show.  


That’s what spending 6-months of focused time with me inside the Love it 2 Lose it System will do!  

My biggest desire is for you to be successful and to experience this level of freedom with your body and food.  My top priority isn’t making the biggest profits by running fast and less focused programs where you don’t get any support.  I know this process works which is why it’s 6-months long, and I’m making it as financially accessible as possible.

What is the Love it 2 Lose it Method?


Like other programs, we will use practical tools like accountability structures, movement, exercise, and my mind-body holistic nutrition system.


But in addition to these practical tools, what makes my Love it 2 Lose Method so unique is that we work with embodied practices that support you in removing deep conditioning, limiting beliefs, and negative experiences that cause you to be stuck in a body you don’t like, while at the same time, this process empowers you to choose the kinds of thoughts, emotions, and experiences that allow you to thrive and reach your true potential.


When you are able to embody and integrate at this deeper level, you’re essentially rewiring your nervous system toward health and thriving as you release old wounding, old patterns, and old pain and old weight!


Module 1: Love

The reason why all the of tactical strategies (i.e.: the diet and exercise plans) you’ve tried in the past haven’t fully worked are because you need to start with love.  


The reason we don’t automatically start from a place of love is because over the course of our lives we experience heartbreak, pain, trauma, disappointment, family and societal conditioning.


These layers of pain lock your nervous system into a state of chronic stress, which blocks the flow of love which is your natural state of being.


If you want to live in a body you love, if you hunger to love, trust, and honor your body so it looks and feels the way you desire, then you have to learn and understand how to unblock and experience love for yourself.


Learning this skill and building giant reservoirs of love—self-love, self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence—will change everything, but most people have no idea how to teach these skills, until now.


You will learn step-by-step embodiment strategies and tools for creating self love using modern neuroscience, as well as ancient teachings of yoga, tantra, and taoism.


During this module we’ll cover:

  • Practices for creating and deepening self-love

  • Tools for healing and forgiveness

  • Strategies for opening and expanding your heart

  • Inner child and family dynamics healing processes


Module 2: Mind-body nutrition

As you come into a more loving relationship with yourself, you’ll find it easier and easier to offer your body higher levels of nourishment.  


The bottom line is, a doughnut every now and then won’t kill you.  But years and years of processed foods, fast foods, sugar, restaurant food, and junk food take a toll on the body.  


While we spend much time on the inner work rewiring neuronal patterns to make healthier choices, it’s also important to implement the practicalities of choosing more nourishing foods.  My method brings together holistic nutrition and eating psychology for lasting change.  

During this module you’ll discover:


  • Learn how to stimulate metabolic function through mind-body nutritional strategies.

  • Understand hunger and appetite + simple strategies for natural appetite regulation.

  • Key dietary strategies for a greater sense of empowerment and energy.

  • New insights from clinical nutrition and cutting edge research

  • Understand the inflammatory response and how to heal through food.


Module 3: Pleasure

From the oldest part of our nervous system, we’re hardwired to seek out pleasure and avoid pain.  Yet when it comes to trying to lose weight and getting healthy, a “no pain no gain” approach is the doctrine we’ve bought into… yet nothing could be farther from the truth.   


One of the most is because we are numbed out and disconnected from our pleasure source and our sexuality.  This is the most overlooked and undervalued reasons we hold onto excess weight, yet it’s the fastest most powerful route to truly experiencing self-love and deep happiness with your body.  


We’ll use the Jade Egg for these powerful practices that include:


  • Restoring sexual joy

  • Moving from numbing out to holistic pleasure

  • Understanding and healing guilt, shame and fear around sexuality

  • Restoring love, safety, and belonging with our bodies

  • The neurobiology of sex, orgasm and pleasure




Module 4: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence


Our culture values intellectual intelligence above all else, yet emotional growth and maturity don’t get the attention they deserve.


Because of this so many of us fear our emotions, we stuff them down, ignore them, and in the case of emotional eating, we use food to numb ourselves so as to not feel what we’re feeling.


Besides the obvious and painful outcome of holding onto excess weight, we also end up having blocks and disconnections to the very things that help us live our most beautiful and fullest life possible.


But the truth is, emotional intelligence is a skill anyone can practice, learn, and master.

You’ll learn easy practices that will expand your emotional capacity, while at the same time building a more conscious relationship to them so that you can feel all of what you’re feeling without losing yourself in the emotions or going numb.


Module 5: Thriving and Empowerment

Most of us spend the majority of everyday in a state of “just trying to survive”.  The alarm goes off, and we didn’t get enough sleep.  The day goes by and we don’t have time to do everything or enough energy to get us through.  


When we see our world through this lens of “not enough” it sends us straight into survival mode, and it can feel impossible to get to a place of thriving from there.


But thriving is our birthright and our natural way of being, so in this module you’ll learn:


The reason it’s so challenging is because we have to create a healthy inner ecology so that we:

  • Learn how to give yourself the support needed to thrive

  • How to create an inner container that supports thriving

  • Creating a healthy inner ecology

  • Become empowered to make powerful choices in alignment with your truth and desires.


Are you ready to take the leap?


I get it …. how many diets have we all been on?  How many times have we lost and gained the same 20, 30, or 50 pounds?


How many more times are we going to feel defeated when the newest latest and greatest diet and exercise plan only works for a few weeks or a few months?


How much longer are we going to obsess about food and whether it’s healthy or not?


When do we quit hiding and sneaking food?


How much longer are we going to stay numbed out to our life by numbing out with food and alcohol, and ignoring our body?


I know there’s fear and I know there’s doubt.  You’ll wonder if you really have what it takes, especially because all the other thing’s you’ve tried never really worked.    


But here’s the deal….


This isn’t about showing up fearless and without doubt.


The hard truth is, the doubtful and scared parts of you that have held you back and kept you exactly where you are in body jail and food craving hell…. These parts of you hold you back from truly thriving because deep down they believe there is some benefit and payoff to not make these life changes…to not go on this path to getting healthy, and feel alive, strong, and fit in your body. (and yes…. this is exactly what we uncover, heal, and love during our first month together!)


So right now, instead of pushing away the fear or feeling shackled with doubt, what you do is show deep love and compassion to the parts of you that are scared, fearful, doubtful and defeated.  


And then, even in the midst of this fear, you choose your big desires for your body and health.  You say yes to fi

You choose to say yes despite all the feelings of doubt.



Early Bird Bonuses:



When does Love it 2 Lose it begin?

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Our official start date is Sunday January 14th, and will continue through Sunday July 15th. However, enrollment starts now. From now until we begin, you have access to me, the community, additional private coaching sessions and all early bird bonuses including extended payment plan.


What if I have more weight to lose than can come off in 6 months?

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There are always options to continue working together at the end but this isn’t like some “point-counting system” that makes you feel like you have to stay in their program to get results.  

If you engage in this program and do the practices, you’ll have built healthier habits and an inner landscape that can never be taken away.


What if I don’t really have weight to lose, but I struggle with self-confidence and body image?

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Whether you have weight to lose or not, Love it 2 Lose it goes to the core creating a deeper more connected relationship to yourself.  This improves self esteem, self worth, and self respect.  Weight loss and more vibrant health become the byproduct of doing this work.


I already have a personal trainer or am a member of a gym/yoga studio…how is this different?

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Keep going!  It’ll be an important part of the Love it 2 Lose it Program that you’re moving your body, and what’s most important is that you find modalities that you can be consistent with and actually like.  In addition to movement, we’ll dive into holistic mind-body nutrition, eating psychology methodologies, embodied practices that train emotional intelligence and integrate sexuality, and we’ll use neuroscience to create true and lasting transformation from the inside out.


Is there a refund policy? 

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Through the application process, we both make sure it’s the right fit. This program goes deep and is guarenteed to bring up resistance, which is all part of the process when you choose to finally make these kinds of changes, so you can’t just drop out becuase you don’t feel like doing it anymore. This level of commitment tells your subconscious you are really ready to do this once and for all, and when you can give this a Full-Body-Hell-YES, it makes all the difference in the world. Once we begin in January, you’ll have until January 30 to get a feel of how the program rolls. If by January 30 2018 you decide it’s not for you, we’ll refund your money and you can keep the Early Bird Program.


Is it guaranteed I’ll lose weight?

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There are A LOT of programs out there that “guarantee” dropping weight. I know… I used to say that a decade ago thinking, “it’s as easy as following this workout plan and eating the food plan I prescribed to you 100% perfectly.” I told people if they could do that then they were guaranteed to slim down. Those who followed it did, and those who didn’t …didn’t!  But was I really of service to either of them?  Both could easily gain it all back once life came back in the forms of stress, kids, work, relationships, etc… And neither learned the skills, did the inner work required,  or had a support structure like this to help through their entire journey to greater health and weight loss.

Look. There are no guarantees in life. My guarantee is that if you engage in this process, if you stay committed and are willing to stay awake even when you “fall off the wagon”, you will heal the things that hold onto weight, grow deeper and become more whole and integrated as a person.  From this place, making daily healthy choices becomes effortless and weight loss is simply a byproduct of this process.


How much is the Love it 2 Lose it Program?

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There are two early bird pricing options:

1. Pay up front for $3,700

2. Choose the extended payment plan that makes the most sense for you: 

6-months X $699/mo

9-months X $466/mo

12-months X 349.50/mo


I’m not sure if this program is right for me… How can I decide?

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Definitely read through this entire page.  Also, I would recommend listening to my masterclass: The Food-Sex-Pleasure Connection on my home page (audrabaker.com), and also my holiday masterclass: How I stopped Gaining Weight This Time of Year.  Both will teach you how the science, my philosophies, and my experience blend to create this level of depth and support. 

Also, the application process gets you and I on the phone together so you can ask any questions and see if this is the right fit for you.  I’m definitely not interested in pushing you to do this… I only want women in this program who are really ready to feel what it’s like to experience this level of transformation in their bodies and life!  


What makes the Love it 2 Lose it Program different from everything else out there?

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This is the only body transformation system on the planet to integrate step-by-step movement (ie: exercise) and mind-body nutrition systems, eating psychology, holistic sexuality, emotional intelligence training, and neuroscience to create life-long-lasting healthy habits and body transformation.

In addition to the focus on holistic nutrition and movement, their are 4 key elements that makes Love it 2 Lose it so vastly unique compared to any fitness/nutrition/weight loss program out there. 


About Audra Baker

Featured on NBC, San Jose Mercury News, and Silicon Valley Magazine for her work in transformation, Audra Baker helps women who’ve spent a lifetime trying to diet and exercise their way into feeling good about themselves finally experience massive amounts of happiness, pleasure, and confidence in the sexiest body they’ve ever had.

She’s a professional love, sex, and relationship coach, eating psychology coach, and 500-hour trained yoga teacher with an extensive background in fitness and nutrition. She uses a mind-body-connected approach to create deep and lasting transformation for her clients.

She grew her Silicon Valley fitness + nutrition company, to a multiple 6-figure company in only 2 short years, helping literally thousands upon thousands women and men learn to love moving their bodies and improve their relationship with food. She loved helping in this way, but struggled watching so many clients taste success, but then end up right back where they started. She sold it knowing true and lasting transformation requires a deeper healing and integration that will never come from an exercise or eating plan.

 She is the creator of LOVE IT 2 LOSE IT, the ONLY body transformation system on the planet to integrate step-by-step movement + nutrition + eating psychology + pleasure + mindset training to create life-long lasting healthy habits, and body transformation.

Love it 2 Lose it

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