All we have to do is remember being a kid.

I remember running around the backyard jetting down a slip-n-slide.  I remember days spent at water parks running around carelessly all day long playing in the water.

As adults we forget that this type of whimsical play is so essential to being human.  But now we add insult to injury because now we’re so self-conscious about being in a swimsuit.

And look at the messages we’re getting.  I love this picture because it shows the power cultural norms can have on us.


“How many more summers are you going to miss playing in the water because you have jiggly thighs?  How many more beautiful moments will you miss the water splash over your body, or feelings of floating and fun because you can’t stand the way you look in a swimsuit?”

The Huffington Post put together an article and pictures of real women rocking their swimsuits and loving their summer.

I’ve struggled with my body image for many years.  And the crazy thing about our body image is, size doesn’t matter.  It’s all about our perception.

After finally finding peace with my body, love for my body, and a deep respect for her no matter what size she is, only then could I let go of all the crazy around swimsuit season.

Post surf sesh

Post surf sesh

This picture above was taken when I was in Hawaii.  There was no crazy dieting or attempts to control or contort my body with insane exercise.  This was neither my smallest nor my largest.  Here’s what this picture reminds me of:

  • Getting on my surfboard everyday.
  • Going to a different farmers market everyday for fresh veggies and fruit…
  • Going to the same farmers market for the local cookies, ice cream, or whatever amazing artisan sweet they made. (yup… everyday)
  • Starting my day with a coffee and pastry.  (this alone might be my favorite part of vacation!)
  • Getting ridiculous amounts of sleep.
  • Reading (and napping) on the beach.
  • Wearing a swimsuit from the time I woke up until it was time for bed.
  • In short… that photo reminds me of LIVING MY LIFE.

So as summer is officially upon is, here’s my short list on getting “swimsuit ready”:

  • Get more sleep.  This alone will shift you out of a stressful hormonal state and you’ll be more pleasant overall. : )
  • Get more Vitamin D.  The sun makes us happy.  Wear SPF responsibly by NOT coating yourself all the time.  Let that Vitamin D in so it can work it’s magic.
  • Drink more water.  BOOM!  It’s an instant detox.
  • Go shopping (exactly how you are right now… in all your beautiful splendor) for something that makes you feel beautiful.  Stop waiting.
  • Get your beautiful body out in the sun, to the beach, to the lake, to the pool, to the slip-n-slide… and FROLIC AROUND LIKE YOU’RE 8 ALL OVER AGAIN.

Life’s too short to miss this summer.  Go grab it.

Here’s what I really want you to share with me below:

How will you be enjoying your LIFE and your BODY this swimsuit season?