Bike Rides and F Bombs

Hey Hot Stuff.

I think I’m learning how to relax and add a bit of balance into my life, and this weekend was a prime example of chilling out, from a much needed mountain bike ride with a great friend, to dinner and a pedi with my BFF.

Learning how to balance and more importantly, de-stress before it gets outta control is top on my list, and I think it should be top on your list, too… especially if you’re in the process of creating a healthier you:  more exercise, mindful food choices, and losing weight.

In the video training below I’ll teach you the #1 reason why you might not be seeing progress even if you’re doing everything “right”.

You’ll learn what I did this weekend, and what you can do THIS WEEK to start seeing faster results without so much effort!

Sorry to drop an “F” bomb there, but sometimes they’re necessary. (and sometimes it just feels good to say… You should try it)  Most of the our clients who “are doing everything right” tend to be so stressed out about how well they’re doing it right… if there’s something more they could be doing better…. and then beat themselves to hell when they “mess up”…  You MUST understand that all that internal turmoil and drama creates the perfect storm for your body to NOT LOSE WEIGHT.  The stress response sets off a slew of hormonal responses to prepare your body to fight.  Digestion and metabolism shut down, because the only thing your body cares about is survival at all cost.  And survival equates to storing every extra ounce of fat that it might need at a later date.

Weight loss has more to do with creating a hormonal environment that naturally cascades to send your body into an almost effortless weight loss response.  Bottom line?  Your body DOES NOT WANT to carry excess weight.  And if you gave it the opportunity (most people are so caught up in counting calories and freaking out), it would easily release the weight.

How you ask?

  • Decreasing unnecessary stress in your life
  • Being nice to yourself.. stop with the crazy drama, mama!  If you’re going to go out and enjoy a big ol’ p.h.a.t. dinner with your friends, you’re better off enjoying every second of it, not beating yourself up, and then getting back on track the next day.
  • Move your body in a way that you love.  Although I do believe not all exercise programs are created equal… sometimes just moving your body AND enjoying what you’re doing is most important.  I L.O.V.E. mountain biking.  It’s tough, but I love it.  Do I love lifting weights?  NO!!!  BUT… I love mountain biking, surfing, and snowboarding SO MUCH… that I know my strength training regime is a necessary component to keep me strong, injury free, and on my game.  (and truth be told… even though I don’t love strength training… I always feel like a million bucks when it’s over, so I guess I like it too!)
  • And if you want to know how to set your body up for the perfect hormonal balance to easily release unnecessary weight, make sure you check out the 30-day Clean and Lean Challenge.

In the comment section below, share with me  2 ACTIONABLE things you are going to do this week:  #1 Something FUN and invigorating!   #2 Something that will calm you down..