Hangin with Little Miss Lucy Lu

I just had a great weekend in Texas visiting with my family and friends, while also squeezing in a few business meetings.


My mom just got this adorable little-ball-of-fur who makes a debut in our Motivation Monday video below!


Have you ever wondered why some people can eat cupcakes and stay slender while someone else seems to do “everything right” but spends her life chronically dieting?


In this weeks training video, you’re going to learn why doing “everything right” sometimes isn’t the answer.


What you eat is one part of the puzzle, but how you eat is the other important piece of the puzzle.


These factors metabolically affect your nutritional status:

  • You could be eating the healthiest food in the universe, but their nutritional ability is compromised when you eat out of an optimal state of digestion and assimilation…
    • Relaxation
    • Pleasure
    • Awareness

When you eat in a stress state here’s what I can guarantee you:

  • You will not optimally extract vitamins and minerals
  • You will not calorie burn to your fullest capacity

So from this perspective, you are better off enjoying the cupcake with your BFF in a pleasure state than you are the big veggie salad all stressed out.

  Below in the comments section, share with me a time when you ate something on the “bad” list, but it surprisingly made you feel good from the inside out.

If you share yours, I’ll share mine.Head on over to the blog and lets get this week rolling right!