“Suck It Up Butter Cup!”

Do you sometimes need a little motivation to keep you going?


Or how about a little kick in the pants… that works, too sometimes, huh?


In the video training below I’ll give you both. : )


I’ll show you three simple strategies that you can start implementing today that will ensure you never miss anther workout.


One strategy that has always worked for me has to do with “paying it forward”.  While yes, I thought it was a good (although slightly sappy and mellow-dramatic) movie, the concept is very important and is the life blood of how I run my company, and my life.

Giving back to others will *always* bring whatever it is you’re giving, back to you 10-fold.  It really is the only way to live.

If you don’t feel like you have what it takes to pay it forward to others regarding your own health and fitness journey, then I need you do to me a favor…

Click here to see what some of our amazing Be Fit Boot Camp members have done this year to change their life for the better.  These are real people who not only were able to make substantial changes in their lives, but now they’re paying it forward to you.


So go ahead.  Get over there, listen to their stories, and get pumped up.  That’s the first step.  And then, before you know it… you’ll realize that it’s time for you to pay it forward.  And when you do that… you’ll move even closer to your goals of health, fitness, and weight loss.

It really matters.

Now, to make it fun, we’re holding a contest where only one will walk away with the title:  Be Fit Boot Camps Member Of The Year, so make sure you not only watch, but also VOTE!

In the comments section below, I want to know 3 things:

1.  Who is in your village?

2.  Who needs you to be strong?

3.  Did you vote???