The craziest thing happened at the last speaking gig I did. 


I simply asked the audience to start naming off foods they think of as “good for your” and foods they think of as “bad for you”.

Even from the camera, you can see the surprise in my face and you can literally feel the energy in the room from this short video.


You’ve gotta see what I’m talking about in this weeks Motivation Monday Video Training.  It’s a trip!

For this Motivation Monday, I’m asking you to take a huge leap of faith and GET OFF the diet bandwagon.  There is much more productive way to lose weight than through the punishing act called dieting.

You see, I really believe there is no “good” or “bad” food.  While yes, there may be foods that can assist in elevating your health, and other foods that deter from it, over all, the concept of “good” vs “bad” has gotten us into a heap of trouble.

What ends up happening when you break your “food rule” and eat the “bad” food, on a conscious and subconscious level you equate yourself as “being bad” for eating the forbidden food.  And what do we do to people who do bad things?  We punish them.  So you have successfully created a punishing cycle that can leave you feeling a heap of shame and guilt, which equates to creating stress chemistry in the body.

And when stress chemistry rules your body, real, sustainable weight loss will never occur.

Overeating, binge eating, and weight gain happen in a stress response 100% of the time.

Real, sustainable weight loss happens in a relaxation response 100% of the time.

Now for some fun!  Lets keep the conversation going strong by sharing your “forbidden foods”.