Whatcha gonna do: Hit that snooze button or GIT UP & GIT GOIN’???

I spent the weekend hunkered down getting some work done, and mixed it all up with a few yoga sessions and an awesome rainy hike with our South Bay “Best Body Challengers”. (You can check out our pics on Facebook)

But… I did notice over the past few days how my New Years Resolutions kind of started to go by the way side.

Not that it’s all lost, but it’s amazing how fast old habits start easily creaking back in if you let your consciousness go back to auto-pilot.

Anyone else going through that?

Do you find yourself easily starting to slip back into old habits?

Changing old behaviors, instilling new ones, and trying to keep up with your already hectic life it a lot of work!

In the video below, I talk about the #1 reason why New Years Resolutions fail, and give you 3 strong things that *MUST* happen if you want your new habits to stick.

Wanna see exactly what I do to instil new habits?  Check out this cool trick I figured out while in Kauai!

In the comments section, I want to know if you’ve already started implementing the 3 *musts*, and examples of what you’re doing to stay on track for those New Years Resolutions!  What’s your “Big Why?”