What do you do when you get sucker punched?

You know when life starts to feel so overwhelming and you just aren’t sure where to turn?  I’m talking about heart-pounding, perma-lump in my throat, tummy-churning fear and overwhelm by circumstances completely out of my control.

Any chance you’ve ever felt this, too?  Yikes!

And what about times in our life when we get “sucker punched” or “thrown under the bus” by people or circumstances we never dreamed could have the capacity to suck icky-poopy stuff?

It truly makes me want to freeze my life and go crawl into a corner, but we both know that’s not the answer.

When things start to feel overwhelming or out of control, it’s important to realize you have no ability to influence outside circumstances.  BUT… you DO have the ability to influence, choose, and CHANGE your own circumstances.

You can CHOOSE to take care of yourself, put structure in your life, get enough sleep, kill the sugar for a while so you’re not dealing with food cravings.

And that’s what this week’s motivation Monday is all about.

It’s about a fresh start, a new beginning, and the capacity we ALL have to take charge of the things in our life that we CAN influence.

Enjoy this weeks Motivation Monday Video Training where I give you my specific strategies I’m doing right now to take care of myself, and get my body, mind, heart, and soul in a place that feels healthy and vibrant.

As always, it’s ACTION that matters.  So share it with your friends.  Join the challenge yourself!  And share on the blog what YOU are going to do this week to keep your focus only on what you can influence and change:  yourself!

With deep love,

Audra : )

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