Vibrant, Healthy, & HOT from the inside out!

I’m sitting right in the middle of a 10-day yoga teacher training.  While it doesn’t feel like a typical party-filled long Labor Day Weekend,  I am enjoying the experience immensely.


Many of the yoga philosophies are in direct alignment with how I teach nutrition.

Earlier this year, I spoke about this very topic:


Understanding the charge behind how and why you eat–which has nothing to do with nutritional facts and everything to do with deeper emotional, psychological, and spiritual truths–is always that path that sets you free from the tyranny of your food obsessions

Understanding how you eat and why you eat is an integral piece of the puzzle that can’t be ignored.

In the comments section below share with me things that you think are important when it comes to optimal health and weight loss that have nothing to do with “what to eat” or “how to exercise”.