“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
– Beverly Sills

I’ll admit it…I love shortcuts and quick fixes.  Cliff notes saved me in high school literature classes.  : )

But the truth is anything I want out of life that matters most to me takes my attention, focus, drive, and energy to get what I want.  And it goes without saying, that all the above apply when you want to improve your fitness, health, and waist line.

I’ve been talking to a lot of past members this month.  People who absolutely love our training program, but for one reason or another, they decided to call it off.  I decided to reconnect with many of them over the course of this month to ask how they have been, and to inquire about their health, fitness, and weight loss goals.

It’s been great to reconnect, but the one thing I keep hearing from our past clients is how they’ve “fallen off the wagon” and are so bummed to be “starting over again”.  This above everything really bums me out, but the story is the same over and over again.  See if you can relate:

You see some success (as there is no way you can’t see success with our training programs…but that’s a whole other story…), you get excited about your success, and then all of the sudden, your fitness, nutrition, and weight loss goals that were so incredibly important to you only a few months ago, fall by the wayside to all those other “more important” things.


Well, usually for very good reasons.  The reasons I’ve heard this week have to do with new jobs, stressful jobs, late work days (which makes it hard to make to their 6am training session), family activities, or basically just “too much on their plate”.  (AKA: STRESS!)

Trust me.  I know.  Ever since I turned my idea of running a “fun boot camp class” in to a full blown business, I can’t believe how much time I spend stressed out, sitting on my bum, in front of a computer, and even worse…making excuses to miss my training sessions.

Me!  I’m fitness professional!  So if this is hard for me, I imagine you might be having a hard time, too!

But lets go back to the top of the article:  “There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.

And yes, my friends, this includes your health and fitness.   The truth of the matter is that when you are taking care of yourself, consistently making it to your fitness training sessions, and taking care of your nutrition, then you have positioned yourself to handle all the stressors of life with ease.

Once your workouts fall off, then it seems that everything else slowly starts to fall apart.  And then the next thing you know you’re getting a phone call from me to find out what’s going on!

Take this moment today, on MOTIVATION MONDAY, to dig deep and ask yourself what’s been stopping you from taking care of yourself?  What’s been keeping you from your training sessions that give you relentless energy to conquer the stressors in your life?

It’s the start of your week.  How can you reconnect right now to what matters most?

I’ll see you out there!


Ps…if it’s been awhile since you’ve been on a consistent workout program, we have numerous times and days each week in Los Gatos, Gilroy, and Willow Glen.  All you have to do show up.  It’s that easy.