Oh yes… it’s that time again.

First things first…. today’s video is a whopping 89 seconds.  You’ll see me fall off a surfboard, bounce down a mountain, and salsa dance my booty off.

Watch it first.

This video has been up in my head for about 10 months.  I wanted it to reflect the parts of my life that ground and calm me, excite and energize me, inspire and motivate me.

Because when I’m able to do the things in my life that evoke those experiences, I then have the capacity to do my work in the world and serve you.

So I want to know…. What do YOU do that stabilizes, calms, and grounds you?  Excites, energizes, and inspires you?  What will do THIS WEEK to evoke these feelings?  These are the actions that juice up your life and steer you in the right direction.

Come over to my blog party and share it with our community.

Love, Audra

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