My quantum Leap Year. Are you ready for yours?

This is our year to make progress. Therefore, I wanted to share with you the definition of a quantum leap year and how it can transform your body and health. So, are you ready for yours?

In this episode, I’ll talk about my journey towards creating a quantum leap year and some practical steps to achieve your quantum leap in your health and weight loss journey.

I’ll dive into:

  1. What is a Quantum Leap Year?
  2. The importance of mindset for achieving your health goals.
  3. Why you need to break free from diet culture once and for all.
  4. How to work toward untangling the connection between food and emotions.
  5. Reason to develop sexy habits that align with your future self.

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00:00:33 – Discussing Quantum Year and Future Self

00:01:59 – Russian Athlete Study and Mental Training

00:03:14 – Quantum Physics and Reality Perception

00:05:11 – Creating a Different Vision for Yourself

00:08:43 – Maintaining Your Future Self’s Achievements

00:09:24 – Practical Steps for a Quantum Leap Year

00:12:43 – Audra’s Personal Quantum Leap in Business and Relationships

00:17:01 – Focusing on Body and Health for Quantum Leap

00:21:15 – Body Reset and Muscle Mass Concerns

00:25:07 – Importance of Exercise for Longevity

00:29:11 – Steps for Achieving a Quantum Leap Year in Health

Full Episode Transcript:

My quantum Leap Year. Are you ready for yours?

Hello. Hello. And welcome to another episode. I am so excited to talk to you guys about my quantum year.

If you are new in here, if you missed it last week, go back and listen to last week where I really dive into what a quantum year is and how to really see yourself as your future self. And so last week we talked a lot about mindset and thinking when it comes to creating your quantum leap year.

So that whole idea is how do I start acting right now as my future self? Despite the fact that I’m in my present body, I’m in this present moment, what I’m experiencing isn’t what I want to be experiencing. So we did a lot of that. So you can go back and you can listen to that. I’m going to just cover a little bit of it because quite frankly, I am in this phase of 1000 percent creating my quantum leap year as we speak, it is happening.

It has been happening. I can’t even stop it from happening. That’s how high level believability. And I want to talk to you about that today too. So I want to talk about my quantum leap year and what’s going on in my life for sure. But then also what that might mean for you. If you are looking for a quantum leap year for yourself, especially around your health, around your body, around your weight loss journey, around healing your behaviors around food, like really having a quantum leap year can be epic.

So last week, and again, you guys can go back and let’s do it. So I gave one example of a pretty famous study in Russia where Russian scientists took these elite athletes and they compared four groups, right? So one group, all that they did, and remember, these are like elite athletes. So all that they focused on was physical training, right?

Which is important if you’re going to be elite athlete, got to do that. But the second group had 75 percent focus on physical training, but 25 percent on their mindset, on mental training, on working with this noggin, right? Group three was 50, 50  group four, only a 25 percent and a physical training, but 75 percent mental training.

So just follow me here.  The group four is the one that had the most or how do I say this? They perform the best. Out of all four groups of equal elite athletes, the ones that only did the physical training for 25%, but did all of this work with mindset, mental training, they are the ones that performed the best.

And I think that really speaks to the fact that we have to, if we really truly want to get into that quantum leap energy, we must train our brains. We must train our thoughts. We must train this. And so we also talked about a little bit in last week about metal meta not metaphysics, but like quantum physics and this idea about reality, how, truth be told when it’s about your body and you’re living in a body that doesn’t feel good, you can feel that it feels expanded.

You can feel that you have a lot of food cravings. You can feel all these things and that is your present reality, right? I feel driven to eat or  I’m not, even if I’m doing the right things, even if I’m starting to move my body or get more sleep or change my relationship with food and all these different ways, I’m still in the present reality of not happy with my body.

And that is something that we have to really look at here. Because what quantum physics says is that there is no single reality. And part of the reasons why we can’t quantum leap is because we’re so stuck in what we see around us as our reality. But if you dive into this from a quantum physics perspective, literally, when you understand that the reality that you are living in, reality itself is an electromagnetic transmission that is being projected out. It’s being projected out by the brain. Okay. And so this is a little,  I don’t know, it was a little over my head, but I can really understand it. I’ve done enough semi-studying of quantum physics to get on board with this.

But the idea is that there is no reality unless our brain actually processes it. Unless our brain is the one that makes meaning of it and processes it. Okay. So reality is nonexistent without consciousness actually creating it right without the mind. There is no matter and so excuse me It takes an observer.

It takes you To be able to hold the consciousness of the thing that you’re trying to create. But if you’re you, if your consciousness is only looking at what’s been created up to this point, and it’s not what you want, it’s really hard to create something different. And even more so if you are living daily in a body that feels brain fogged, tired, lethargic, achy joints, that urge and desire to eat white flour, white sugar, any, anything like that. If it just feels like food is in control and you’re literally living in a body that doesn’t feel good for you, this is present reality. But being able to get to the other side requires you to create a different vision for yourself, right?

This is the mindset part.  Okay. And the way that we do this, I was listening to a podcast this morning and I am, I love this podcast. It’s funny. I listened to this podcast probably eight months ago or something like that. And I only listened to one episode and I did not like it at all.

I was like,  and but I listened to it again maybe like a couple of weeks ago. And I have been mesmerized. I’m like, Oh my God, I am loving this for anybody to know. It’s manifest. What is it called? The manifestation, babe. I think that’s what it’s called. The manifestation, babe, or just plain manifestation, babe.

And I was just thinking, I’m like, how many people have listened to my podcast?  And ultimately. Hated it and didn’t do it again. That’s how I feel about her podcast. I’m like, I wasn’t into it for that first one, but I’m so glad I listened to more than one. I’m so glad I did this because she’s talking about, quantum leaping a lot right now.

And ultimately, whenever we can understand like what a quantum leap is,  ultimately it’s your ability to get there faster than you ever could have imagined, but it only happens, and this is important when we’re talking about health and healing in the body, it only happens and sticks like actually sticks when you are working Diligently.

And I’m talking like daily on your mind, on your thoughts, on your beliefs, on your toxic beliefs, the way that you see yourself in the world, because really, truly, if you’re the one creating the decision to change your life, but you’re stuck in this reality that is right now,  The thing is that the reason why reality is showing up the way that it’s showing up right now is that we have this reticular activation system, RAT.

And whenever it’s a part of our brain that basically just filters, it filters and filters all of this incoming data. And it filters it based on what your toxic beliefs are, what you already believe about yourself to be true, right? It really filters it out, which is why we just keep creating the same reality.

All right. And if we are not willing to work with our thoughts and work with our mind, it’s just, I’m telling you, shit’s just not going to go the way that you want to go. And so last week we talked about how to really truly live as your future self, literally show up. Today, present moment, even if it’s not exactly where you want to be, like obviously the reality around you is showing you not the reality that you are preferring, but when you show up as if it already is, as if your prayers have already been answered, that’s exactly the way she said it.

And I love that. It’s the sense of, I already am my future self.  And when you do this, when you do this, what happens is you are able to completely shift In this present moment, that reality to the reality of the future self, who you are desiring to be. And the more that you practice this and the more that you practice this, so go back and listen to last week’s episode, because I go really in detail about how to actually activate that future self over and over again.

But what I want to talk about today is I want to talk about the future self that you have right now. That is in the future that has already got it, but is in this place of maintaining, right? I want to talk about that to start with. And then I want to talk about practicalities. What are the practical step by steps?

What I think it works for my clients who end up having amazing quantum leap years and what works like and what I’m doing and how I’m integrating this with my own personal quantum leap journey, because it’s pretty amazing and big, like just already the things that are starting to come into place and happen in such a short period of time, but ultimately again, go build out your future self.

Go back to last week’s episode. But what we want to talk about today is that future self of yours who is already maintaining, right? I want you to think about whenever you’re sitting in your now reality and you can’t get out of it and what you’re doing is you’re yearning and you’re achieving and you’re shoving and pushing and you’re trying and it’s so hard and you have all of this intensity.

You’re literally coming from a lack energy because you don’t actually have the reality you want in this moment. but here you are like trying to strive and achieve over here to get this reality for yourself. But what’s happening is because you don’t have it yet. It’s this constant chase. And what you don’t want to get is lost in the chase of it.

But if you again, come from a future self-energy and very specifically, I want you to imagine the future self-energy that is maintaining. Think about that. You are there, you’ve made it, and you’ve been there for a while. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts. You’re like, things are locked and loaded. So when I think about, my journey to really stabilizing my weight, getting out of diet culture, really stabilizing my weight and doing the work of healing all of these deeper reasons why I would be using food as a coping mechanism, using food when I’m, Sad or lonely, comfort eating, stress eating, mindless eating, all of these ways in which would just start to take over and

I had to handle that. So imagine that. So your future self has had this handled for a long ass time. Okay. And when you can come from that place, when you are creating that future self, right? Think to yourself, like here I am in the future self that is like maintaining the life that she absolutely wants.

What do I eat regularly? How do I move? What boundaries do I have to put in place? Like, where do I learn how to say yes to people and no to people? Yes to myself. And also a loving boundary of no. Where is your future self? Who’s in this maintenance mode? How is she in relationship with hunger and enough in her capacity to really, truly honor that? 

How is she learning how to say yes and no to food? If you’re saying yes to one food, you’re saying no to another food, right? If you’re saying yes to one thing, you’re likely saying no to another thing. Ultimately, when you can put yourself into that energy, what happens is you make discoveries along the way.

So here you are,  I’m bringing out this future self-energy. What would she do? And now you start to dive into your intuition. Now the journey forward, you start really going, wait a second. If I can really look at this.  When you think of yourself as your future self, who is in the process of maintaining, you are easily going to start to see where you are right now, present day, out of alignment with that future self, who already has that thing and has had it for a long time.

It’s been at her ideal size. Her health is rocking. Her energy is stabilized. She has the wardrobe, right? Whatever the thing is, right?  And when you can get that kind of clarity regularly,  right? That’s where quantum leaps truly can start to happen, okay? I want to just dive into  my own quantum leap. Very clear perspective that I’d like to talk about is  You know, 12 years ago when I finally got out of diet culture off the diet train, I just threw my middle fingers up and went screw this.

And I started a much deeper dive into a journey inward. To figure out why food was the answer for fucking everything, why I hated my body so much. And quite frankly, the gaining of the weight and then losing of the weight and then staying stuck in different places based on what was going on in my inner world, I just needed some bigger healing.

Okay. And so I am on the other side of that in a huge way. And I work with clients to get on the other side of this in a huge, powerful way. All right. It was  a beautiful time in my life. And I don’t know if I had these skill sets that I’m sharing with you right now that I am cultivating. In fact, I know I haven’t, or else I’d be in a very different place right now, but I did have a lot of capacity to be like I’m never going to be in this place again so I don’t have the quantum leap capacity and it did take me a long time, quite frankly, and the way that we dispel this out for our clients and HelloBody freedom, it can happen faster than you like the level of quantum leap. If you are truly ready for your quantum leap, it can be very powerful.

But for me, getting out of that diet mentality where I was going on a diet, losing weight and then off of the diet and gaining weight where I was on the diet so I had a very restrictive way of eating and then I’d go off of the diet and then I was confused about what to eat because I’m like what’s good and what’s not good. Should I be gluten free? Or am I supposed to be paleo? Wait, am I vegan today? Or, Oh no, dairy free. Oh wait, is dairy good or bad? Like it can be like, diet culture has a lot wrong with it a lot.

And being able to get out of that and creating better skill sets for myself around food and around emotions. I always say that the work that I have done around healing my emotional eating, healing, overeating, stress eating, mindless eating Angry eating. My Lord knows I did a lot of that excited eating.

Oh my God. Anytime it was like a party or a big out to eat with a group of friends, whatever it might’ve been like absolute disconnection from my body and just shoving shit in my face until I was like sick to my stomach. Or the opposite of that, when I’m trying to be really dieting and healthy, I wouldn’t eat a bite.

And then I would go binge after, just like crazy relationships. So to this I, and I imagine I’ll say forever. Maybe up until this point because to this day that this has been the absolute best thing I’ve ever done is heal that, Okay. And so I do want to talk about what that would look like for you And based on what I see works for quantum leaps for my clients. But then I also want you to know that I have been at my ideal size now And I have not changed my weight at all and I have a easy crazy awesome  peaceful relationship with food.

I eat what I want. I eat healthy foods. I eat unhealthy foods. I prefer to call them fun foods.  I know when to say yes  to the fun food. And I know when to say yes to the healthy food and vice versa. I know when to say no to the healthy food and when to say no to the fun food. My capacity to trust myself around food and also the untangling of emotional eating, the untangling of eating because I’m bored eating because it sounds good eating because that Ooh, that tastes good.

I’m going to keep eating. Even though I know I’m full. Ooh, let me just keep eating 12 more bites. And then wonder why I feel like shit and wonder why I’m overweight. Wonder why I can’t seem to lose this weight, right?  These things have been handled for a long time in my life. And, it is, I think everybody’s birthright.

I think we all deserve to have that kind of relationship with our food and our body where we are at our ideal size and where we’re making progress. We’re at our ideal size and we don’t change is what I’m saying. Like my weight maybe fluctuates. And has for the last maybe 12 years for about five pounds, right?

Five or six pounds, which is a normal, absolute normal amount of fluctuation based on the season and all of that stuff. And so I’m saying all of this because I have been at what feels like maintenance in terms of my body for a long time.  Okay. My blood work is normal. All the things. But part of my quantum leap year is around my body. 

And I want to really dive into this with you. We’ll talk about this, but before I do that, cause it is, we want to talk about maintenance. I’ll talk about body, but I want to also be like fully transparent with my quantum leap year. There are three different avenues that I am in 100 percent go mode with working with my thoughts, working with my toxic beliefs, putting myself into my future self over and over again and acting as if I already have it right now.

And so the three pieces of my quantum leap year, the very first one is my business, right? And I feel like my business has been in maintenance as well. Like my body. I’ve been in maintenance for a long time, this maintaining but here’s the like, not that there’s anything wrong with maintaining, but there is an itch inside of me that is it hasn’t really grown for about three or four years.

It’s just been like the steady kind of still. And there’s this part of me that’s I want more. I want more for what my business can be, for how I can help. So many women really truly come into right relationship with food and body that I have the techniques and tools and I have been doing this work for now almost three decades all like crazy long time to be doing this work, but it just feels like status quo and I am ready for a quantum leap. 

Yeah. Full blown with my business, with what it means to show up in a bigger way, to serve our clients in a bigger way. I cannot think of something that feels like it just like it’s right there. The second one is my relationship. It’s and that’s the other thing. It just feels like maintenance doesn’t feel bad.

It’s not like awful. It’s not like I’m like done here. It’s just that it feels stuck and stagnant in so many ways. And I am able to see the ways now we can’t control other people. Obviously, I see the ways that my own toxic beliefs, my own past conditioning show up inside of my intimate partnership.

Right now. And I’m just fucking sick of it. I’m just really sick of it. I don’t want it anymore.  Quantum leap has to happen.  Okay. And then the third one is my body. All right. And so this is where I want to spend some of my time. But what I will say in terms of quantum leap for business, what you are seeing more of now and what you will continue to see more of, Is a whole lot more connection to community.

So inside our Facebook group with clients, inside of the challenge inside of social media, you’re just going to see a lot more like training and help, that’s helpful. You’re going to love it. I think. All right. And in terms of relationship, we’re still working on that.

But for sure we are signing up for couples counseling because I think like once a week, just like coaching calls, man, I don’t know if we’re doing couples coaching or couples therapy like Josh is a licensed therapist. I’m a professional coach. We’re both this, but we’re going to find the right fit, but we’re both committed to weekly because we think that this will be a good container for us to actually be able to work through to get to this quantum leap in our relationship this year.

Okay. And so this is, these are things that we’re just fully committed to. There’s a lot more with my business. Oh my God. I hired my dream coach. I shouldn’t say I hired, I should say like she finally had an opening and I finally was gifted the capacity to be her client. I just can’t wait to work with her.

So there’s like a lot of great, great things going on right now. So the business, the relationship, but now let’s go talk about the body because it has been maintenance mode. Okay. My blood work is normal. I’ve ended my relationship with a shit ass relationship with food. I don’t overeat.

I don’t understand. I eat what I want.  All of these things already said that all this.  And I find that in this place, it’s actually the hardest, right? Because my blood work is normal, but here’s what’s going on, and I’ve known this has been going on since 2020 and now it’s 2024. And that’s why it just feels like stagnant and I am ready to change it.

And I’m going to be sharing this publicly on social media all over the place. So you are going to get to come along my journey with me, but here’s the situation.  My weight is not changed. Like my eating behaviors are clear. I like my body. Like it is great. Like I’m not there’s nothing about it,

I have some injuries and things like that, and I have energy situations but overall my relationship with food and my ideal size, like I’m real like happy and have been for over a decade now, but here’s the situation since 2020, I  had a pretty regular active workout regime. I don’t even like the word workout, move my body regime in a way.

I don’t even regime is the wrong word, but moving my body in a way that keeps my body feeling alive and energetic and healthy. And since 2020,  it really has just gone away very specifically strength training and working with my body at that level has just gone to shit. And what I have noticed, and here’s the other thing about my habits. I think this is important to say, and I have all of my clients start this way. Every client starts this way. So if you already have a fitness regime or something you love to do, of course, you’re not going to stop doing that. Go keep doing the thing you love.

But if you like, don’t do anything and that just nothing is your, like your M O then moving your body more. Is the first step, just more movement. And so you don’t need special shoes for that. You don’t need a sports bra for that. You don’t need a gym membership for that. You just need to move more. And so I want to be straight up that like in the last four years that I felt stagnant with my body, I still walk between 10 and 15 thousand steps a day. 

Why? Because that habit is in place. And so this is always the first place that I’ll tell clients to work with. Like just get up from your desk and walk around the building and sit back down, do that once an hour and see what magic shows up. Just park a little further, the next time you go to the, whatever store you’re going to, just take the stairs.

Next time you think you’re going to take an elevator, like really simple changes. And I don’t even have to think about it anymore. I literally don’t have to think about it. 000 steps every day. But for sure, what’s going on with my body is, and I did, I went boy, I’m all over the place a little bit.

Sorry. I’m so excited and want to really share this with you guys. It is what I’ve suspected for a long time now, even though my body weight really hasn’t changed at all.  I look and feel weaker and a little bit more jiggly.  And I am 47 years old. I’m pushing 50 baby. Okay. And for anybody listening to this podcast, first off, your twenties are when anything can go and you really get no consequences.

If you can get into healthy habits and healthy food habits and healthy movement habits in your twenties that’s what makes that great is that hopefully it will go into your thirties and forties. But as you start to move into your thirties we start to have changes and shifts and declining, but specifically and especially starting at 40 for women, forties, fifties, and beyond sixties. 

Wow. The changes that happen in the body.  And for sure about muscle and muscle mass and strength.  And I was just listening to a different podcast this weekend and it was a doctor being interviewed and he’s talking about medic, like using like health and the medical world. And he calls it like 3.0 medicine and doctors are basically trying to guess, this is back in the day when they would put leeches on your arm and hope that something worked right. But then, 2. 0 is okay. Now we have science behind it and let’s just see what we can have this for the science situation.

And then it’s all like diagnosis-based, right? It’s this whole sense of, oh my gosh, this one thing is wrong with you. Let’s focus on just that one thing and let’s create a pill for that to fix that one thing that creates a lot of other points. But the idea of 3. 0 is really focusing on all of you, not just you just not getting a disease, but you actually thriving.

And he talked a lot about not just longevity, like living a long life, but he talked about what it means to live an epic life where you’re in your eighties and nineties and you can easily get on the ground and off the ground and throw your grandkids up and go for a hike. And he, I’ll have to find him.

I’ll have to find him and put him in the show notes.  I haven’t even read his book, but he was talking about his book. And he said that of all the things he talks about in his book, there’s a reason why exercise moving your body is three entire chapters in his book. And I’m listening to this going, hell yes, I know it.

And so for the last four years, I have not been strength training. I have not been doing the things with my body that helped me stay in the kind of shape that feels like I can keep muscle on my body. As a woman who is in her forties and fifties. And I’m not saying that everybody has to feel the way I do.

I work with a lot of clients that are just absolutely not interested in that. And that’s okay. We can still help you heal your relationship with food. Come into an ideal size, get like your health markers will get better for sure when you do this. But where I’m at my level What I started noticing is I’m really worried that even though my size is the same,  I really believe that my muscle mass has decreased, which means that my body fat has increased  and sure as shit,

I was right. I went and did a DEXA scan. A DEXA scan is the number one most accurate way to test body composition.  And they have a company that’s out here in Dallas. Actually, I think they’re nationwide. So if you’re in the U S I don’t, if you’re not in the U S I don’t know, but in the U S there’s a lot of cities that they’re in.

I can pop that link in here as well. But anyhow, for sure, weight the same. And I’m like, Oh man, that is. That is a body fat that I was not expecting to see, but, or actually I was expecting to see it. It makes sense. It makes sense. So I am on this place in this moment of my quantum leap year where I am just sick of the status quo.

I don’t want to feel like shit anymore. I don’t want to feel tired or lethargic anymore.  And so the big part of this for me, I’m calling it like my body reset year. This is the year that I’m taking this seriously, this quantum leap of wanting to really, truly get my health in a place that isn’t just that, Oh, my blood work looks normal but is that I am like fully thriving. And for me that includes muscle on my body. That includes that I can lift heavy shit. That includes whatever physical therapy that I need for my elbow and my knee, which are two things that I’m back, it’s handled. And I’ve already started strength training and doing some hard workouts.

My goal is to Strength train at least three times a week to start with. And I have this broken out in terms of goals throughout the year, right? Because what will happen as does is that you get to a certain level, you start to up level and you start to up level. And then there’s a thermostat that goes on, right?

You uplevel your life by, handling emotional eating by really getting this to the bottom of the story. And then you hit some upper limit and then you just end up right back where you’re starting. And how do we work with that? We work with that by consciously over and over again, working with our future self, our thoughts, our toxic beliefs, questioning them, choosing to be in the vibration and the energy that you already have the thing you want and showing up as that person right now. Okay. So if you are interested in learning a little bit more about my quantum year, I would love for you to let me know, drop me a DM on Instagram or in TikTok. Can you drop me DMs in TikTok?

I’m not even sure. I have to check on that. But what I’ll tell you is that if you are looking for your quantum year, If you are looking for your quantum leap year with your body, with your health, with your weight loss journey I have a few pieces here that I want to share with you today. 

And this is the order. That absolutely needs to be in, okay? If you are truly looking for that quantum leap year. And I’m going to give you the entire the entire thing. And it is like how to quantum leap with your body and with your health. If you want it, just put it in DM. You can drop it in the DMS in Facebook or Instagram, or you can leave a comment wherever, right in social media, just leave the comment and just write the word quantum year.

I want that quantum year. So quantum year. And if you write that, I will get ahold of you and I will get you the whole thing. But for right now, I want to go over the first four, right? The very first one that we’ve already talked about. I spent an entire podcast last week and half of this podcast today, which is you absolutely must put yourself in a state as if it already exists.

This is your future self. And that requires you to work with your thoughts and your mindset constantly over and over again to train yourself into that space. That is the very first piece. If you are not, it’s not that you can’t have some level of a quantum leap. I know that I have had at least one giant quantum leap in my life.

Big, maybe two, but.  It dissipated really quick because I was still stuck in old thought patterns and beliefs, right? How many of you who have lost weight and been on a weight loss journey and you finally lost the weight, but nothing in terms of your mindset and the way that you think and see yourself and what you believe about yourself, none of that changed.

None of that changed. And then you wonder why you gained the weight back.  And so the very first thing you must work with your thoughts, you must work with your mindset. Number two if you are chronically dieting, if you are going down the diet culture,  toilet bowl, you really need to get out of that.

What dieting and diet culture do it’s just physiology. If you massively undereat, which is what diets and diet culture basically tell you to do. If you massively under-eat your physiology will absolutely kick in and then you will overeat. So you will be stuck on this weight loss, weight gain rollercoaster.

And it really matters. So if you are drastically cutting calories, if you are cutting out whole food groups, so these ways of eating that tell you, you’re only allowed to eat these certain things and you can never eat those things. That’s called psychological deprivation. If you are doing any of that, you are basically setting yourself up to fail.

So none of this works if you’re working against your physiology. All right. So that has to be number two. And number three is absolutely, immediately more important than eating healthy food and exercising. Is you have to be working with the reasons you are overeating in the first place. That means stress eating, mindless eating, comfort eating, excited eating, angry eating.

Cause you feel like it eating. Cause it tastes good. There are a trillion reasons why we eat that have nothing to do with physical hunger and enough, none, absolutely none. Okay. And the truth of the matter is that is an unconscious subconscious patterning that you have in your body that is connected to your nervous system and your nervous system’s ability to tolerate bad shit, like negative emotions, like grief, sadness, stress, pain, suffering all of these.

Intense things that we can feel in our body. And if you have a habit, and you probably learned this a long time ago where you feel something, that doesn’t feel good in your body. And then you eat food and the food makes you feel better. You just created a habit loop, right? Most of us learn how to do this as kids, right?

That is a strong habit loop. And then if you learned it young and you just keep doing it, there’s a reason you have food and feelings completely tangled together at an inside level. So you could mindset yourself all the way and do all this future pacing, but when you get into feeling a real shitty day, let’s say a real high-stress day where you’re feeling intensity and you can’t even tolerate what’s going on inside of you, your strong habit loop to use food as a, not just a coping mechanism, but really a safety mechanism. The nervous system has learned that this is a way to stay safe.

This is a way to feel better. And so really untangling this as your first thing to do. Is absolutely crucial. So we have a course inside of Hello Body Freedom. It’s called food and feelings. Reach out, DM me if you’re interested, but this is what we do inside of Hello Body Freedom with our clients.

It’s like we start like this. And then the next part really has to do with getting your sexy habits down, right? And what your sexy habits are not what you think they are. If you’ve been lost in diet culture for so long and you think those sexy habits are Oh, only eating kale salads and never eating ice cream again.

Then you’ve got something wrong. If you think that it’s joining the gym and working out five hours a day, and that’s going to be the answer. That’s not necessarily, that’s not for everybody. You don’t have to be that person either to really get to the other side of this. There are a lot more steps in this quantum leap, but these are the first four.

And if you want to know those sexy habits just go ahead and drop me a DM. Put it in the comments and write quantum year. Okay. You can leave it in comments. You can leave it in a direct message. And if you leave this for me, I will send you the beautiful new fresh PDF that you can just see it written out and you can see, okay, this is what it takes for that quantum leap year.

Yeah. And yay. Thank you guys so much for coming and playing today. That was so much fun playing on Instagram and playing inside of Facebook. And I’m really excited to share my own quantum leap year as I work with my own thoughts around exercise and fitness and my own habits around food and share how emotions come into play.

And if you want to come play just send me that comment, drop that DM quantum year, and I will see you there. All right, y’all. Thanks so much. And I will see you next time. Bye everybody.