OMG…. I freaking love this time of the year. It’s filled with such hope and possibility. Ripe with power and energy as one door closes giving room for another possibility to open.

And that’s what I want to share with you. I have perfected this ritual experience over the past few years which has brought upon the best, most profound, powerful, and productive 3-4 years I’ve ever had.

There is magic contained in this email, and the only way to experience it is to dive in!

A couple of things you should know:

  • You can do all of this in one go, or you can spread it out over the course of a few days or a week. I’ve done it both ways and they both work!
  • If you really want to make this even more real, you need to feel it in and through your body. So like… dancing like crazy, punching pillows, going for a run, bring your intentions into a yoga class, sex or self-pleasuring (like a Jade Egg Practice) while staying focused on your intentions. What matters is that you feel your body moving, breathing, sweating, orgasming etc… The more you move, the more you feel, the deeper and real your intentions become.

OK… Here’s the gist of what you’ll want to address…there are 3 parts:

1. What needs to be burned down? What do you need to let go of? What absolutely doesn’t serve you anymore?

2. What do you want? What do you yearn for deep down to your bones? What is your intention for this year?

3. This is key: What habits, behaviors, thoughts, emotions absolutely must change in order for you to actually get what you want?

More importantly…

What habits, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions must you develop and embody and make “the norm” in your life for you to actually get what you want?

Lets start with #1: burn it down and declutter that which does not serve you from your life.

Physical Declutter – while this can be an ongoing project, for now, just choose one that feels easy and do-able as a loving actionable step to show the Universe you’re serious. Eventually, you’ll want to look at every nook and cranny of your physical realm and declutter it all.

House. Closets. Drawers. Filing Cabinets. Kitchen. Car. Purse. Clothes. Underwear Drawer.

Your Body: What things need taken care of? Haircut? Nails? Nagging pain that needs a doctor appt? Another health concern that needs addressing?

Emotional Declutter – This one is H.U.G.E. You can let the physical decluttering projects come to fruition over time… but DON’T ignore emotional decluttering.

  • Think about your deepest yearnings and desires…. why are you not allowed to have them what inside of you is blocking you?
  • WHAT are some of the excuses you use to justify not getting what you want?
  • WHO do you blame for things not working in your life?
  • WHO do you need to emotionally declutter?

MAKE A LIST based on your answers to the Q’s above. You don’t have to get into story, just write down everything and everyone you have a grievance with… make sure to include yourself. (be gentle with yourself… but definitely include yourself)


Sit quietly.

Say the name of the person or situation and talk out loud about all the ways you were done wrong, you’re anger at them or the situation, etc.

Now… say to that person (or situation or to yourself if the grievance is with yourself)

1. I forgive you – and say all the ways and reasons you forgive them

2. I’m sorry – and say all the ways in which you possibly played a part

3. I love you – soften your heart, finding the humanity and compassion in the person or the situation or in yourself…

SUPER IMPORTANT: You don’t have to spend a ton of time doing this…but also realize it can really bring the tears and emotions to the forefront.

Feel through it all and don’t stop until you reach the end. Seriously… you will feel lighter and more energetic than you have in years! (I just did this last night… I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and with more energy than I’ve felt in months!)

Then… with all your grievances and the things that sucked about 2017 on paper… PHYSICALLY BURN THEM TO ASHES.

To embody this step, punch some pillows, do some pushups, go for a run, dance wildly to punk rock music… get that shit out of your system!

#2… What do you want? Like… What do you really really want? What’s your heart’s desire?

I use desire mapping for this one. Danielle LaPort has a whole process called Desire Mapping that I’ve grown to really respect over the years as the best way to get what you really want out of life.

But also… it doesn’t have to be a whole “thing”. You could just get really clear with your desires and intentions for 2018.

What do you want to call forth in your life? What do you really want? And here’s an important part to the equation: What will having these things make you feel? Drop into the feelings you’ll experience when you have your desires.

So you’re writing down what you want and how you’ll feel when you get them.

To embody this step, I recommend dancing to your highest energy music that uplifts you and makes you happy. Also… I highly recommend a Jade Egg Pleasure Practice. Pleasure and orgasmic energy really seal the deal when it comes to your deepest desires.

Ok… onto step #3: What habits, behaviors, thoughts, emotions absolutely must change in order for you to actually get what you want?

Think it through. How many times do we make New Years Resolutions and nothing changes? Old habits really are hard to break.

Like… crazy hard.

You have to take a realistic inventory of your day to day habits, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions… And you need a grounded, down to earth approach for rewiring new habits into your brain and into your body.

You need to think strategy. How will you get there? Can you do it alone or do you need help?

I’ve put together a COMPLETELY FREE 6-WEEK “LOVE IT 2 LOSE IT” BEST BODY CHALLENGE that can help you learn the habits, behaviors, thought, and emotions that need to be rewired into your nervous system to make your New Years Desires Stick like glue.

You can participate in this free challenge online from anywhere in the world… AND… if you happen to live in Dallas, I’ll be running it LIVE… also for free.

You can check it out here.

I love you. Everything I described above I’ve been doing each year and continue to do as my life keeps getting better and better, and I’m able to create the new habits necessary to get to the other side.

My New Years wish is for you to also experience this level of health, happiness, vitality, and love.

I love you. Here’s to our best year yet!

xoxo, Audra

PS… The “Love it 2 Lose it” BEST BODY CHALLENGE comes with the entire 40+ page Transformation System for free. This really is the way to make 2018 your best year yet. See below.