What an amazing week.

My dad’s been hanging out in San Francisco with me all week and boy have we had some serious adventures!  From walking on a tight rope in Dolores Park, to spending the afternoon soaking in all the Gay Pride events.

Hanging out at Dolores Park waking on a tight rope!

Hanging out at Dolores Park waking on a tight rope!

Gay pride shenanigans....

Gay pride shenanigans….

There was also a lot of eating involved.

I’m pretty strict about the types of foods that go in my body, but not from a diet perspective.  You’ll never see me restricting bread or shying away from tortilla chips  or freaking out over sugar.

But you WILL see me throw a big ole’ fit about crap-ass food filled with preservatives, corn syrup, artificial crap, fillers, and all around junk.

The reason I throw a fit is because I know that if I increase the quality of the foods I eat…. and I mean ALL the foods I eat, I know my body will respond in a positive way.

So before you decide to restrict any certain food because you’re trying to “lose weight” or “be healthy”…. try instead to take the food you’re already eating and dramatically increase the quality.

Check out exactly how I did this while my dad was visiting in this week’s training video below:

In the comments section below, add all the different foods you eat and how you’re going to increase the quality of each of them.

Can you get your veggies from a local farmers market instead of from a conventional grocery store?  Can you find a local creamery that offers organic and local dairy instead of something that traveled half way across the country that only Frankenstein would recognize because of all the fake ingredients?

I’ll be in the comments section giving you a “thumbs up” or helping you come up with even better ways you can increase your food quality.