Can I just say….  I FREAKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  

I don’t take for granted–EVEN FOR ONE SECOND–the honor of having you inside my community and tribe in whatever small (or big) ways you show up.

And so on this love-filled day, I want to offer you my story of pleasure and how I finally became a believer in its power. 

If you’re anything like me, there’s probably something deep inside of you that’s a little skeptical of this whole “pleasure thing”.  

I grew up on a ranch in Texas where hard work was the top value, so it took me a loooooooonnnng time to get on the “pleasure train”, and truth be told… 

…even today after completely overhauling my life in regards to my body, (hello shedding of 20lb!), my relationships, and my energy all because of my commitment to pleasure practices….

… I still have moments where I’m totally skeptical!  

Crazy, right?!?

The reason is because our conditioning to believe that “hard work” and “pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps” is SO EF’ING STRONG.  

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But in today’s video I’m going to teach you the science behind why pleasure actually works waaaaayyy better than “hard work”, and I’m going to give you specific ways you can start practicing pleasure today.

So if you’ve ever will-powered your way through a diet (only to gain it all back) or forced yourself into the gym (only to end up GAINING weight….), then you don’t want to miss this video!

xoxo, Audra

PS. One of the most important key pieces of Love it 2 Lose it Mastery is the actual teachings of how to re-train your nervous system back to it’s original state of pleasure.  Because of our deep conditioning and skepticism of pleasure, I believe the best way to actually start reaping the benefits of a pleasure practice is to get help!  The truth is “creating a pleasure practice” is a bit esoteric, so having a mentor and coach to walk you through step-by-step will be a huge key to getting you through to the other side.  

Learn more and apply here.