Powerful Strategies for Summer Weight Loss

In today’s episode, I invite you to my Summer Meltdown Workshop, a live and interactive event designed to help you enjoy summer activities like pools, parties, and vacations without sabotaging your weight loss goals. We will discuss strategies for balancing, having fun, and staying on track with your health journey. 

In this workshop, I’ll cover: 

✔️ Why a healthy mindset is a powerful tool you need to master. 

✔️ How to improve your behavior around your food choices. 

✔️ Emotional regulation strategies to help you make the most of summer while moving toward your weight loss goals. 

Register for free at hellobodyfreedom.com/summermeltdown and join us live on June 11th for a unique opportunity to connect with others on the same journey.

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00:45 Overcoming Summer Challenges

01:43 Workshop Details and Registration

02:52 Strategies for a Balanced Summer

04:22 Mindset and Emotional Regulation

08:54 Future Self Activation


Full Episode Transcript:

Powerful Strategies for Summer Weight Loss

Summer is coming in hot. My friends, it is here and we are all in it together and I’m really excited to offer my Summer Meltdown Workshop. The whole concept of this. Amazing workshop is to help you learn how to say yes to your life. Yes. To pools. Yes. To parties, to drinks, to vacations, to social events without hiding out sabotaging. Or messing up or ruining your weight loss goals. 

It is a very powerful workshop. And ultimately, what I don’t want to have happen is the same damn story as last year. Right. You should be getting excited. For vacations, for spontaneous outings with the friends, for social events, backyard barbecues, all the things, but what’s really happening is you’re freaking out because well, once it’s summer, you’re probably out of your normal routine. 

We’re going to talk about that. A little later vacation might be right around the corner. And instead of being excited about it, you’re nervous that you’re going to lose control over food and your weight loss journey. You might be worried about shorts and tank tops and swimsuits and pools because here’s just another summer where you’re not. Where you want to be. 

Or you’re stuck in between wanting to lose weight. But you also want to enjoy summer. And I think that the biggest thing here.  Is that if you are ready to stop making every decision through the lens of, I can’t. Insert, whatever awesome summer experience that is. I can’t do this thing. Because of my body. Then I really hope you join my summer meltdown workshop. 

We’re going to start to talk about it a little bit in here today. Some of the concepts of it, but during this workshop, it is right around the corner. You’re going to go to hello, body freedom.com forward slash summer meltdown. We go live June 11th. And you can register there. It’s completely free. 

I’m literally going to teach you how to take back the joy of summer.  At the same time,  keeping up with health and weight loss goals, if that is something that you want. Right. So just imagine it’s the summertime and you are feeling at ease around food, even when you’re on vacation.

And that just feels like the norm. You are forgetting about the kids’ snacks in the pantry as if the snacks weren’t even there, or maybe their spontaneous backyard drinks or desserts with friends, maybe you get to start to enjoy that without spiraling out of control.  

And that’s what we’re going to be going over in this summer meltdown workshops. So I am putting a, a big shout out to the workshop. Again, it is June 11th. Go to hello, buddy. freedom.com forward slash summer meltdown. I cannot wait to see you there. We are really going to tackle, what is it like to go through this season and, you know, make some good decisions for yourself. 

So during the summer meltdown workshop, where we’re really going to dive deep into strategies that you can start doing immediately. And these are mindset strategies, different ways to think these are action and behavior strategies. Of what are, these different ways in which maybe you’re going to show up for yourself during the summer and emotional regulation strategies as well. 

I know that for me for a long time and for so many clients that I work with, where there can be this very like all or nothing mindset. So the summer season can feel a lot like the holiday season, like November and December. Where. It’s like all rules go out the door. It’s just celebration celebration. 

And all of these healthy habits you’ve been building. You just go from, from that to kind of just party time.  And this can easily lead to overeating overdrinking and all the things. And for the holiday season, you wake up on January 1st. You’re like, what the hell just happened? And the same thing can happen in the summer. 

You wake up, come September it’s time for the kids to go back to school. Life gets a little bit more organized. And then the next thing, you know, you’re like, what did I just do all summer long, but I want to really share with you that there is a middle ground.

There is a middle ground where you are still able to practice and join summer. And, and really get all the juice out of it. And also be moving in the direction that you desire for your health and weight loss journey. So the very first question that we’ll be asking. 

And so you can start to ponder this for yourself. The very first thing is, do you actually want to lose weight the summer? Does it matter to you?  So I think that this is a very important thing to really own right here we are. I am recording this in June. We’re like a week away from the summer meltdown. 

I’m really excited about this workshop. We’re going to really dive deep.  But ultimately.  In this moment, if you can imagine, you know, End of August.  Beginning of September. And where do you want to be? Like, if you can see maybe the plans you have the summer, the vacations, the things going on. Does it even make sense to focus on weight loss? I know for my community. 

There are two places where they land. It is either. Yes. I still want to be on a weight loss journey. So I need to learn how to. Maneuver this with the challenges and the changes of summer, right? Like. The weather changes, right? You might have the strong habit of going for a walk outside every single day. 

And now if it’s going to be a hundred degrees outside your leg, Ah, Like it really can shift and change. So what are the ways that we make those, those changes? Because it is a particular season that feels a lot different than the other seasons. So.  That’s one thing to think about. And then the other piece of that is maybe it’s not just about weight loss. 

So if yes, I’m on a weight loss journey, what are the ways I need to focus there? But on the other side of that, Maybe I’m just not going to focus on losing weight. Maybe this is my moment to focus on maintaining and I worked with a lot of clients during the holiday season and the summer that it really is just about what does it feel like to not gain weight? Right. 

You. You know, and, and I want to really honor that, like, All decisions are beautiful here. There’s absolutely no reason why. Like we’re. A weight loss journey. If we’re really doing it. The way that the weight won’t come back. That’s what we do in Hello Body Freedom. It is a sustainable weight loss journey.

And if we’re doing it in that way, you are literally learning how to live your life. Week in week out, month in, month out season in and season out all the way through. And there are going to be periods of time where it fluctuates this. Idea that, oh, I should be losing two pounds a week. 

And then it’s just going to be some linear journey that all of a sudden I’ll be done with the weight loss journey. Let me know if that’s ever worked out for you. I never worked out for me. But when you’re doing it in a way where there are going to be seasons where it makes more sense to like, hold the line. 

And then there are seasons when it’s like, all right, let’s like, knock this out of the park. Right? So just really honoring that answer for you, right? Do you want to lose weight the summer? And remember, this is not all or nothing. Okay. So when you think about the reality of your summer, How do you want to feel at the end of August? 

Like reality? Right there might. I mean, I totally get it. Our weight loss journey. How do I want to fill in August? I want a hundred pounds gone by August, right? It’s like, okay. Let’s live in reality. Look at what’s going on with your life. What’s going on.  You know, Full circle.

And then really tune in because it’s not just, this is another really important part, whether your focus is on weight loss or whether your focus is just on keeping up those healthy habits and just moving forward in your life and finding that kind of like stabilization with your weight.  There is no like all or nothing here. 

It is both. And so, knowing that even if you’re really focused on weight loss, there’s going to be moments where you’re making decisions that maybe aren’t in alignment with that. Right. Or there’s going to be moments, you know, where you’re spot on, align with that. So, Just putting that out there for you. 

What is that answer for you? And then the next part. I will be to really work through what is going on with summer, looking at the ways in which summer can throw us off. Right. So I’ll give you a couple of examples. We’ll be going over all of these during the summer meltdown workshop.

We’ve already talked about getting out of your routine and like change of environment is always a big deal. You know, we gave the example of heat, , and exercising.  Outdoors, maybe that could. And for some of you that might, you know, even be better, you’re like, oh, finally, summer’s here. 

I can get way more sunshine. Right. Get outside more often. So, you know, social events, \ is a big one. So the holidays that come up in the summer and then all of the things that come with that, right? So the alcohol that comes with that, the extra calories and the food and things like that. 

So there are so many variables that we can look at, but I think that at the end of the day, if we can just get really clear with the fact that if you are on a weight loss journey, if you’re on a health and healing journey,  That there is this place that you are,  moving towards, right. And this is your future self.  

So the trick with working with future self is that you are in your present self right now. And ultimately what makes us so uniquely human is that we can envision into the future of what we want and we can envision that future self. But the truth is, is that we are not going to get there unless we are able to activate that future self right now. What are the thoughts that your future self has to think? 

Right? So if you, if your future self is leaner than you are today, Something had to give something, had to shift habits, tweaks, right. That journey. And so sitting here in the present moment, you can just go,  what are the little things, what are the negotiables that I’m willing to, to play with this summer? 

What are the non-negotiables that I’m not going to let go of? If my future self is leaner, come September. Right. What am I doing? What are the thoughts that I’m thinking? What are the actions that I’m taking? What are the nervous system regulation practices I’m doing to really stay in that sense of emotional resiliency? 

And, what is she doing in terms of her relationship with emotions and food, in terms of overeating stress, eating, anxious, eating, bored, eating all of these different ways.  I want you to ponder this because ultimately what we are doing in present moment is we are activating. Our future self. And that is where the power is. And we will do a powerful activation process during the summer meltdown. 

So you will really be able to access the suit yourself. It’s very, very powerful. And, and we’ll, we’ll keep going. Way deeper into all of this, but I want to share this with you today. 

And remember the summer meltdown we’re talking June 11th.  Come on down. It’ll be live. Go to hello, body freedom.com forward slash summer meltdown. I’ll see you there. Bye everybody.