Real Food Heals

I am a believer in balance, in letting go of dieting, perfectionism, and seriously not freaking out if your enjoying dessert or buttery croissant.
But there are two sides to the coin that need balancing out in our lives.
We need the ability to combine the pleasure of food (i.e. not freaking out if you ate a croissant or enjoyed dessert), and also realizing that what you eat on a regular basis really really (REALLY) matters.
Think about it.
Each time food goes into your body, it immediately has a biochemical effect in your body.  It either increases insulin or blunts it.  It raises blood sugar or stabilizes it.  It creates inflammation, or it decreases the inflammatory response.  It balances your hormones or dis-regulates them.
And since we eat usually around 3 times a day, (often more if your a snacker), that’s multiple times a day you are either positively or negatively affecting your body through the power of food.
Now, clearly there’s more to the puzzle when it comes to freeing UP what weighs you DOWN, but knowing this is an important piece
This isn’t about dieting, restricting, or otherwise creating suffering in your life.  When you understand that real food heals—at a cellular level every time you eat— you can see the power you have here.  You can can discover foods that are nourishing, delicious, colorful, healthy, and life-giving.  And since habits are king, you can start to make the small daily habits in your life that shift from choosing foods that give more life.
And it’s not as hard as you think! I promise!
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