Retreat with me June 2018!

Imagine a retreat where you fully experience what it’s like to come home to your body.  

An exquisite, once in a lifetime experience in paradise where food, adventure, play, joy, and delight make way for an aliveness you’ve probably never felt in your body.

Surrounded in sisterhood and the jungle, this is a rare opportunity to spend a week with me as I guide you into the depths of your own healing, loving relationship with your body using powerful practices in breathwork, jade egg, yoga, and eating psychology.  

We’ll delight in nourishing foods together and practice loving-kindness and awareness with our body and meals.  

Time will slow down as you finally and viscerally experience your nervous system shift into a state of ease, relaxation, pleasure, and bliss… which is exactly the environment your body craves to release excess weight and feel truly alive and vibrant.