Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be thanksgiving without a little salsa dancing in my life!

I’ve just come home from mine and Miguel’s annual San Francisco Salsa Congress weekend, which basically is packed with salsa performances and competitions (I got to cheer Miguel on for both!), and dancing until literally 4am.  I can tell I am no longer in my 20’s as the recovery time from this event takes longer and longer each year.

But as I started to feel a little nostalgic, I found an old video of probably the only recorded performance where Miguel and I danced together.  You can see it below!

Be one of the first to identify which couple we are and I’ll put your name in a drawing for everyone who got it right and I’ll get you a gift certificate to one of my FAVORITE RESTAURANTS!

Also, I want to make sure everyone knows our HOLIDAY SCHEDULE!

We are offering FREE for the community:  TURKEY-BUSTING WORKOUTS!

Join us:

  • Thanksgiving morning before the big meal(s!) at 8:30 am in Vasona Park.
  • Friday Morning at 8:30 (to do a little damage control…) in Vasona Park.
  • Saturday Morning at 8:30am in Vasona Park.

*** PLEASE NOTE***  All other training sessions are canceled!

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Make sure to post below if you think you picked Miguel and I out in the performance!