OK… I have a super important point to make, and I think you’re going to like it… but you’ll have to stick with me here.

Last week on my blog I shared some of my most vulnerable thoughts on my journey thus far (turning 40 can do that I guess)…

From proud life choices (hells YES to moving to Spain!) To deep sadness… (where’s my soul partner?)

This amount of vulnerability feels, well… VULNERABLE, but through this process I had an epiphany.

Sharing this way is the only way I can be authentically in right relationship with you, with myself, and with the world.

Which led to another epiphany.

There’s a ginormous transformation happening in my life  right now that feels like the “elephant in the room” because I’m not addressing it or talking about it.

I’m not quite sure how to bring this to the table, but it encompasses intimate relationship, love and sex.

And when I think about the work I do with my clients:

releasing excess weight
feeling alive and energetic
releasing cravings
regaining a healthy, and vibrant body
releasing obsessions around food
learning to love our bodies

ALL of the outcomes above are deeply affected by and intricately connected to:

our intimate relationships
our capacity to love and be loved
our sex live (both alone and in partnership)
our ability to unconditionally love ourselves
our ability to receive pleasure
our relationship to sex and sexuality

How many clients have I spoken to over the past 2 decades that bury their beautiful body under layers of extra fat because they fear their own sexual energy….

Or they don’t want to attract sexual attention because they don’t know what to do with such intense energy coming at them…

Or they just don’t want to feel so they shut down….

Or they fear intimacy (even with their partner) so carrying the extra weight is a way of not getting too close….

And all of this is reflected in how they show up for themselves and their intimate partnership.

Why am I telling you all this?  (I swear I’m getting to the point… stay with me!)

Because this is the journey I’m on right now.  And if I’m going to show up day-in-and-day-out as authentically as possible with you, then I CAN’T NOT share about this.

So here’s the deal….  I’m deep in the throws of studying  intimate relationship, sexuality and love, and the inter-connectedness they have on our health, happiness, ability to love ourselves, and ultimately set our bodies free from excess weight and weird behaviors that keep us stuck and weighed down.


And of course… I’m my own guinea pig.

From a relationship perspective, I haven’t attracted my soul partner into my life (yet).

From a love perspective, who DOESN’T want to grow deeper in their ability to give and receive love on all levels?

And from a sex perspective, who DOESN’T want to grow here and experience better, deeper, more connected, conscious, mind-blowing sex?

While I (finally) have such freedom and peace when it comes to being happy in my own skin, loving my body, and have released excess weight and the weird+obsessive shit I used to do around food, I see the depths of which loving your body and releasing weight are intertwined with your levels of intimacy, love, and your relationship to sex and your own sexuality.

As I go through this intimate journey, I’m going to be sharing my own personal stories and insights of the healing powers of love, sex, loving my self, attracting my partner, and seeing how this all ties into my ability to love myself, love my body, and use this work to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Bottom line?  I imagine it’s going to be pretty juicy.  So if you’re interested in following along this journey with me, you can do that here.

Follow my journey as I dig deep into the healing powers of sex, love, and intimate relationship.  Are you ready for the ride?  I know I am. 🙂