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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, hello everybody. 

Welcome to our Tuesday Live. Every Tuesday at 4 pm Central. I’m super excited to be here. Welcome to my world. Oh, there’s my little dog in the background. Where’s he at? What’s he doing over there? Well, today is a special Tuesday Live. I’m going to go ahead and go into the comments. If you are here, go ahead and come on and say hi if you were catching the replay, hashtag replay. 

But, this is, we are making some, we have some really cool things coming up here inside of Hello Body Freedom. If you are new into our Facebook group, welcome. I’m Audra. I’m the creator… Hey, Karen Good to see you! I’m so excited I get to get on the phone with you. We get to have a coaching session I think, I’m not sure, at some point this week, I can’t remember. I think it’s tomorrow or the next day.

Very exciting news coming up in our Hello Body Freedom world. Heather in the house, Karen in the house. And, I want to make sure everybody knows that if you are here live, you want to either ask a question or make a comment or just wave your hand because for the next three weeks, we, for everybody that shows up live, we are giving away Amazon gift cards. 

And, that is on purpose because we’ve got just some really epic things coming up in the next few weeks. And, I will be unveiling one after the other in a beautiful way starting today. So, if you are new into my world, I’m Audra. I’m the founder of Hello Body Freedom. We help women heal up the deeper reasons why you would struggle with food and body in the first place. 

So, if the diet doesn’t work, hey Cindy, good to see you here! If the diet doesn’t work, if you have lost weight and gained weight and lost weight and gained weight a million times, like at your part-time job, if you find that it has been a lifelong struggle with health, with weight, with your body, with self-care in that way. 

And, you keep reaching for the fitness plans, you keep reaching for the diet plans, and they work for a while and then they stop working… That’s what we do here at Hello Body Freedom. 

So, when you get to a point when you’re like, all right, something’s not flying here, then you come here and we just, we start to look at why you would be reaching for food in the first place. Why you would be self-sabotaging your health and your care, and how we can heal that and get some relief from that in a meaningful way. 

So, that is what we do here in Hello Body Freedom. I’m really excited to announce something super fun and special today. But, before I do, I see a bunch of people popping on right now in all the different ways. And, I just want to make sure you guys come on in and say hello. Come on in and say hello. And, let’s like literally with the, for the chance to win your Amazon gift card, you must make a comment I need to see like somebody saying, hey, or, or something of that sort. 

I’m asking any questions that would be great. That’s what we want to see today for this live. So, the big announcement, drum roll, please, is that we are just days away from starting our Hello Body Freedom podcast! What? Yay! I wish I had sound effects behind me where I could have like confetti going and like a cheering crowd. 

So, as long as you’re listening in and you’re seeing it, what? Yes, it has been years in the making actually. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do forever because I come into this Facebook group all the time. Thanks for the hearts, y’all! 

And, I do little mini podcasts. I do training and all the good stuff. And, but it’s all locked and loaded inside of our private Facebook group. Thank you, Karen. Yippee for sure. And, so for sure it is, I feel like I already have been doing it, but we haven’t actually had it set up for it from like a podcast perspective. 

And so, it will just be another way that if you don’t end up not coming into the Facebook group, then the podcast is for the entire public and this really beautiful way that we can just start to get the word out about what body freedom means, what, what, you know, what it really takes to feel a level of peace in your body, a level of peace with food in a way where food does not have control over us, where we are feeling good like we’re thriving in our body in a meaningful way.

And how do we get there without, you know, falling into the traps of toxic diet culture? How do we get there in a way that feels good, that feels like you just like a reconnection to the body? So, I’m really, really excited to start getting those episodes going. So, for everybody that’s here, just I will be reaching out to y’all because like for sure, we want to make sure that we make the launch just incredibly epic. 

And, in terms of Tuesday Live, I am either going to change this format where we do like shorter Q&As. So, maybe 10 minutes or less of just like a little bite-sized nugget Q&A type of thing for questions that come up for people.

And, that might be one of the things we do, or we might just keep it, we might just keep it and turn this into the podcast itself. So, so I will keep you posted with that because I have not made my decision in that regard. But, either way, we I am no matter what going live every Tuesday at 4 pm, whether or not it turns into kind of like an epic podcast live.

So, if you are inside of our private Facebook group, then you get to be a part of it If you like, you get like the sneak peek before it actually goes out to the world if you want to. We are still deciding if we do it that way, or if we really take to the Tuesday Live and turn it back into Q&A Tuesday, which we used to do all the time. 

We used to do Q&A Tuesday, five to 10 minutes, knock out your questions and get the coaching that you need even here in the free group. So, that is it, my friends. Come on in and say hi if you were coming here. And, it is going to be just like crazy epic. Let me see if I can share, at least see if they’ve done it already. 

I’m going to see if I can share my screen so you guys can see Oh, they took it off. It’s not even there yet. Yep. So, it is, it is in the works. You just can’t see it yet. And, neither can I for that matter. So, I’m just excited to get the word out. So, I hope you guys are excited to be here. Come on in and say hi You’ve got like, oh, one more minute before I finish this live. 

It is a short live. We are not working on any of the, of any of the juicy stuff, but the juicy stuff just keeps coming, I just want you to know. So, this is an epic, epic announcement that the Hello Body Freedom podcast is right around the corner. So, you guys are going to be hearing more about the launch and, and being a part of it if you want to.

We’ll do that, I’m going to be interviewing some of the most amazing people on the planet and trauma resolution and eating psychology, in health and wellness in a way that helps you feel really great. I’m also going to be having, you know, one-to-ones with clients. So, clients that want to come on in and share their story. 

We’re going to be doing that too. So, there are just so many epic ways. And, of course, I will always be preaching the truth all the way. So, just wanted to put that out there for you. So, the Hello Body Freedom podcast is right around the corner. Thank you, guys, so much for being here today. 

We will go in, my team and I will go in and we will look inside of the lives of those that are streamed right now. And, we will see everybody that’s commented and we will, I will go into our Facebook group and we will do like a hat drawing. We’ll likely draw one of the names to win a $50 Amazon gift card just for showing up, just for hearing the announcement.

It is going to be epic I’m really, really excited for what’s coming up there. Again, there is more down the pipeline. So, today is the announcement for the Hello Body Freedom podcast. And next week, we have another epic thing happening inside of our free Hello Body Freedom Community group. 

So, our free Facebook group, which is open to anybody. This is separate from our private client’s Facebook group. But no, inside of our actual Hello Body Freedom Community Facebook group, there are going to be some big, giant epic changes in here as well, including major massive giveaways and all sorts of juicy new ways to support you guys inside of our free community as well.

So, really looking forward to that. We will be announcing all of that juicy stuff next week. So, be on the lookout for next Tuesday’s 4 pm live. And then, we will start the new format of our Tuesday live. It’s either going to be the Hello Body Freedom live podcast, or we will just revert back to Q&A Tuesday. So, either way, it is a win for you. It is a win for me.

Thank you, to everybody who has commented. If you want an opportunity to get that Amazon gift card, make sure to leave a comment below, make sure to share. So, that way we can just increase the engagement and get the word out that we all deserve to feel good in our bodies. We all deserve to have a regulated nervous system. We all deserve to feel a regular, normal, peaceful relationship with food and our body. 

And, I think that is our birthright I find it to be a very foundational, core, important piece of what it means to be human on this planet and to feel good most of the time. All right, my friends, thank you so much for being here. Happy Tuesday. Happy Tuesday live. 

Thanks for coming in to play today. And, thank you, everybody who’s commented I’m looking at all the juicy stuff right now. And, I will see you next week for another epic announcement. And, be on the lookout. If you are already on my email list, you will get emails about the upcoming podcasts coming up. And obviously, if you are client, I will be telling you all about it as well. 

And, just super excited for this next phase of getting out the word that true healing exists, that really, truly feeling good in your body is your birthright. And Hello Body Freedom is, is, is for all of us, not one of us, not two of us, not a few of us, but all of us. 

All right, my friends, have an amazing day. Thank you for all the thumbs up in the hearts and the comments. And, I will see you next week. Bye, everybody.