Do you ever sense the potent and intense quality of the energy after Christmas and before New Years?

The excitement for a fresh start is palpable, and along with the end of 2017, it’s easy to sense other doors closing as well.

The amount of transformation I’ve experienced this year is nothing short of a miracle, and I want to share with you my New Years Ritual that sets the stage for this level of depth, growth, and change.

But before I show you how to consciously–and with great intention–move into the New Year, it’s important to look backwards and reflect.

I want to share some of my biggest moments (and photos!) from this year that truly made it so special.

#1 Family and Texas

This was the year:

  • I rooted myself to a place I left when I was 17, not really knowing until very recently that being back here was exactly what I needed for my own growth and evolution.
  • I got to spend Thanksgiving with my 98 year old great aunt and my 87 year old grandmother…both sharp as whip.
  • I lived close enough to most of my family that I could simply stop by for dinner. After decades of not having this kind of casual family closeness, it’s been a treat that I don’t take for granted.

Here’s what I now know to be true for me:

I wouldn’t necessarily choose these people. Most of us don’t have a lot in common from the paths we’ve chosen, to foods we eat, to our beliefs about the world.

So to be able to find common truths, to feel into love, and to love someone exactly how they are despite and in-spite of our differences… it feels like I’m turning into a bonafide Love Warrior!

The more I love and respect that which seems opposite of me, the more I’m able to love and respect myself.

BOOM. (Who would’ve thought all these answers lived in Texas? ;-)).

#2 Love and Heartbreak.

If 2016 was as “The year of dating” for me, 2017 could be considered “The year I took a chance on love”…. and got my heart broken.

I share this with you not for your sympathy, but as a true celebration of my (and your) hearts capacity to love, to break, and to heal.

Possibly for the first time, I grew my heart’s ability to love deeply.

I practiced microscopic truth and vulnerability all the way to the end. I’ve never been so proud of myself for showing up at this level in an intimate relationship.

And, even in the midst of heartbreak, I now have the support, sisterhood, and skills to feel it all, NOT numb out on food, mend my heart, and be open for love again.

If you ask me…this is a HUGE WIN!

The picture above was taken during my retreat in Palm Springs with some of my dearest sisters who have “midwifed” me and my heart back to health.

I met all of them this year through my 600-hour professional coaching certification program for Love, Sex, and Relationship… which brings me to #3….

#3 Love and Sex integrated into my work with Body Transformation, Healthy Habit Creation, and Weight Loss?

This was also the year I dedicated 20+ hours a week to becoming a master-level Sex, Love, and Relationship Professional Coach.

This work played a huge role in my ability to deepen my relationship with my family, heal my broken heart, and honor and respect my body at levels I never anticipated.

It’s transformed the way I work with my clients and given them a depth of love, understanding, and healing for their own journey.

Which brings me to one of the best realizations from the year:

#4 Purpose

When I owned my fitness and nutrition company in silicon valley, I knew something was missing. I watched my clients bodies transform, then end up right back where they started…left feeling defeated and ashamed.

I knew something deeper was needed if we were all going to experience a level of respect and peace with our bodies so that we could repeatedly choose the healthier habits that get us to where we wanna go.

For anyone who struggles with hating their body, wishing it was different/skinnier/prettier/sexier, judging and comparing themselves to others, or obsessed with believing food, diet, and exercise are the answers to their body prayers… they’re stuck in a giant lie… and worse…stuck in body-jail.

Here I am talking about exactly that at an event in San Diego to a room full of women who all yearned to exit the body-jail they’ve created for themselves…


  • Your “excess weight” is the accumulation of your unresolved stuff.
  • Instead of processing your wounds and hurts, you store them away on your belly and thighs and butt.
  • And this is where they’re going to stay until you heal and love them away.

I can’t tell you how profound it is to not only understand this, but to actually have the ability to help my clients on this level finally get what they want with their body.

This year I’ve really come into purpose with my work. It feels cutting-edge, yet so profoundly simple. I’ve put together multiple masterclasses, and the one that really digs in and explains the science of the Food-Sex-Pleasure Connection can be found here for free.


Tomorrow I’m going to send you my New Years Ritual that goes straight to the heart of making the year ahead match your deepest desires.

But before we call in what we want… we first must take inventory and CELEBRATE 2017!

Reflect for yourself via journaling:

  • What were your top highlights of 2017?
  • How did you grow?
  • What were your biggest learning experiences from the year?
  • In what ways did you let your health, weight, energy, relationships hold you back from living the life you truly desire and deserve?
  • What are the biggest takeaways and lessons you can bring forth into the New Year?

Make sure to check out my whole giant NY ritual here.