Is your emotional experience dictating your food choices?


Are your food choices creating your emotional experience?

The high-stress/emotional situation OR the chocolate cake? 

If you’ve been a Motivation Monday subscriber for any length of time, then you already know I went through life altering emotional and stressful situations.  
At that time, following any healthy-food protocol went out the window.  There were no rules and my eating was dictated by my emotions.   I was tired, depressed, obsessed about sugar, and brain fogged out all day.  

It was obvious to me that my emotional experience was clearly creating my food choices.  

And from this space, exercise went out the window, the healing balm of sleep was sporadic, and it felt like a vicious cycle.

It wasn’t until I started to heal (i.e. acknowledge) my emotions, did I slowly start to pull myself up by the boot straps and naturally start craving a more elevated lifestyle with healthier foods and exercise.


Could it be that I have it all backwards?  That there was another approach that might have saved me years of food cravings and mindless eating?

Could my hormonal and biochemical environment that was present in my body back then BE THE REASON WHY the emotional and stressful situations in my life felt so unmanageable?  

What would have happened if my metabolism was at full force?  My hormones balanced?  
From this biochemical state, emotions are soothed, better integrated, and also less dramatic!

Stay with me… Here’s why I bring up this question for you…

Last month I met an extraordinary chiropractic doctor who specializes in healing hormonal imbalances using nutrition. 
(And just so we’re on the same page… these are the only “Dr types” I trust.  In the realm of nutrition, MD’s have a biased towards fixing you with a pill, stapling your stomach, or ordering tests that actually DON’T help….just sayin’…)

The stories that he shared with me about his patients getting real relief from food cravings, sugar addictions, and finally experiencing weight loss because he helped them re-balance their biochemistry blew my mind.

From my perspective, my stress eating and mindless eating triggered my hormonal imbalances, and inability to lose the weight.  

From Dr. Kelly’s perspective, if my biochemical world was in check, then I would have experienced my emotional world differently.

So what do you think?

Do your food choices create your emotional experience?  


Are you going through an emotional experience that is creating your food choices?

The surface question I’m asking is, “Which came first:  The chicken or the egg?”… or shall I say… “The emotion or the chocolate cake”… wink wink…. 😉

But it my opinion… who cares?  

When I heard how Dr.  Kelly is helping his patients from a hormonal and biochemical re-balancing perspective, I was so excited because it’s an approach that’s lacking in my programs.

And when he heard how I integrate eating psychology and mind body nutritional strategies into my approach, HE was blown away because that’s what’s lacking in HIS programs! 
You could call it a merging of  science + soul.

So the way we see it, it doesn’t matter if your emotions are what triggered your stress-eating (thus creating hormonal imbalances over time), or if your out-of-whack hormonal environment has been the cause of your sugar cravings, stress eating, and inability to lose weight.  

The important thing here is that we are now able to address your cravings, weight loss resistance, and health issues with a holistic perspective and from many directions.

How cool is that?!?

If you want to learn more about healing your cravings, hormones, or over eating from a truly holistic perspective, we are putting on a FREE LIVE EVENT September 3rd or 4th (you choose the date that best for you), 6:30pm at the Santa Clara Marriott to educate and inspire you! 

And did you catch that?  ….IT’S FREE!  

This is our way of coming together to teach and inspire you to understand a better answer to your health, body, and weight issues.  

I hope you’ll join us!  Details and RSVP here!


xoxo, Audra

PS… Combining eating psychology, mind body nutrition, and hard science IS the missing link.  At our live event, we’ll show you how it all fits together and you’ll walk away with clear strategies you can start implementing immediately.  

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