If only 10% of the worlds population omitted to greater consciousness, to knowing themselves in a deeper way…. there would be a massive decrease in suffering.




Before we see less suffering on the planet, we first need to BE THE CHANGE we are seeking.

As we do our inner work, we become more compassionate toward ourselves…. this is AND WILL ALWAYS BE… the 1st step.

Step 1:  Learn compassion by offering to yourself, so that you’re own suffering decreases first.

It’s a HUGE step that requires constant effort + focus + time + attention.

Becoming more compassionate toward yourself is a blend of forgiving yourself, having empathy and compassion FOR yourself, AND committing to self-care.

Compassion toward yourself = forgive yourself + self-care (over and over again.)

Continuing the process over time deepens the healing you receive for yourself and your capacity to offer this healing out to world.

This is how to BE THE CHANGE.

Join me as I embark upon this journey in the day-to-day realities we all live in.

Learning to see the little (or big) addictions that keep us pegged into the same unhelpful habits over and over again, and then overcoming these together.

Share with me below in the comments section:

What does “Be The Change” mean to you?  How can you practice it in your day-to-day life?