I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to share this video publicly because it’s soooo obvious i’m pissed off… I mean… just look at my face!!!
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What’s the main emotion you truly can’t stand?

The one that when you feel it… feels so awful you’d rather feel ANYTHING else in the world besides that.

For me it used to be anger.  I would feel it pulsate, sending fire through my body, and within minutes I’d find myself scarfing down the crunchiest food I could find.

Anything to numb out and make that feeling go away.

I have a very different relationship with anger these days, which is why I L.O.V.E. this short video so much and why I decided to share it!

It actually shows the very real and true anger/rage that I’m feeling right now.

Why am I angry?

Because as I’m offering my 6-week Love it 2 Lose it Free Challenge, I’m noticing on Facebook certain people and ads offering such shallow and unhelpful advice.

It’s not that they’re bad people…

it’s just that advice like “lift heavy weights, eat more vegetables, and throw out the scale” is really shitty advice if you haven’t gone deeper and addressed (and healed) the reasons you’d rather sit on the couch, eat shitty food, and weigh yourself obsessively.

So yeah… I get really pissed off because if YOU decide to divulge in their advice, you won’t really get the transformation you want.

So there… I’m angry.

But here’s the deal with emotions:  when you allow yourself to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS as opposed to pushing them away or numbing them out….

Then the emotions turn into pure energy that can be harnessed as fuel for your life. 

My anger (as you can clearly see in the video) turns into a DEEP PASSION that fuels my work.

It makes me better at what I do and more able to serve you because I’m so f*ing filled with passion that I stop at nothing to get to the truth that I know will transform and change your life (and body of course;-).

But if I just numbed that out with food….

(or alcohol/substances/spending$/mindlessTV)…

not only would I be holding onto extra weight….

I wouldn’t be living my fullest life purpose… instead…. I’d be filling up on whatever else I could to numb out… INSTEAD OF FILLING UP ON LIFE. 


Being emotionally empowered means having the willingness to feel, and the ability to expand your band-width of feelings.

Not easy in a culture that neither teaches nor values these skills, but right on the other side is the life you’re yearning to live… filled with health, vibrancy, connection, and yes… your hottest, sexiest body ever!

Creating this level of emotional maturity brings your body to it’s natural, healthiest, hottest size.

If you’re not on board for my challenge yet… WTF?  I’m gett’in angry! 😉

Here’s to love, anger, and the whole spectrum of emotions!

xoxoxo,  Audra 🙂

PS.  My Love it 2 Lose it system is where I teach these embodied practices as part of a whole system that includes accountability, eating psychology, movement and holistic nutrition….and of course… EMOTIONAL MASTERY.

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